Am I the only one having a baby in a 1-bedroom apartmemt?

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MrsSnowMountain :  Given that the current recommendation is that babies sleep in the same room for the first 6 months, I don’t see why it is an issue. As long as you have room for the baby’s stuff, you will be fine. People all over the world raise children in small apartments.

The important thing for me would be easy access to get a stroller in and out of the building.

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Do what works best for you and don’t worry about what others are doing! I think it is definitely feasible to have a baby in a 1 bedroom apartment. It may just take some creativity to organize things! My Dear Daughter is 9 weeks and we live in a 3 story town home. We spent so much time getting the nursery together and don’t even use it. Dear Daughter sleeps in bed with us and we moved the recliner in our bedroom to eliminate going into the nursery for feedings. Basically we all live in 1 bedroom though we do have the space elsewhere. It will all work out! Good luck and hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Enjoy every minute it is such a special time !

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MrsSnowMountain :  that sounds totally fine! People tend to think they “need” way more space and rooms than they really do. We have a cousin that just built a house so massive it took 25 minutes to tour (and we weren’t dawdling) – I’d estimate it was at least 6,000 sq. feet for 5 people and one dog. Meanwhile my grandparents raised 5 kids in a 3 bedroom slab ranch that was maybe 1,000sq ft if you’re generous. Somewhere in the middle is FAR more reasonable!

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I think it’s fine. 

Darling Husband and I are planning on TTC next year, and we have no plans to move out of our 1 bedroom apartment until the baby is at least a year or so. We live in the Bay Area so rent is also super expensive, so we rather save money to buy a condo. Our bedroom and apartment is big enough for baby stuff, or it will be when I rearrange the furniture and stuff! Might also be a good time to toss everything we don’t need! Besides, I’m sure I’m going to want LO to be with me at all times during the first year!


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I know people who have done it. It did eventually drive them nuts having to tiptoe around the bedroom after baby’s bed time, but such is life! I think you’re being smart about what you are doing.  Babies really don’t need much space until they start walking. Even then they don’t “need” it!  I live in a narrow/long townhome and a bunch of my neighbors have two kids in houses the same size as mine. They love the neighborhood so much they don’t want to move (and there’s very little that’s larger available).  

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I live in Boston and most of the people I know with babies do this! The oldest one of their children is only about a year, but they have no complaints. I definitely wouldn’t do a studio, but a one bed seems to work. As long as it’s possible to put the baby to bed and then sneak in quietly later I think it’s fine. 

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We plan on starting to TTC soon and still live in a 1-bedroom house. We do want to upgrade soon to a bigger place but we’re older and not willing to put TTC on hold just because we don’t have an extra room at the moment. We’re confident it will all work out one way or another. And if the baby has to share our bedroom for the first year, so be it. 

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You’re going to be fine! I’m due in September, and we live in a 2 bedroom condo. But I fully expect the baby to sleep in our room for the first 6 months or so anyway. So that second room won’t be utilized much right away. I think the key is where to put all the baby’s STUFF.  You’ll want to get creative with storage and find a way to gently remind loved ones and friends that you’ve registered for what you need, and are limited when it comes to space for all the other “wants”. I know I’ve had to scold my mom already a few times not to go overboard on buying clothes.

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When we start TTC next year, we’ll likely stay in our one-bedroom until our child is 1 year old. Older than that and it might get a lil squishy but having a small baby should be fine! We are one vancouver so I can relate to not being able to afford anything bigger right now!

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You’re fine!  I’m in Vancouver and we are likely to do the same.  We call my niece the “closet baby” (in an endearing way) because her parents turned their closet into her bedroom.  

Also – I have friends who sold their perfectly reasonable two-bedroom townhouse to buy a single family when they were pregnant with their first.  This was at the peak of the market when their townhouse was almost paid off.  Mostly because they are the keep-up-with-the-Jonses types.  Anyways, they paid 1.4mil for a craphole, and now they wouldn’t get 1.1 for it.  Don’t be like them!

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I think it’s totally fine for a year and half, especially if the baby is going to sleep in your room for a large portion of that. I live in Vancouver, so i definitely feel you haha.

I haven’t done it myself, but my sister – who also has a high paying job in architecture and development – lives in a two bedroom with her husband and her 5 year old and 3 year old. It’s now getting too small and they’re looking for something bigger, but she said it was perfect while they were small. They live near lots of parks and playgrounds and things so they didn’t need a yard, and the smaller space meant she didn’t have to spend all of her time cleaning and looking after a house. 

You may get some side eye from older generations, but I know that here that’s totally normal for 2 professionals to start off in an apartment or condo. Think about it this way, you can spend more time with your baby, rather than cleaning/maintaining and commuting out of the city. Plus usually when you live in the city you’re closer to grocery stores, takeout, parks etc. It simplifies a lot of other small things. 

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