(Closed) Am I Introverted or Extroverted… Does Anyone Else NOT Know?

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    Busy bee
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    Oh, you have a personality!  Everyone does.  I’ve never met anyone without one.  Even if you’re close to the middle of everything, that’s a personality, because not everyone is that way!

    It is possible you could be so close to the middle “line” that you have traits of both extrovert and introvert and the other categories too.  It takes all kinds to make the world go round.  If anything you’re more maliable (and mean that in a good way).

    Me, I’m such an introvert I’m a happy hermit.  Most of my friends are very extrovert, not on purpose, but because I’m the calm to their needing attention/drama and they drag me out of the house. 🙂  If I’m forced into to much socialization eventually I’m likely to just wander off and go home, or for a random walk in the woods, or the neighborhood or wherever I am.

    Even for me being introvert, the four letter tests like INJP (or whatever they are lol… it’s late) The first is always I, the second is usually the same, but the last two are a toss up.  Only once did I come up E and I think that test was just BAD!

    The questions are often framed to be tough choices.  But if you were blatantly one side or the other for everything it’d be easy (which most people aren’t on everything!).

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    Extrovert/Introvert is a scale – not one or the other. One end is black, the other is white and in the middle is a whole lot of grey! Those tests don’t give a lot of room for the grey though.

    I am more of an introvert than an extrovert, I certainly don’t get my energy from people. UNLESS – I’m on some sort of camp, then yes, people are what I need! Weird huh? If you saw me at a party though, I’d be the one talking and mingling (but then I’d crash in bed afterward and don’t you DARE ask me to go out the next day too!). 

    The way that I knew my SO was a keeper is because he’s the only person who doesn’t zap all of my energy!

    I am also not very organised but prefer to be…I’m just not very good at keeping up with it. 

    Most people are grey, it’s more unusual to find an all black or all white person. 

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    I never get the same results from these tests. I’m also not sure if I’m an extrovert or an introvert. If you ask me, I would say an introvert, but if you ask people who know me, they would say I’m an extrovert. I like to think I’m just adaptable.Smile

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    I get two results on those types of tests — either ISFJ or ESFJ. I feel like depending on the setting or cirucmstances I can be either introverted or extroverted.

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    I flip flop on this topic a lot, too. I’m a lot like you in that social interaction really energizes me, but at the same time, I relish in my me-time.

     @Everdeen:  Agree with the grey assessment!

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    For me the test is actually pretty accurate, but the whole thing is a sliding scale, not black or white. I’m pretty introverted though, and so is my Fiance – we actually had to take them for our marriage counseling and it was a riot reading the results!

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    Busy bee

    @MsBlackberry:  I know what you mean about feeling like you’re “lying” when you answer some of the questions….for me my answers will definitely depend on the day, or my mood, or a million other things.  

    I’ve found that, while introversion/extroversion is a spectrum, you can basically answer the question by asking yourself: do people “energize” you or drain you.  If it’s a little of both, that’s a good thing – it means you can derive pleasure and socialization from others and you can also appreciate solitude.

    Personally I am very much an introvert as people almost invariably drain me.  I find that as I’ve gotten older it’s gotten more intense, and I definitely have to make an effort to want to go out and socialize with people.  If left to my own devices I would happily hang out by myself, my dog and Darling Husband….and the cats.  🙂

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    @MsBlackberry:  I hear ya, because I almost always end up evenly split between a few different categories!  I think these tests can be fun but are ultimately useless.

    I think that personalities are fluid – they change over time.  I used to be a shy, quiet, introverted kid…until I discovered drama just before high school and became a bit of noisy social butterfly.  It broke me out of my shell!  Then towards the end of university I found myself developing more anti-social tendencies, which seem to be getting stronger as I get older.  I prefer to stay home alone/with SO or be in the company of just 2-3 special people at a time because being “on” and working a room tires me!

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    I’m like you–EXACTLY in the middle!

    There’s nothing wrong with that!

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    @MsBlackberry:  like others have said, it’s a spectrum. For example, I often test ENTJ on a MB test, but my extroversion score is always in the low single digits. And just because I test ENTJ does NOT mean I’m an extrovert. It just means I can be a social butterfly when needed. I definitely go to a lot of parties, and most people would label me a “social” person, but I will NOT go to parties two nights in a row, and I’m definitely not one to grab brunch with the same people the next day. I know a lot of true extroverts and I don’t know how they do it. It’s nice to be in the middle.

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    Just a note about these tests being used for job counselling: they’re useful to a degree. I’m in law school and find it odd that most of my peers who are happy and successful are fellow ENTJ/INTJs. At the same time, that shouldn’t demarcate who should and should not be admitted to certain professional programs since personality itself is malleable.

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    I test right smack in the middle of the extravert/introvert scale, which I see as being balanced.  🙂

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    They SHOULD NOT be used for hiring. AT ALL. Someone’s personality does NOT decide whether they will be a good employee or not. Interviews already favor extroverts in an extreme way, adding a personality test would hugely impact how many introverts get hired. Sorry, we just talked about this in one of my human relations classes and it annoys me when they’re used to hiring purposes.

    I can’t remember what my myers briggs results are, I’ve taken the test several times, and honestly the rsults vary by year. I also am always at 60%/40% introvert/extrovert but it changes as to which is more prominent. I’ve decided not to care anymore lol People shouldn’t worry about what “box” they fit in

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