(Closed) An apology to our MODERATION TEAM

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@MissBoPeep:  oh, I knew that. We talked 🙂 

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 I’m quite glad I didn’t go on the site much over the weekend so I missed most of the drama. I hope this all settles down soon and everything can get back to normal.

Big thanks to the mods (I didn’t realise they were volunteers, how awesome are they?) for all their hard work. Good luck sorting everything out!

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Thank you to all the mods, hostesses, Penguin, etc. who keep WeddingBee the community that it is.  To be honest the drama over the weekend was so out of hand that I ignored most of it because it’s the side of the bee that I really dislike, so major probs to the mods for making it through despite the constant attacks.

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@penguin:  I missed the explanation this weekend of why the moderators were “hands off”, so thank you for clarifying it now.  


This is a very well-run site, and there are some awesome volunteers who help make that happen.  I think there are a couple issues from last week that contributed to the drama getting out of hand.  One was that I don’t think there had been a plan for how to deal with a situation like this; it’s a unique, rare situation, so I don’t blame the admins/volunteers for not foreseeing it.  The second is it seems like the rules with dealing with certain situations are not totally clear cut, hence a lot of muddying the waters.  While I don’t blame anyone for it, I think it’s a sign that certain rules need to be laid out in a more clear cut manner; what upset many people this weekend was that inepretation of the rules seemed a bit arbitrary.  It rubbed a few posters the wrong way that several threads where we tried to discuss these issues got closed.


I am sorry for all the abuse mods received this weekend; that was undeserved.  Thanks, guys, for all your hard work.

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I love the MODS! And you too, Pengy! No idea what happened but I appreciate this wonderful community and everyone who works to make, and keep, this a positive, creative forum for us to discuss our weddings and lives. Hugs to the Mods!

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What a snarky post by someone who advocates removing snark from the boards. Many of the bees have never known the true distinctions between Hostess/Admin/Volunteer Mod/Mod/Community Coordinator/whatever. Trying to clarify what was what, IN THE MIDST of a heated situation is NOT going to get through to people. It was not made clear in the past, and the situation this weekend was one in which emotions were running high. No one would knowingly diss mods, people were just frustrated with lack of info from GENERAL POWERS THAT BE THAT RUN THIS SITE. What an accusatory post towards the users of the bee. How on earth were people supposed to know you asked the mods to step back? Maybe some users caught some of these “distinctions” but not all of us comb thru each post in each thread.

This post is just another tactic to draw attention away from the main issue: that threads were deleted for a particular user to protect her, when threads of that nature would never be deleted for the rest of us users. Said admin was rumored to have a friendship with the user she helped out. Load of crap. In better news, the mods do a great job keeping the bee a friendly place to discuss ideas and grow a strong wedding online community!

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@blueskies7:  This post is just another tactic to draw attention away from the main issue: that threads were deleted for a particular user to protect her, when threads of that nature would never be deleted for the rest of us users.

Honestly, if this happened… so what? What would that change? Would you quit out of the unfairness of it all? It was a pretty weird situation, honestly, and I think they did the best they could. I don’t know if they’d do the same thing again, and I truthfully don’t really care. Would they delete my threads? I don’t know, but I don’t post anything that could be used to identify me and I keep private things to myself, so I quite honestly don’t care. I don’t get why everyone is on this crusade to show how inconsistent the moderators/hostesses/admins/whatever are.

What do you want, a refund of your WeddingBee.com registration fee…?

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You messed up Penguin, no need to show anger/dissapointment towards the users, although they should of not been ‘abusive’ i can completely understand their fustration. You were meant to provide a service to US, and you failed. Completely understandable for people who come to this site and expect a certain standard to be fustrated and angry at you when you don’t provide the service. This post has really put me off wedding bee. It really looks as though you are focusing on the ‘abuse’ and ‘verbal attacks’ by users towards mods, when you should be focusing on an apology for not doing your job well and show an understanding to why we feel you handled this unprofessionally and why we got mad. Most of us would of missed your post on asking the mods to step back, so maybe next time try a different approach. Don’t be mad at us because your message asking the mods to step back wasn’t seen by us. 

