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Sugar bee
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She’s clearly innocent — I don’t see how anyone could watch that documentary and think otherwise. Literally zero evidence connecting her to the crime and they have a dude with a history of B+E who as much as confessed and left a ton of fingerprints and DNA behind. I’m sure if I was locked up in a foreign jail for years when I was 20, I’d be pretty odd too. 

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Busy bee

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Sunfire :  what stands out to me most is her reaction to the murder. Not the kissing/consoling, but the way she didn’t seem scared or worried that someone has theoretically broken into her home and viciously murdered her roommate. She says she didn’t freak out because she only knew the girl 2 weeks but it’s not even about that. She should have been afraid that someone came into her home and did that to someone. 

That in combination with the fact that she wasn’t alarmed by her front door being left open, and felt like she could shower even though she saw blood was odd. Also HOW could you not see a huge deuce in the toilet? That would be hard not to notice? And why would that be what alerts you to something being off before the door and the blood?? Idk.. and then for her to go back to her bf of 5 days house instead of call the police? Weird.

I don’t know how I think she was involved, but I don’t think she knows nothing. There’s something very strange about her, you don’t believe her crying it seems off.

Also it’s strange that her bf cracked and said she told him to vouch for her. And how she just threw her boss under the bus? Why would you make up a possible suspect? Very strange. 

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Busy bee
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I started watching the documentary firmly believing she was guilty and now I think she’s probably innocent. 

I think her strange behavior during the beginning days of the investigation was probably due to her being guilty of some minor thing– like she’s 20, in another country probably partying it up. I kind of think maybe when she got home that morning she was still a little drunk, or had some pot on her or something she wanted to get rid of before she called the police, which would account for her slow reaction to the door being opened, the bathroom and all that.

I think mostly she was guilty of being 20 and stupid. I wouldn’t be supprised if she actually wasn’t at her boyfriends house the night before at all, and was just out doing something she thought she would get in trouble for, which would explain the holes in their stories and why she pointed the finger at someone else (hoping it would go away) which of course spiraled out of control and landed her in jail. . 

My big question the whole time watching it was where was the school??? She was there on a study abroad program, I know she was an adult but how was the school not immidiately involved? Unless it was a private study abroad program but still- you would think they would immidiately call her parents and get them over there, or get some sort of lawyer going on. Can’t be good for your program if one student kills another!

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Katie-Didnt :  exactly. Knox is weird but she isn’t the satanic sex fiend they made her out to be, in an attempt to smear her into guilt sans evidence.

the way they treated her in jail was also outrageous.

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Bumble bee
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I don’t think she did it or had involvement. After taking my Forensic Psychology class last year and watching this documentary, I think the italian police really messed up and I know that people do really weird things under a ton of stress and pressure. 

I will agree that it’s odd that the blood on the bathmat/sink and the front door being wide open didn’t make her on edge when she walked in her house. But I truly don’t think she committed the crime.

It was an AWESOME documentary through

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k8goeslz :  I totally agree I don’t think she murdered her roommate but she definitely was hiding something so her behaviour doesn’t add up.. I was thinking maybe she had been taking pills or something more illegal then pot and maybe was still out of it when she got home. The fact it took her til she finished blow drying her hair to notice to feces definitely points towards her being incoherant. Also that would explain why her bf “didn’t remember” if they had been together.. maybe they had done some more hardcore, illegal drugs then they wanted to admit.


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I thought the documentary was well done but it was definitely slanted towards her innocence. I do believe she is innocent. I just like when they state all the facts & evidence without bias one way or the other so we can draw our own conclusions. 

The reporter is a sleaze bag! The police bungled the investigation! For whatever reason they decided she was the killer (even though there really wasn’t any evidence to support it) & did everything they could to make her fit into their profile.

It’s not new for people to make false confessions or throw other innocent people under the bus. Bith Amanda & Raffaele were young, she was in a strange new country where she knew nobody. The police interrogated them for hours & twisted their words around….it’s scary!

Everyone keeps saying hiw weird she is. In the video clips of Amanda before her trip I think she is beautiful, fun, silly with an infectious smile. A normal 20 year old girl. She only seems weird, awkward & withdrawn to me after all she had been through. I can’t really blame her! I can’t even imagine what she went through…

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She appears to be an innocent narcissist.  

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I thought the bathmat thing was strange till I went back and looked at the photo. It doesn’t make a clear cut footprint in the bathmat. More like an edge of her foot which I don’t think someone would register quickly especially if they were running in and taking a quick shower.

Of course, I would personally notice it because I’m very picky about cleanliness but I think my first thought would be someone got out with a cut from shaving. I tracked some blood before on the bathroom floor (but cleaned it up) from a shaving mishap. So, I would definitely be putting it in the mental note box to bring up to my flat mates.

But mostly I feel like she was probably high or hungover and disoriented as others suggested. They made it sound like the apartment wasn’t very clean so I don’t know that she would have noticed smells because who knows what kind of odors were around the house and if Amada was high/heavily hungover then I doubt she’d register it.. The poop, while gross, could be chalked up to thinking your flat mate was either rude and didn’t flush or they had a guest that didn’t. Another thing to mention when you see them but I don’t know that is hunt them down. Likewise, if you’re all used to smoking/drinking together or just not squeamish on bodily functions (some people really aren’t), I can see that not phasing someone because they would assume “oh she forgot to flush probably while drinking/etc last night…I’ll give it a pass”.

The front door would be my biggest complaint but it could also be interpreted as maybe she forgot it if she was out and drinking/smoking. Since her bedroom door was locked, I can see how she’d assume she was sleeping and I could see waiting till I saw her when she was up to talk to her…especially if we factor that Amanda came home maybe high/hungover. All of them were young and the sad thing is a lot of people travel abroad with no real concern for being victims of crime/harm. I think, at least in Amanda’s case, there was an invincibility feeling that most young people have and a fun aspect in being in a new country with no limitations (with factoring in alcohol or weed and who knows possibly what else).

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I just watched it yesterday. During the trial(s) I thought they were really drumming up the whole “crazed american sex fiend” thing but thought she might have been guilty, especially when she falsly accused the bar owner. But after watching the documentary I think she’s innocent. I can totally see how a young person in a new country where she probably isn’t 100% comfortable with the language could easily be scared by the cops interrogating. And the lead investigator seemed totally nuts. He clearly just wanted to pin it on her and whatever evidence he could find he’d make fit her. So they know she’d been smoking pot and after hours of interrogating, “convince” her that she did set up a meeting with the bar owner. Shit like that happens all the time. 

I feel like it was all circumstantial or really not even evidence. She lived with other young girls, the house didn’t look terribly well taken care of. Living in that kind of situation, sure, maybe someone was careless and left the door open. Maybe someone cut their leg shaving and got a little blood on the floor and didn’t clean it up. She said she saw the bloody footprint on her way out of the shower… so what, a second before she saw the toilet? So those two things made her nervous. All of her “questionable” behavior seems perfectly easily explained to me. Sure, I wouldn’t be kissing on my boyfriend and doing cartwheels, but horny 20 year olds who are in a brand new relationship? Sure, maybe they’d kiss. And sitting around waiting for god knows what to happen in the police station? Yeah- I’d be fidgity and pacing and maybe do whatever physical thing I could to get the nervousness out. 

I think she lived through a traumatic experience in her formative years, was locked up far away from home for years, was lied to and led to believe she had HIV, and all of that makes her leery and nervous and a little weird. But ultimately, I think she’s innocent. 

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