(Closed) AM I being CRAZY? There is gonna be B*tches at my wedding!:(

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@BrideToBe14:  Show them this thread…they will decline to come. 

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@BrideToBe14:  doesnt everyone only go to weddings to get wasted?

I think your over reacting.. there will be a lot more other drunk people there… you wont notice them.

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I can understand your worry. But I don’t think that seating them apart at a table or even separate tables will do anything. It’s quite easy to just switch seats, especially if you put them at the same table – if they really want to do something, they will find a way. So I agree with PPs, just don’t even pay them any attention. It sounds like you’ll have plenty of other guests to spend time with and you probably won’t even notice them. I think showing your coordinator and bartender their pictures is probably the most you can do, just so they can keep their eye on them if anything does get too out of hand. This will be the happiest day of your life (so far!) so you’ll be having too great of a time to even notice them 🙂

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If you’re worried, “assign” someone (maybe a groomsman? Or a bridesmaid?) to the people in question. If they start to get out of hand, it’s that person’s job to get them under control or get them out. It’s best if the person knows them

ALSO, ask your venue their policy toward serving clearly inebriated guests. Is there a point where the bartenders no longer serve someone?
You don’t need to leave their photos with the bar tenders (god forbid those girls figure THAT out) but you should let your venue know that you would like them to cut people off if they behave inappropriateley or are excessively drunk.
I belive in my state, it’s the bartender’s responsibility to cut you off (and call a cab) at a certain point if they think you are too drunk to leave the bar. Not entirely sure how accurate that it, but when I worked at a sports bar we were told to alert the managers if someone got trashed.

Don’t worry too much about these two – they can only ruin your wedding if you let them! Right now, just by worrying about it, you’re giving them the upper hand.

Just think about it this way… if they get trashed, you get to bring up how embarassing they acted at your wedding for years to come! Just having that possibility is nice, even if you never ever use it (and really, no one can say they wouldn’t like an all-encompassing comeback for that one horrible person in their life)
But if you react badly, they can throw that right back at you – try to keep your head high and be the better person.

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To answer your original question, yes, you are being crazy. This is one of the more inane (also insane) fears I’ve ever seen. Do you honestly think that they are going to order a bunch of drinks and leave them around the venue? Are these adult human beings? Also, where are their husbands in this? Presumably they are friends with your husband, so I can’t imagine they want to run his bar tab up. 

Seriously, you need to find something else to worry about.

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Like PPs have mentioned I would try to just ignore them as much as possible. It will satisfy them more if they realize that they are bothering you. I would definitely give the coordinator a heads up to keep her eye on those two incase they do try anything fishy. I wouldn’t worry so much about the drinking, but if they are that crazy and dislike you, would you put it passed them to try and ruin your cake or take something off a gift table? I don’t like to think the worst of people, but with 200 people milling about it will be hard to see what these two lovely ladies are up to. As for the drinking thing I would give the bartender a heads up to watch for them not only drinking a lot, but ordering so many drinks that they couldn’t possibly be actually drinking them.

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@BrideToBe14:  You will not even probably have to interact with either for more than a minute or two. Why not put them together so you know what table to avoid! haha, just kidding. Seriously though, make sure that the bar tenders are instructed to cut off anyone who is visibly intoxicated. (In most states it’s illegal to serve someone who is visibly intoxicated. A venue could be fined, particularly if that person later got into legal trouble.)

You could also make sure that there is enough to eat at cocktail hour. I’ve seen people close the bar while people are being served food, but I’ve always found that kind of sucky. (If I only have one drink during cocktail hour, odds are good that my drink will be near empty when we sit down to dinner. Then what do I drink?! It’s confusing.) You can also have one of the groomsmen stand by to make sure that they quickly get them out of the hall if they start making a fuss.

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@BrideToBe14:  I don’t think you’re being crazy, but I think that worrying about it is unnecessary. On your wedding day you will be so wrapped up in everything else that you’ll barely even notice these two alchies are at your wedding. Yeah, it’s annoying for people to waste drinks, but in the end if one of them leaves five $7 drinks laying around, that’s only $35. 

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I wouldn’t have invited them. I’m not inviting anyone who I don’t feel like genuinely loves and cares about Fiance and I

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@CakeyP:  I agree. OP put this back on your venue. They not be serving people who have had too many drinks. Also ask them to limit the number of drinks a single person can order. As in they cannot come up to the bar and ask for 6 beers. This will cut down the chances of them ordering drinks to leave around.


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