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It’s totally normal for a baby at that age to want to eat.  If she is waking up just to eat, eating then foing right back to sleep, then she IS sleeping through the night.  If she were like 1, I would say you should night wean, but at her age, no way!  One feeding is not bad at all.

Follow your Mommy instinct, it is the best tool you will have.  For reference, my child did not sleep all the way through the night without any feeds or wakeups until he was 9 months old. 

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UM I have a 23 month old who doesn’t STTN… That won’t happen for a long time. I HATE the CIO method. I agree with the PP. Follow your mommy instinct. I sincerely doubt a 4.5 month old has “learned to control you” Shes just hungry! 

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My son is three months and weighs 15lbs and still wakes up 3-4x/night to eat.  My daughter was only up once a night at this age and weighed less.  Every baby and their needs are different!

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It took my daughter until 9 months to STTN.  Screw them.  All babies are different.  A 4.5 month old doesn’t have the capacity to manipulate.
Have you set up a bedtime routine, though?  It makes things much easier if you make a clear difference for babies between “day” and “night” IE not flicking on the TV for nighttime feedings, and not playing with them/speaking to them.  Have you tried swaddling?

I’ve read that you’re not even supposed to START sleep training until 10-12 weeks, because their little tummies are too small to sleep for a long stretch. 

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@mrsjroo:  You are NOT the only one. My DS will be 5 months next week, and he has never slept through the night. At his best, he would wake up twice to eat (every 4 hours), at his worst (this week), he’s up every 30 minutes – 2 hours screaming his head off inconsolably. I think it’s a mix of teething/sleep regression/not being able to swaddle anymore/transition to crib. But he’s miserable and so is Mommy ๐Ÿ™

I’m not planning on doing any kind of sleep training until at least 6 months+ and probably even then it’ll be too early. At this age, if they’re waking up, it’s because they need something, whether it’s food, comfort…etc. I know it’s frustrating, but it will pass eventually. One day they’ll be teenagers and we won’t be able to get them out of bed!!

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No, you’re not the only one, and if you’re not comfortable with CIO (I’m not either), then don’t do it. Babies do tend to have sleep regressions now and then, and one is right around 4 months. Combine that with RSV (poor girl) and she probably just needs her mommy more. If you’re okay with that, keep doing what you’re doing. To me, having my daughter trust and depend on me is more important at this stage than having her sttn. 

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@mrsjroo:  it makes me so angry when moms are mean to each other. Your baby is not manipulating you. She’s definitely not old enough to understand how. Plus, only getting up to eat means she is sleeping through the night. You’re fine. Just keep doing what you’re doing. She sounds perfectly well adjusted. 

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@mrsjroo:  All babies are different. My son was sleeping through the night at 5 weeks and he never broke that. he was an unbelievably easy baby when it came to his schedule. BUT… my cousins son refused to sleep through the night until he was about 18 months. My little sister (she is 18 years my junior) did not sleep through the night completely until she was 2. dont’ let anyone make you feel bad, you are mama and you will know your child best. I think what you described sounds pretty average ๐Ÿ™‚

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DD is a week younger than yours and she isn’t STTN and I am far from stressing about it. She sleeps from about 8PM-5AM, has a bottle and sleeps till 8AM. If she isn’t STTN at about 8 months I will probably calmly do something about it. Nothing too harsh like CIO.

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Don’t know if this will make you feel better or worse, but neither of my kids are sleepers. The oldest was 3 before she slept though the night with any consistency. My youngest is 2 1/2 and she still doesn’t. Each child is different and the other mothera are mean for making you feel bad.

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My DD won’t sleep at all unless we bedshare. She’s been that way from birth and is now almost 4 months old. I had a complete stranger scold me the other day and tell me I spoiled my baby. You can’t spoil a baby that young, they’re too young to know how to manipulate at this age.

Eventually everyone will STTN, it just takes different time for different babies.

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