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I took ambien for a while in college when I was having a terrible time sleeping. I never had any type of negative reaction. As long as I made sure to get at least 6 hours of sleep, I was great in the morning. Nothing would wake me up.

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@Bazinga:  I wouldn’t base my decision to take it off everyone else’s side effects. It may work great for you and give you the rest you need. I wasn’t able to take to it but have a sensitivity to most medication in general.

Since you’re concerned about side effects, I would try natural remedies first. You can first try to take Magnesium. Magnesium helps me relax in the evening and I think it helps me go to sleep, as well. Also Valerian Root is good for sleep. I have heard Kava is good for sleep as well, but you have to be careful not to mix it with other medications. Lemon balm is also good for relaxation and rest.

If you don’t want to try natural remedies I would try Benadryl. I have taken Benadryl to sleep for two years now. It knocks me right out.

I hope you are able to find something that works for you and get some rest.

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2 hours of sleep then wide awake.Didn’t work for me at all.

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Have you tried MelatoninGUI knew someone that was taking Advil pm every night to sleep and I convinced them to try melatonin and its worked great. Start with 5mg and if that doesn’t work go to 10mg, right before bed. 

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I hated it. I slept good but my body would have the hardest time waking up the following morning. I would spend the whole next day in a cranky fog. I use melatonin now its all natural, helps me sleep and I actually feal rested the next day!

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It makes the manflesh’s mom crazy.  Okay, not exactly.  Basically, the problem is that she can’t sleep in the first place because she never stops *going*.  You’re supposed to take the pill and go right to bed.  She takes the pill, then realizes she didn’t empty the dishwasher, then folds the laundry, then has to pee, then decides the toilet is dirty… and somewhere in there the pill kicks in.  Once that happens, she’s still physically awake, but it’s like her brain is asleep.  She does silly things that she has no memory of, like once she made a movie on her phone of just her tongue and mouth moving around, which was a total surprise when she found it later.

It does work for her as long as she uses it right, and she keeps taking it, so, my advice to you – take it and then GO TO BED!  😀

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Same here.  Intermezzo worked great for that but my insurance won’t cover it.

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i took it for awhile and loved it but i really needed something you can take every night so i ended up on seroquel instead (i have bipolar and anxiety so those were my sleep related issues). i didn’t have any side effects on ambien but like PP’s said, it’s different for everyone. you won’t know until you try it for one night. also, what moriah said! once you take it, you need to go to bed! otherwise, you won’t be able to go to sleep. basically, don’t fight it. i usually got drowsy within 10 minutes of taking it.

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I used to be a pharmaceutical rep selling Ambien CR. All those side effects listed in the package inserts about sleep walking are the worst case scenarios that occurred in the clinical trials and therefore have to be reported. I’ve taken regular Ambien 5mg and it gives you that knock out punch you need. Just dedicate 7 hours of sleep and you will be fine.

Melatonin is natural however, when I tried it, I felt like I was banged in the head the following morning. Different reactions for different folks. I now boil a natural tea that somehow seems to work like a charm. And I’ve been suffering from insomnia for the last 12 years. It could totally be the placebo effect but the tea seems to be more effective than even prescription drug.

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I had the worst side effect… I fell down a flight of stairs while sleep walking… 4 days after surgery on my breasts.

I know everyone has different reactions to Rx’s but mine was to painful for me to not at least mention it. I ended up with 2 broken ribs, a partially delflated lung and hematoma  around my new breast implant (reconstruction after cancer). It was a painful 6 weeks, just breathing was difficult before I felt better. I now take Alteril, its a natural OTC and I’ve had good results with it… at least I don’t sleep walk 🙂

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@Bazinga: I started taking them right after grad school because I would pull all nighters all the time. Grad school really messed up my sleeping cycle. There were nights were I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until 5am….

I got a prescription for Ambien and it would knock me out after 30 minutes of taking it (10mg, I believe). My only concern about taking the medication was the extreme dizziness I felt right after taking the pill. The first time I took it I couldn’t walk alone because I would lose my balance (I would need assistance to walk). After the first time, I would take the pill in bed and wait for it to kick in. It has helped me tremendously to improve my insomnia and now, I don’t need Ambien to go to sleep.

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