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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2009

wow…(((HUGS))). I dont think you should focus too much on the number of picturs. We had about 10 hours of coverage and the CD the photographer gave us has about 1100 photos. I imagine he only chose the best, rather than give us every photo he took.

That being said, it does seem like he may have regretted the price point he gave you. Why else would a professional take such a cavalier attitude towards a wedding?  Have you spoken to him yet about your disappointment?  If you have a 2nd shooter and gave him specifics about the shots you wanted, what else could be his excuse?  Was the deal so good that you would feel bad about asking for a partial refund?

Have you seen any of your friends pictures yet?  I had 3 photographers and all the pictures I wanted were not caputured.  But I found what i was looking for in some of my friends and family’s pics. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

That’s frustrating, especially since your family has used him before.  Did you ever talk about how many pictures you expected him to take? Maybe if he didn’t keep up on his end, you could get some money back. 

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

Aw man, that is a major let down.  I don’t think you’re being too critical.  You paid for a service, you were explicit with the directions, all he needed to do was carry them out and he dropped the ball.  Unfortunately you can’t rewind so, are there pictures that you do love?  I hope you at least have some to create an album with.  I’d express to him my discontent and see what he can offer.  Not like you’re insisting on a freeby but he didn’t deliver and he needs to make up for it in someway.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2009

Aww, I don’t think you are being too critical.  I second the recommendation to check out your friends pictures.  We are so lucky to have several friends with photography hobbies and we have some amazing pictures from them (which makes it a bit easier to wait for the professional ones)

Do you have any of the decorations left over?  Maybe you could stage a few shots, like a close up of something with the background out of focus, so you can’t really tell that it wasn’t at the wedding.

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Buzzing bee
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That’s upsetting, you would think that because you used him a lot for other family potraits that he’d do a good job!  Hopefully other family members and friends took great pictures.  Maybe you can setup an acct with shutterfly or flicker and maybe they can all post and share!  I know some brides do that, but i havent had experience with it myself.

As for the number of photos, I wouldn’t worry about that because that’s a lot already anyway.  I’m only getting 650 in the end with my package (all day) because all the editing my photographer does. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

Aw Amber1279, I’m so sorry you didn’t get what you asked for.  That really sucks.  Does this also include what the second shooter took?  Hopefully firends and family got  shots, but from talking to my mom afterwards, they usually just take the picture shots and not the details (she barely noticed my details until we were unpacking the boxes afterwards). 

I hope you had a good wedding and will be able to enjoy your memories of it.

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Sugar bee
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No. They are your wedding photos &if you are not getting what YOU paid for, then the criticism is not overstated.

My sister booked a ‘pro’ for over 10k and was severly disappointed with the results of the pictures she got. In fact, most of the pictures taken by friends and family were better quality than the pro’s pictures were. It wasn’t just that the pro missed shots my sister wanted, but she effed up quite a few potentially nice shots simply by not taking lighting & background into consideration.

IF you didn’t get what you paid for I would be very upset. Especially if he’s worked with the family for years.

I’m not a professional photographer [not YET], but if I shot a wedding and the bride was less than thrilled., well I’d be dropping bricks — word of mouth is EVERYTHING in the photog biz, maybe he’s forgotten that as he is now [obviously] an established photographer.

Being as vindictive as I am I would probably slander his name to anyone that asked me for a referral until the end of time. Not that I am saying YOU should do this, but if you feel that you got less service or quality of service than what was agreed upon I would talk to the photog as civilly as possible.

Maybe you could do a ‘day after’ session and get a friend who took some great pics at the wedding to do it for you, rather than spending more money for more potential disappointment.

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Worker bee

I’m really concerned that your photog cut the coverage to 6 hours. How did that happen, was he the one who changed it or was it you? Did you re-sign a new contract? Him missing you getting ready – did you know he wasn’t going to be here for getting ready or was he late?

It’s really too bad he didn’t get what you were communicating to him. You should definitely contact him politely at first and express your concerns or feedback, I don’t know if he would give you anything unless any of the actions you described were a direct violation of a contract. Only when they don’t do something they said in writing they would, is a case where you can expect to get money back.

I think any photog would avoid bad reputation more than anything else, so just first lay out your concerns (specify examples, phrases like “When I told you to take the table shots I would have preferred ____” work better than “I just don’t like my photos”, that’s a judgment call). 

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Helper bee

He cut a little too short on the hair and makeup I think.    I recommend starting that when you are mostly ready ( v.s. doing the whole thing ) ,   but definitely not cutting it out entirely! 


Amanda Bowers Photography


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Helper bee
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I cant imagine your dissapointment.

This is truly upsetting!

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Helper bee

that really stinks that he cut your coverage to just 6 hours.  For what reason did he cut the time down for?  That is just horrible service for him to do that!

As for this: “<span style=”font-family: tahoma, verdana; font-size: 13px;”>I have no formals of Bill and my In Laws 🙁  they came late and while I was hidden away in my mom’s room none got taken.”  While that stinks, they did come late.  Did he have a clause in his contract stating that if someone(s) were late he would not be responsible for formals of those.  But I could be mis-reading.  Were they late to the getting ready or to the ceremony or reception?  If they were late to the getting ready segmant, he really should have asked you, your husband, and the in laws to step aside during or before you get announced at the reception to do some formals.  But if they were late to the reception, than he is not really responsible since he probably has a timeline of shots.  

Still, very upsetting that this happened and that he did not shoot the things that you wanted him to shoot.<span style=”font-family: tahoma, verdana; font-size: 13px;”> 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2009

I don’t have the exact ame situation as you, but I was disappointed with the “full coverage” we were promised and the poor quality (and just plain abscence!) of some of the things I really wanted pictures of.

Given that I hate confrontation and there’s nothing the photographer can do about it now, I haven’t said anything to her and have been lucky to get pictures from friends and family of things that were missing from her shots. But I still hate showing our album to people, who inevitably ask when they’re looking htrough it when we’ll be getting our photographer’s pictures (they’re so bad they assume it’s a collection of pictures others took!).

I feel your pain! 

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: May 2000

That’s too bad that you’re dissappointed in your coverage. How do you feel about the photos the photographer did provided?

No you’re not being too critical but I don’t have enough info to say whether your photographer did not completely do his job. So your contract didn’t include travel but did it specify full day coverage or 6 hours? Did the contract include a second photographer for the same amount of time? If your inlaws were late, then he likely didn’t have time to take formal portraits. And there’s not always time to make it up later. It does seem strange that with a second photographer he didn’t get all the shots and details you wanted. Maybe the decorations finished late or the guests when in early so he didn’t have the opportunity. I’m just speculating on things other than incompentence or apathy. But it’s not unusual for even talented photographers who don’t specialize in weddings, to lack the knowledge & organizational skills to manage the wedding day.

Have you expressed your concerns to him/her? What did they say?

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