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Busy bee

I live in the US. I am not a Christian. My only contribution I can make is this..

After 9/11, I feel terrible for every Muslim living in this country.  

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You’ve GOT to be kidding me.


In a world where more people are Christian than any other religion, and where Christians regularly deem it a mission of duty to go into remote areas of the world and strip people of their beliefs in the name of Christianity (not to mention all the wars that have been started in the name of a Christian gos)….I am at a loss.

I grew up athiest in the Bible belt. You want to hear about all the Christians that beat me up? That blocked my entry to my school because I would not stop and pray with them? That ridiculed and humiliated me? There’s a REASON that we have a separation of church and state.

If you can’t understand why it isn’t legal to use your religion to deny healthcare, jobs, etc, then you don’t understand our Constitution. It isn’t about YOU. It’s about ensuring that everyone has the right to a religion-free experience in their government and jobs.


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@Rachel631:  I’m not Christian, but to tell you the truth I feel bad for people who are, precisely because of some of the reasons you list. It does seem like everyone loves to blame them or make fun of it.

My SO is a non-practicing Catholic. He’s also the most ambitious, level-headed, and intelligent person I know. I’m agnostic myself and my family totally shuns religion/God.

I wouldn’t ever fully subscribe to a religion… that’s just not me… but I try to respect those who do.

ETA: Not sure about the court cases, I’d have to look into it more, I based my response more on the word on the street.

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Sugar bee
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The UK must be very different than the US in this regard.

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Sugar bee
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I’m a Christian and I have never had anyone come up to me and say anything. Probably because I don’t go up to anyone and tell them how to feel. I don’t think there is anything wrong with witnessing and telling people about Jesus but then you leave it at that, it’s thier choice whether or not they believe.




I was taught that God didn’t give anyone permission or direction to go out and judge others. I was taught to love everyone for who they are and tell them about God’s love for them as well. I don’t think it’s right for anyone to judge me for my beliefs and I don’t believe that it’s okay for me to judge anyone else.


There are enough Christians out there who think it is their job to judge others and tell people how to live and believe that the rest of us are treated like we are in the wrong. I don’t like it but I know that these people don’t know what true Christians are. The Phelps are not true Christians. They think they are but that is not how God has told us to act or believe.


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“If you wear a cross, even complete strangers occasionally seem to think it’s OK to come up to you and call you out.”


I have nothing of real use to say, but I can say that I am an Atheist and I am a full believer that extremists/zealots on either side are just as terrible. An Atheist/Agnostic/What have you that does things like this do not make the rest of us look very good. Most of us are pretty tolerant to other people’s religions even if we don’t agree with them, but like you’re seeing, there are exceptions.


To a degree, I can agree with no religion in the workplace. If one religion is allowed X day off to worship/whatever, I can see a large amount of people going, “But I’m [religion] so I get that day off, too!” I don’t think religious “days off” should be a thing for anyone, considering it would be too easily abused. You’re here to work, so work. I also agree with no religious objects in the workplace, considering some people get upset easily by just seeing a particular religious symbol. Here in America I know there are a lot of people who will get up in arms just by seeing an Islamic symbol. It would protect everyone if those symbols were not shown. This also goes for every religion.


But, I am a strong believer that religion has its place and its outside the workplace and outside of schools/government buildings/etc. Your religion is your own and it belongs in its own proper place.


ETA: I went to a very Christian high school. It was not a christian school, it just happened to be inhabitated by very strong willed christians. I was very openly and proud to be Atheist, and I caught a lot of slack for it. If you did not fit the cookie cutter (Christian and Republican was the norm at my school) you were not welcome. I was followed out to my car once and beaten after school (I was painting a mural with my art teacher) by three boys from my math class because I had a John Kerry sticker & a Darwin fish on the back of my car. There was no proof of this (No cameras, no witnesses) and nothing happened to them. After this incident, I adopted the “No political, no religious anything in school/workplace” policy.








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Sugar bee
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I’m from a country that uses Islam to further political agendas and demands that non-Muslims respect the belief (a non-Muslim can be jailed for bringing a Muslim to church, for example). Then I come to the US where Christians petition for their beliefs to be put into law.




I don’t have many good things to say about religion.




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Busy bee

I think this is the best way to wrap up the anti-Christian sentiment. If you are Christian, you are subscribing to a doctrine that prevents others from having equal rights, has been the basis for most wars, and is the very reason for some of the most disgusting hate crimes in the world.


You can’t pick and choose when it comes to religion. If your religion tells you that gay marriage is wrong, yet as a Christian you believe it is right, you are not following the doctrine of your religion.


If people want to label themselves as Christians, they have to stop picking and choosing what parts of the doctrine to follow. As far as most people are concerned, if you subscribe to the label, you subscribe to the beliefs in their entirety.


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@MissFemmeFatale:  My mistake. Must have been blinded by her radically ignorant post title and not noticed it.

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Busy bee
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People hate on Christians because most of them do not live or act in a way that reflects their so called ‘beliefs’ or teachings. The current church campaign against gay marriage is also not helping. I’m saying this as someone who went to Anglican Church/schools for most of my life. 

That evil Hillsong church also is not helping the image of Christianity. 

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Eh. I’m agnostic. Almost athiest, but I’m not very opinionated about it.

I don’t go out of my way to pick on other religions, everyones has a right to believe whatever they want.

However, I think when it comes to school, work, or really any public area, religion should be kept to yourself.

At my work, its pretty much split down the middle, half god-fearing/loving, and the rest athiest or agnostic.

There is an older gentlemen who likes to tell us “god haters”, that we better pray that he forgives us. Everytime he tells me things like this, I tell him unless he wants me to go on about how everything in the bible is BS, and that I believe religion was created solely for the purpose of keeping people in line – he best keep it to himself.

And he does.

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I am not Christian but I can understand how she could feel slighted.  I honestly believe that as long as people are not pushing their beliefs on you they can believe whatever they want.

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