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I have had sooooo many issues with my diamond e-ring that I just decided to go ahead and order an amora moissanite stone last night.  I am so excited and will post pics when I get it next week!  

Moissanite is silicon carbide, a substance that is really really hard, but lab created.  It was found in a crater from a meteorite in Arizona a loooong time ago, but in very little amounts.  A substance similar to diamond was trying to be created because besides diamonds being very beautiful in jewelry, there are also a lot of other applications for them in the industry world because they are so hard.  Moissanite came out of trying to create something as hard as diamonds, and Charles & Colvard (the original company that came out with moissanite as jewelry) recognized it was so beautiful, that they broke away from (NASA maybe? Not sure) and decided to start making it for jewelry. This was quite some time ago, and there have been many gains in Moissanite since then.  The amora moissanite is an enhanced moissanite so it is whiter in color.  When I first started learning about moissanite, I did find 2 jewelers here in my city that carried it, so I drove right away to one and was pretty disappointed.  It was VERY sparkly, but it just looked green.  The gal tried to tell me that it was “just the lighting in the store,” but I was a little worried.  The next day, I went to the other store and the jeweler there had a 2 carat moissanite round solitare in her ring, and it was SOOO PRETTY! So very sparkly, and she said she had just made cookies last night and didn’t clean it afterwards, and even with some cookie dough smudge on the bottom it was still soooo sparkly.  It was still not perfectly white, but didn’t look nearly as green as the ones I saw in the last store.  One of the other ladies that worked in the store had had her moissanite stone in her ring for 12 YEARS! And it still looked fab.  That was it, I was sold on moissanite.  It is sparklier than diamonds, it doesn’t attract grease/oils like diamonds (so you don’t have to clean it as much), it is actually sturdier than most diamonds because it is cut perfectly every time, and it is SO MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE!  

I am not as familiar with Asha, but I do know that it is a very well-enhanced cubic zirconia.  If you are wanting a diamond look, it would be closer because it is very white like diamonds and has refractive properties much like diamonds (moissanite has completely different refractive properties, which is why it is actually sparklier than diamonds–some people love that, some people do not).  There are quite a few bees with asha stones and they look amazing as well.  I ultimately decided to go with moissanite because it does not cloud because it is not porous, whereas cubic zirconia is VERY gorgeous at first, but you have to be very very careful with it (can’t use lotions/perfumes around it, etc.) or it will cloud.  I am not sure about the Asha if it tends to cloud or not, but I am going into the medical field and am going to be washing my hands then applying lotion right afterwards A LOT (can’t stand dry hands), so I didn’t want to risk it with cubic zirconia.  

My advice for you is to keep stalking boards on weddingbee, go to betterthandiamond.com and read some of their forums (they have asha and moissanite), and go to youtube and search for videos.  I decided to order a loose moissanite stone from moissaniteco.com because I wasn’t brave enough to take the plunge and buy an entire ring.  I would have LOVED a bigger size, but since my first e-ring was only a 0.5 carat center stone, and my fiancee is a first year teacher and I am in medical school, I think people would have started to wonder how we afforded a 1+ carat stone, because I am not going to go around telling the whole world I don’t have a diamond, if people ask, then whatever, but I don’t want anyone’s opinion about my fiancee tarnished since there is such a dang hype with diamonds.  I ordered a 0.85 carat equivalent/5.5 mm cushion amora moissanite, so I will post pictures when it gets here.  I am probably going to have it set in a diamond setting that my fiancee and I will pick out together.  


Good luck!  🙂

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This is my 1.5 ct Asha.  I love her!

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Amora moissanite: moissanite (Silicon Carbide) enhanced under high pressure and temperature to create a more perfect crystal structure.  This will eliminate a lot of the green and yellow tones that normal moissy has.  Cool thing about Silicon Carbide is its bonds are similar to diamond, so it’s very durable; moissanite seems superior to diamond in every way except hardness and color.  

Asha:  CZ with a diamond coating.  I’ve heard it needs to be cleaned often, but it’s more diamondlike than amora.  The coating makes it more durable than your ordinary porous cz.  


I would take 2 factors into consideration when ordering your ring:

1) do you want this stone to be your forever stone?  In that case, I’d lean towards moissanite.

2) What cut do you want?  Some cuts in moissy will face up more yellow or green, even if they have the amora enhancement.  Also, if you want a princess, you can’t get it in moissy, only a cut called “square brilliant”.  Rounds will be whitest in moissy.  In your place, I’d order an asha and moissy stone, and see which you like better.  

Because I’m not crazy about the round brilliant cut offered in moissy, and I want something durable, I’m getting a lab created sapphire and then replacing it with an Amora gem when it comes out (this summer or next year), as the Amora gem will be F color and in hearts & arrows cut.  Something like that’s also an option for you.

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@GroovyHippieChick:  Hiya, i love your ring and also thinking of going the route of asha, can you tell me if your band is milgrain?


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@abirdword:  Asha:  CZ with a diamond coating.  I’ve heard it needs to be cleaned often

what I read on the betterthandiamond site is that the Asha coating helps ensure you don’t need to clean your stone as often as you would if it was a regular untreated CZ. but do you need to clean it more often than say, a diamond or moissanite? I don’t know.

I won’t ask for an upgrade for about 3 more years, but I have to admit  that I’ve been looking just for fun anyway. my heart is set on a moissanite because of the durability. however, the major downside (for me) is that you can’t get certain cuts. I have my heart set on a princess cut with the corners lopped off. not available in moissy. so it’s possible that I might end up getting an asha one day instead. 

I’m hoping that maybe this will be available as moissanite in three years, when I’m ready for an upgrade!!

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Hi all. I am struggling with Amora vs Moissanite vs Asha, too. I just shot of video of all three together (unfortunately the camera work is a little blurry at times!). What do you all think?  Thanks.


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7mm ACC Asha

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Very nice!


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I had been contemplating Amora for some time now. Looked at unenhanced moissanite in a jewelry store and I didn’t like how minty green it looked. Also got lots of insight from WeddingBee! My soon-to-be-fiance bit the bullet and ordered a loose Amora and it just arrived! He even sent me some pics while I was at work so I could ogle them. I am so excited because it looks amazingly white and sparkly!! Can’t wait to get home and look at it in person! And then get it put in the setting we picked out, of course.

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I’ve heard that asha is very white, which can sometimes make it look a little fake as very few people can afford truly colourless diamonds. Also asha needs cleaning more frequently, and the coating will eventually scratch and the stone will become dull. Asha is very pretty but (in my personal opinon) not tough enough to be a forever stone.

On the other hand, asha looks very diamond-like and white – unlike moissanite which has a slightly different cut, can sometimes appear yellow/green tinted and sparkles a lot more.

I’d be inclined to choose moissanite as the colour is warmer and the stone is more sparkly, needs less cleaning and will last longer. Ideally I’d prefer the amora gem but unfortunately it isn’t for sale yet. Perhaps you could buy moissanite and replace it with amora gem later?

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@Gorjuss:  My asha is a G but they offer it in H as well.So ashas  are near colorless which is what a lot of people have.  It has a lot of depth and looks very real since it reflects light in a similar way as a diamond.   I only clean mine once a week which takes maybe a minute.  Asha isn’t made for a foreverstone but it is an affordable alternative if you were planning to upgrade to a diamond or an amora gem.

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