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Maybe because she knew you weren’t going to buy she didn’t feel the need to spend a lot of time with you. She probably makes money based on commission so she wanted to focus on buyers.

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I’m very price-conscious, so I’d go to the cheaper store.  There’s a good possibility that one consultant just wasn’t having a good day- everyone has their off days. Maybe she was sick, or tired, or just got dumped (could you imaging working in a wedding dress store if you just got dumped? Gahhh).  If you like the dresses and the prices and the sales person was polite and helpful, go back, give it another shot. In the end, isn’t the dress (and the price I guess) what it’s all about anyway?

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Honestly, I would rather go to the boutique who is committed to providing good customer service.  Here’s why:

1) You can always ask for a discounted price or price-match.  Did you get prices from the 2nd salon?

2) Typically dress alterations are done at the salon you buy from (not always the case however!).  I would rather go to a place where I felt my needs and wishes mattered.  Even though consultants are paid via commission, if that’s all they are concerned with at the time then they aren’t going to help you when you’re doing fittings and possibly having communications problems with the fitters/alterers.

3) Blowing off customers is not very respectful; I have a hard time giving money to people who don’t respect me.

If you think the consultant was having an off day, you can always book a second appointment and see what she’s like during your second appointment.

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There are so many bridal salons in my area that I simply won’t deal with one that has crappy customer service (and I went to a couple).  I ended up at a small shop in my neighborhood, that was family owned, that gave me my dress for 1/2 price off their window display on my 3rd visit (because I am ocd and tried on dresses for weeks before deciding).

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Have you thought about using one of the infamous sites like netbride or house of brides?

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Did you have an appointment at either place before you went?  It’s possible that the clients who came in that the girl left you to help were actually a scheduled appointment.  Granted, if that was the case, she should have excused herself to help them and found someone else to help you, (though by that time she had probably guessed you weren’t serious about buying anything), instead of pretending you ceased to exist.  She wasn’t rude until that point, so other than her dismissal of you, I don’t think you can fault her behavior too much.

However, just the fact that the second place was the experience you were looking for, I think I would go with them.  I certainly wouldn’t give my money to a place that was dismissive of me as a client.

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Bumble bee

Yea maybe you weren’t going to buy but if she had blown you away with her willingness and enthusiasm and kindness, you would DEF go back and buy from, I guarentee you that. So I don’t like the excuse of just because we are window shopping and getting ideas that people should be treated any less. With that said I understand people have their off days but there have been many days where I had to check my issues at the door and do my job. I find it VERY bothersome when sales/customer service people are not helpful and happy. Turns me offfff :- boo.

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@StarIzInkd:  My personal opinion is this (and comes from working in customer service for a looooong time): if you do not get good service right off the bat, you won’t get good service even if you buy from there. Period. They may be nice to you but if anything is to go wrong, you’re gonna be in that boat by yourself, sister. I went to 2 salons, both very nice and equally happy sales ladies, so I can’t say from personal experience what I would do. I did end up with a more expensive dress…but it was perfect for me. I think you should go with what is perfect for you–if you want this dress, this is your wedding day and buy it! My FH told me he didn’t care what dress I bought as long as it wasn’t Lady Gaga’s meat dress and I was happy. He’s getting what he wants on both accounts 🙂 lol

I’d go with the better service.

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As someone who worked in sales, and was on commission, that isn’t a person or a business I would want to give my money to.  While I understand it sucks to talk to people and not get an immediate sale, she still should have been conscious to the fact that you were not only a potential wedding dress purchase, but also someone that could purchase multiple dresses and that could have meant a lot of money for her.  I’ve had to ignore customers in the past, but it’s because they demanded a lot and weren’t going to even buy enough for my time to break even.  Even then I gave them all my energy until they became serious pains in the butt and started to actually cost me money.  That wasn’t the case with you.  I tend to spend more on service because I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for and I think you should buy from who you like.

That being said, I had a similar experience.  Same dress at 2 stores.  One had terrible service but was 17% less expensive than the place that gave me great service.  I called my consultant that I liked and explained to her that I really enjoyed working with her, and I wanted to buy from them but I found a place that had the same product for less and, when it came down to it, I had to go with the less expensive place because it was a very expensive purchase.  The consultant called me back 10 minutes later after talking to her manager and matched the price.  It was a win-win for me.  Go with who you like.  Then try and get the discount.

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To her you are the car dealer equivalent of a “tire kicker” and you’re really just wasting her time.  I don’t know of a salon that isn’t comission based.  If you went in with the intention of buying it might have been different.  

Also, consider you might be overly sensitive because YOU are the bride and she should be paying all of her attention to YOU.  Unfortunatly, this is not the case and your wedding is just under 2 YEARS away.   

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It doesn’t matter if you weren’t buying that day.  You might come back (or not) because of the service despite the prices.  If for nothing else, you also came to this forum to discuss your experience which speaks volumes in this industry.  Word of mouth and recommendations are huge.

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