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vertabella :  That’s really unique and beautiful!  I really love it.  How does it act with light?  Does it sparkle or is it more of a shine off the top?

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I’ve got onyx with rubies. The onyx is a very soft stone, but I’m careful in that I don’t wear it when using chemicals or in the pool or ocean. I’ve accepted that it will have some scratches because it’s soft and I’m not particularly gentle when I am wearing it, but since this stone is opaque, I don’t really mind.

I think an emerald will be lovely. It’s not as strong as rubies or sapphires, but a lab created one won’t have as many fissures as natural one, so might be less proe to cracking as well.

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Ours are a little different, but we LOVE them… I have never been one who wants the huge diamond. FI’s ring is Oak barrel, Elk Antler, and Turquoise inlay. My band is matching Turquoise inlay. 


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I have moissy because it’s cheap on ebay while we save for real. mstattoolady :  pretty what eqevalent weight is it? Have you got the rainbow stain on yours?

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I have a moissanite. Best decision EVER! We could afford to get a diamond but not this size……

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I got a stoneless ring but I hope it still belongs here 🙂

I live in West Africa and engagement rings aren’t a thing here. I’m not at all a diamond person and there are a lot of ethics tied up in all stones. And I’m not one to stick to the status quo! I sent my then-boyfriend a few pictures of stoneless rings and love the symbolism of what he chose!

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I chose a white sapphire! Not super popular on the bee, but I wanted a non-diamond, colorless, natural, and durable stone.

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Thanks! My ring is from Julia B on etsy and I find it pretty low maintenance. I don’t clean it that often and it does not seem to get super dirty very fast. I also think it’s a very good cut so no large window. I drop it and bang it against my desk all the time and no cracks but do lots of research before choosing. 

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I love everyone’s sapphire rings but want to note that while more durable than many gemstones, they can chip. My engagement ring for my first marriage was a deep blue-green sapphire. I always wore my ring and around year 3 it chipped. I have a moissanite this time around and love it. Extra bonus is that my SIL is a meteorite hunter so it has a nice family connection too.

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I chose a moissanite and couldn’t be happier.

When my fiancée and I started talking about getting engaged, I knew I wanted to pick my ring, rather than just giving her hints. To me, if I’m gonna be wearing it for the rest of my life, I want it to be exactly what I want. We originally planned on getting a diamond, but I randomly came across moissanite on Etsy and the Bee and brushed it off, assuming it was a cheap glassy knockoff like cubic zirconia. After doing lots of research, lurking hundreds of pages of moissy WB discussion boards, and learning about the DeBeers controversy, my mind was made up!

I was already considering a lab created diamond (goal was 2 carat and as high in clarity/cut/color grade as possible within our budget) for the ethical and environmental benefits but after MUCH research and discussion, moissanite was an absolute no brainer. I think of it as a “cousin” to a diamond since it’s just carbon (like a diamond) with some silicon added.

We’ve been engaged 2 months and not one person has asked about it. All I get is “WOW!” And “OMG it’s huge!” And comments about how beautiful it is. Another plus is I got the DREAM diamond specs (D-F color, 3 carats, eye clean, excellent cut), way better quality stone than we would’ve been able to afford with a diamond, for 1/3 of my original budget! Now that money can go into the wedding or our upcoming move!

To those who I feel would benefit from the information, I share the moissanite “gospel”. Otherwise I keep it on the hush since it’s not really the social norm.

here she is! Six prong solitaire with a micropavé band in all her glory..

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SoonMrsCrocker2 :  mine is 8mm, 2ct equivalent. I did get a tiny rainbow stain on a side facet but it came off with a bit of silver polish and hasn’t come back. I give it a lil polish once every few weeks to keep it really sparkly because I love how shiny it looks after a bit of a clean! 

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I have a periwinkle colored sapphire. It’s my husband’s birthstone and my favorite color. I liked the idea of a white stone (for ease of matching manicures!) but he thought they were boring. I was fine with getting a different stone and I loved tanzanite so I said I wanted to go with something that had some significance to us but in that blue/lavender color range.

I never realized how often I smack my hands on things until I got my engagement ring. It’s a crazy lot. Fortunately we got a pretty durable stone in a sapphire. It’s not indestructible but neither is diamond.

No one has ever said anything to me about my ring. I wouldn’t care if they did. I absolutely adore my ring and my stone and my entire wedding set. If there were a sudden announcement that sapphires had been found to be highly radioactive and people were encouraged to stop wearing them immediately, I’d be like “Well, how much exposure, though? Will once a week kill me? How about if I only wear it during the day and don’t eat with that hand?”

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PrincessPeach13 :  Thank you! I love your padparadscha too! My father was a jeweler before he came to the US, so actually our choice of a super included diamond was very frowned upon, but it left me with an appreciation for unique gemstones, pads being one of them!

Because my stone is rose-cut it doesn’t sparkle like other cuts, it will throw light, and makes beautiful patters, but it has to be at just the right angle.  Most of the time it has a ‘glow’ because the light enters and bounces around inside the stone. It also has a wet shine because of all the flat facets on top.  So fun to find a fellow gem nerd! 

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