(Closed) Am I crazy for trying to find a job at 6 months pregnant?

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If you’re willing to do retail, I think it’s 100% possible. Get yourself to your local halloween store. If you have any experience at all, they’ll hire you. If you have any sort of management experience, they’d hire you as a supervisor. They typically work until the first week of November, which would be perfect for you. You’d make minimum wage, but I know for a fact that most of them are hiring A LOT of people right now (my fiance works for a company that owns one of the lagest halloween store chains in North America).


If you want an office job, it would be more difficult, but a temp service would be your best bet. They’d like stick you with super temp jobs (a week or two), but it’s something.

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Something temp or seasonal would be perfect. I worked in a call center that took catalog orders as a seasonal worker when I was younger. That is awesome that you are even trying to find something, good luck!

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also to mention that employers aren’t allowed to discriminate based on pregnancy so talking directly with hr people might be a good idea. 

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although pp said employers cant discriminate due to pregnancy – realistically i think they do and its hard to prove. there will be an assumption you will need time off, special consideration etc. unless they hire someone blatantly less qualified than you, its hard to say that pregnancy is the reason you didnt get a job

i agree with pp, a temp agency if you have office skills will be your best bet

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@newname_99:  Exactly, what is legal and what is reality don’t mesh well in this situation. Think if you were the hiring manager. Would you hire someone who would need time off for Drs. Appts, may have complications and then quit and can’t do as much physically as someone else in the applicant pool. Like it or not your not as reliable.

Other PPs have great suggestions looking for some seasonal halloween work where you changes are better. However, a lot of these jobs will require heavy lifting which they will assume you can not or you will tell them you can not do.

However, you could consider substitute teaching. In some states where the process is not centralized the schools are short handed they only care that you breath (assuming you have the qualifications they require such as a college education).   Districts where subbing is centralized its longer process and you may have missed the deadline for getting your name in the pool already.

You can also check for very short term gigs like data entry that are sometimes posted on craigslist or similar where company’s need someone only for a few days at a time.

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@michelledarlenehiggins:  I don’t think it’s crazy but it is unlikely/impossible that you will find any career type job when you are pregnant and showing. If you want to do a labour type job like retail or food services then I’m sure they would hire you as they have high turn over. Also, it’s the ideal time with Halloween and xmas right around the corner. You could always baby-sit or dog sit as an alternative provided your home is equipped for it.

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I just went through this. I really wanted a new job and applied pregnant. In applied at 3 months but didn’t hear anything until 6 months. I was floored– I had given up. Then I had the “Oh dear god, how do I interview this pregnant?!” Well, I did it. I interviewed at 6 months, and at 7 months I had a second interview. My current boss ended up giving me a 30% increase in salary, so I stayed. But, I found out that I was one of two candidates for the position, and they were really sad that I backed out. 

So… yes, it’s doable. For me, I was looking for  something long term that just happened to start while I was pregnant. But, because of all the changes, new routines, proving myself and all the flexibility I would need right off the bat, staying put was best for me… even though the new job offered HUGE professional growth. (I”m really hoping I made the right decision).

If you’re looking for something short term and are honest about that, I say go for it. It’s likely someone will hire you!

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I agree w/ going the seasonal retail route by going to local Halloween stores in the area and you will be laid off by early November.  If you wanted to continue working post-baby check out retail store since you could be seasonal from Oct-mid January and hired on if you were well liked.  I did retail for years and if you are a “people person” it’s not that bad, but keep in mind being on your feet for 8-12 hrs during holiday season and working weekends is a must.

I would also mention your pregnancy in the interview rather than ignoring it since they can’t ask.  Even something as simple as responding to a “how are you doing?” with “I am feeling really great and engergized” might sway them to not think “oh no she’s going to need to sit the whole shift” or “oh jeez, she will be calling in sick a lot.”  If you plan on continuing work saying, “I will need a little time/2 weeks off in November but plan to return for Black Friday weekend/by early Decemeber/in time for the Holiday rush.”

I do agree anything besides retail/seasonal work is an uphill battle esp. if you are visably pregnant.

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I agree that you should try to be a substitute teacher. No long term subbing, but just day to day and definitely in a high school or middle school where the students are more independent. I know in my school district all that is required is that you have completed 2 years of college. I am a teacher and before I got my job I was a substitute teacher. I was getting $75 a day and could tell them no whenever I wanted. It is a relitively easy thing to do as long as you aren’t afraid to tell student to knock off the chatting and get to work. Although if you are visibly pregnant, i’m willing to bet they would be better behaved for you.

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@michelledarlenehiggins:  One of the girls in my babycentre group got a job not long ago, but lied about her pregnancy to get it. Make sure you apply for something like a desk job where you won’t be on your feet all day – I have 2 weeks left of work now and I’m REALLY struggling at 29 weeks!

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We hired a senior scientist at my company when she was 5 months pregnant and showing. She went on mat leave and everything, and it was fine! If a company really wants you, they will hire you :-).

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@StL.Ashley:  Halloween store is a really good idea! 

I don’t see why you couldn’t find a temporary job, especially one that requires minimal training. Have you thought about working for a telemarketing firm, perhaps for your school if you are a nearby alumnus? 

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I think temp jobs are your best bet at this point, try a local temp agency, because although it’s illegal for someone to not hire you because you are pregnant, it’s very hard to proove that’s why they didn’t hire you. 


I too am looking for a job but I’m only in the 2nd month, so I’m hoping I find something soon because if I go into month 5 and beyond with no luck then it’s defiently off to the temp agency. 


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