(Closed) Am I just a humorless stick in the mud? Or does anyone else not like this?

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  • poll: Are you offended by humor that implies the groom is being trapped by marriage?

    No. Lighten up. It's all in fun!

    Yes. It's annoying and juvenile and a bit offensive.

    Other (please explain).

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    If I heard it 24/7, I think it would annoy the crap out of me, but I really only had that kind of thing directed at me once or twice.  My little bro (he’s 16) sent me a pic of the “Game Over” T-shirt and I laughed so hard I cried.  I work in an office of guys, so I hear that sort of thing (among other things) all….the…time, so compared to the average woman, I have an extremely thick skin and a sense of humor that relates more to a guy than a girl, so needless to say I don’t get easily offended. lol

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    I do not like those at all..how come there is no such a thing for woman? y is it not the other way around?  after all if anything MEN chase WOMEN i believe it is left over of overly SEXIST world the one we should try and leave behind but it still exists! 

    I usually joke back and the person stops making those jokes…i prefer these comments “u r such lucky man to have her as ur wife”.. “how did u end up with such a wonderful woman?” or ” u two r lucky to have each other”

    again depends WHO is making the joke too..but in general i get a little offended (not enough to ruin the party) but there been times i gotten very upset too 🙂


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    I am not offended, but I am annoyed at how often it seems as if the wife or the fiancee in the relationship is always the one to chase him down or being the “ball and chain”. Why do women always have to be portrayed as these women who are carrying rolling pins, and collecting their husbands money while standing behind a washing tup elbow deep in suds and hot water? We arent these women, so with women’s lib, so should have came new phrases, In My Humble Opinion

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    I think they jokes/comments are harmless. Clearly they’re coming from people who either aren’t happy in their own relationships, or they’re jealous of the freedom my husband has in ours. So either way…who cares. I consider the source and let it slide.

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    Off Topic, but on the subject, I felt similarly offended when people made comments when we found out I was pregnant. We’d be standing together and everyone would immeditaely look at him and tell him his life is over. I just thought that was the rudest thing. Yeah, having a child takes up a lot of your time and you have to be a responsible adult, but why is “his” life over and not mine? Was I made to have babies? Is that my role? Then whats the guy’s role? To be fun and vibrant until someone tricks you into having a family? Also people would like to say “whoops, hehe” implying, in a joking manner, that our daughter was an accident because we were not married yet. Actually she was on purpose, but thats not anyone’s business. I just would hate it when people assume they know how it is. Especially people who don’t have jobs, significant others, children, or a clue. If you’re offended by ball-and-chain comments, be aware that some people will always have a way of asserting their false assumptions. If everyone who matters knows what’s up, there’s no need to worry too much.

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    Interesting topic! I personally find those cake toppers really funny and I plan to have the bride grabbing the groom by his shirt coller. Anyone that knows us will know that this isn’t the case (i.e Fiance wants to run) and I don’t think they will over analyse it – they will just see it as a cute take on the wedding.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but there has been the word tacky thrown in by previous posters. I don’t appreciate people calling my cake topper tacky! As I said, each to their own but just becuase it isn’t your humour does not make it tacky.


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    @nzbride: It is okay. I have been called tacky on this board a couple times. Now I just ignore it. 🙂

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    When I told some co-workers that I was engaged, I got a lot of “Oh, my condolences…I mean, Congratulations!” It definitely was hard to smile and take it good naturedly after like the 5th time. 

    The night before my MOH’s wedding, a few of us were out at a resturant/bar after the rehearsal dinner, and when some people around us heard that my friend was getting married the next day, some were completely unsupportive.  We got some, “don’t do it!” comments.

    I’m not super offended by these comments, I know a lot of people have had negative experiences with marriage or have friends who had.  But it DOES bug me! 

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    We got those jokes all the time when we moved in together more so then when we got engaged… like “ohhh where’s the wife? did she let you off your leash tonight?” like a. we’re not even engaged yet. b. what leash ??? c. shut up. you aren’t even funny.

    I am doing a little “play” along the same lines kinda thing though for the grooms cake… it’ll be like a big mountain man/lumber jack with a big beard carrying a little tiny blond in a yellow polka dot bikini up a mountain to a hut that says “just married” haha but its more of a whisk me away romantic type joke than a ball ‘n chain kinda thing…

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    You’ve stumbled upon my secret marriage pet peeve! These comments — they’re too lame to elevate to “joke” status — make me cringe, roll my eyes, and generally question the communication skills of anyone who uses them. Quite frankly they’re embarassing for everyone involved… the commenter sounds ignorant, and the groom/bride feels caught.

    Usually I’m polite and ignore it, and my fiance has never replied with anything other than “oh, she’s certainly not that! She lifts me up, not weighs me down!”. Only once did I reply, “Hm, that was unoriginal. Try again?” 😀

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    Oh GEEZ i hate that. I just figure that the people making those comments are unhappy/jealous. I am a very smiley and happy person, so when someone says something along those lines and i give a half hearted smile and no laugh, they get that I’m not a fan… 

    or you could always come up with a comeback? “oh you really tied him down huh?” “well maybe last night but I guess that’s Too Much Information right?” that way you through his tacky humor back in his face and make him feel pathetic because you are ridiculously happy in your relationship (granted I am not that gutsy, but that doesnt mean I havent thought about it!)

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    I get the metaphor, that once you’re married you’ll always be ‘bound’ to your parnter but… I often feel these jokes are in bad taste; when directed at me it rubs me the wrong way.


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