Am I paranoid to not do these things during pregnancy?

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Busy bee

slomotion : ” I would no do any of that. I wouldn’t even go to a haunted house!”

Is this why you wouldn’t come visit me?! I only said our house might be haunted, so far the paranormal activity footage has been inconclusive. Sheesh. 

autumnbride17 :  OP don’t let anyone make you feel  bad or pressure you into doing anything you’re uncomfortable with.

Your in-laws are prob about my age and basing their ideas of what’s okay to do while pregnant on 80s and 90s knowledge. I painted my kids’ nurseries, cleaned the kitty litter box, dyed my hair, drank caffeine (in fact I was recommended by my OB/GYN to drink black tea or coffee in the morning to combat morning sickness). I wasn’t being negligent- these weren’t known risks back in the day. My kids turned out fine but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to do and today’s pregnant women are too cautious- it means that there is far more medical knowledge now and much more awareness of fetal development. The womb isn’t a magic impenetrable bubble (when my mom was pregnant with me in the 60s, she was told it was okay to smoke as long as she cut down so there wouldn’t be enough to ‘cross over’- this advice would be considered ridiculous and negligent today). 

You’ll get lots of unsolicited advice during and after your pregnancy, this will be good practice to smile and stand your ground firmly. 

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You do whatever you’re comfortable doing. And don’t do whatever you’re uncomfortable doing.


When I was about 10 weeks, my Father-In-Law told me I could “drink in moderation. 2-3 drinks at a time won’t hurt the baby” and from that point on, I kind of just ignore everything he says to me (there are other problems, but this just blew my mind).


But no, I wouldn’t do any of that if I knew I were pregnant. Regardless of how far along you are  

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Busy Beekeeper

Conservative? Maybe. Paranoid? Not at all. Protective. Maternal. I climbed ladders and went sailing and moved furniture while pregnant; there is no way you would have caught me on an ATV or tubing during any of my pregnancies. Pack a couple of extra books and enjoy your vacation!

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Sugar Beekeeper

Tell your in laws that your doctor told you that it is a bad idea and therefore you won’t be doing any of those things. If they persist in telling you that they did it and everything was fine, just say you’re glad they were lucky. 

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I have to ride an ATV for work a lot (wildlife biologist) and I definitely did plenty when I was pregnant (gently and slowly).  BUT… I certainly wouldn’t do it for the first time when I was pregnant!  None of those things sound like much fun to do when pregnant and nauseous.

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autumnbride17 :  I’d definitely skip out on all these activities as well. Performing any new activities, especially ones where falls are likely are NOT recommended during pregnancy as they can cause a miscarriage in the event you fall. 

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Nope nope nope. Agreeing with everyone else, I would not do any of these. Had a snowboarding trip planned right after I found out I was pregnant, and didn’t want to tell anyone – so I had to lie and say I was sick with the flu and D.H. went without me. Not chancing anything! Anything where you can fall is a risk. They may think the baby is “small” but your concern is placenta rupturing or breaking free from your uterus – which can happen at any stage / baby size.  

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The only ‘tubing’ I’d be doing is floating on one in the lake with a cool drink-lazy river style. Do what your comfortable with! 

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Agree with everyone else. We are adventurous (live in a developing country with our 2yo and currently pregnant, and have visited several other countries during my pregnancy). But I didn’t ride go karts at 5 weeks and I wouldn’t do any high impact activities or activities with significant risk of an accident. Canoeing or pontooing, yes, jet skiing or tubing, no 


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I wasn’t even allowed on a boat ride with calm seas, I think opting out of those activities are just fine. If anything just go for a nice walk around the lake or enjoy reading a book. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you are not comfortable doing. 

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Your Father-In-Law sounds like a bully after the last update. if he can’t take no for an answer then I’d just skip this trip with them and chill at home. Let hubby go enjoy himself with them but why go if he’s going to try to bulldoze you all weekend? If something were to happen after doing any of these activities would he be ok taking the blame?

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Bumble Beekeeper

Why is your father in law so invested in you jet skiing? That’s weird. I don’t think you or your husband should be indulging him in further convos about this. Next time he brings it up you should be like “LOL ok Father-In-Law….” and then change the subject. Just refuse to even take him seriously.

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