Edit: And yes it is obvious that many people believe the mods do a good job- and unfortunately they should have not been copping abuse because of your mistake.

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As someone who inadvertantly used “mods” as the catch-all for powers to be, let me apologize to the volunteer mods for anything that I may have said that offended you. That was not my intent, nor I think anyone’s intent in the heated debate.

That being said, I have to agree with blueskies7; I think this post detracts from the issue at hand, and personally I wish that instead of a sticky about apologizing to the Moderation Team, Penguin posted an apology to the Hive at large about the actions she says she did. That I have not seen yet, and I think that, most of all, is what the community is looking for as well as a clearer explaination and reevaluation of the current deletion policies. Penguin, now that you are back from the bridal week, I ask that you keep true to your word that you would revisit the issues when you got back and would answer the questions in fulland have the discussions necessary with the team to reevaluate the policies.



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Please clarify what you mean by this: “I will be going through threads, taking a very close look at each post, and in particular, taking action in regards to members that so ungraciously attacked our team of volunteer moderators in a time when they were most vulnerable, and when they were helpless to defend themselves because I specifically requested for them to take a step away from these threads to ease their burden.”

Do you mean you are going to now target those you believe were “attacking” your team? I read through most of the threads this weekend and found that while people certainly weren’t being the most gracious, no one was blatantly attacking anyone. Further, until you posted (pretty far into the one thread), no one knew that you had asked “mods” or whatever they’re called to not intervene. I think this is unfair.

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[account blocked for trolling]

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I too, used the term “mods” not knowing the difference. I only joined like 3 weeks ago. The mods are doing a great job, keep it up. 🙂


On another note… So much for not making any more threads about the “drama”. 

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I don’t wish to detract from what the mods/hostess/admins/whatever do here, I’m sure it is a lot of sifting through trolls and flags and trying to keep the peace and everything running, which I can’t see as being particularly fun. I personally feel that this thread is less of an apology and more of a guilt trip into trying to make other Bees apologise for having any view other then “they all do such a wonderful job”. If you wanted to issue an apology to the mods you could have issued it to those most affected by the drama via PM and not the whole board, which would have been more personal and heartfelt. Or you could have waited for the moderator meeting regarding the policies to wish them a heartfelt apology. I just don’t see what exactly this thread is achieving other than making people feel bad and making people paranoid about anything they may have said, especially with this particular section of your OP:

I will be going through threads, taking a very close look at each post, and in particular, taking action in regards to members that so ungraciously attacked our team of volunteer moderators in a time when they were most vulnerable…etc

I’m sorry, but most of the bees do believe that the volunteer moderation team do a wonderful job (as witnessed by all these posts!), but there are inconsistencies that still have not been properly addressed. Posters used the term mods as an all encompassing term, their ‘attacks’ (which were actually genuine questions and concerns about the appearance of favouritism, interpretation of TOS and unfair warnings) were actually directed at the admin staff (or mods that had previously held admin-like positions) that were suspected of deleting posts in questions (even if those accusations were wrong). So really no attack was made at the volunteers, the term was used incorrectly, and yet people will still be punished for this even though the whole range of who is what and who can do what is shrouded in mystery. It’s easy to get terms confused when there is no transparency, so to get punished for this mistake seems unfair!

I’m not trying to be a bitch, or snarky, or whatever term will be used when I undoubtedly get flagged for this post. I just want to point out that there were genuine questions asked, not everything negative is a personal attack and that the passage I have highlighted above reads like a threat.

I’m sorry mods felt upset or victimised by the drama at the weekend, especially since there were put in an awkward position by the admin staff, but I think this thread is more insulting to regular bees then it is helpful to the moderation team.

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