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“Where’d you go for your honeymoon?”


“Oh, did you go to <rattles off five super obscure villages somewhere in Spain, rolling the Rs and lisping and everything>.”


“Oh, well, those places are more for like, real travelers anyway.”

Right… we should’ve visited an obscure cheese farm instead of going to BARCELONA.

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My best friend’s mom after my best friend announced her engagement and showed her mom the ring:

“Maybe we can pretend that it’s a promise ring?”

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I have had several single friends ask me all about my wedding plans, and then say: “that sounds great! i hate weddings, i think they are all such a waste of money, i’d definitely never spend money on one no matter how much i had…but i’m sure yours is going to be amazing!”  A friend said this to me the other day and then 10 minutes later made a comment about her ‘dream’ wedding, haha.  Jealous much?

This thread is absolutely awesome.

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Dude, this thread is hilarious! I am SO glad it was revived. I get the “well it’s YOUR wedding…if that’s what you want.” I got that from my mom, fmil, and stepmom when I showed them my dress.

I also get a lot of the “it’s great that you have so much free time to write on your blog/research wedding stuff/etc.” I work a full time job and a part time job, and volunteer. Sorry I’m planning a fun wedding and enjoying it!

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I didn’t see this thread in it’s first go round, but I’ve so enjoyed reading it tonight! My God, people are awful!

I had one snarky e-ring comment. About two days after I got engaged, at the panto with my friend, and she was so happy we got engaged she was telling everyone within earshot, most of whom I did not know at all. This one woman came over and said, ” OMG look at the size of that ROCK!’ really loud.

It’s not a ROCK at all, it’s small and perfectly formed. Fiance picked it himself, spent every cent he could earn, beg and borrow on it, and wanted to get me the best he could. So he did. And that… cow…. with her squawking all over the place. Ugh.

Keep them coming, girls!

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Haha, another one, although not PA, but annoying nonetheless, is FMIL’s horror that we’re not having fruitcake. I hate fruitcake. Yuck yuck yuck. If people want fruitcake, they can just wait for Xmas. We’re having cupcakes, but she did spend a good hour one evening on how we ‘really should’ have fruitcake. Sigh. And she’s wonderful, you know. Just has some peculiar blind spots…

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@MrsLantern: I’m not kidding actually. The rude one is one of those hangers-on friends full of gloom and doom and anger who I don’t see very often and my foot-in-mouth friend has a wildly overactive imagination and a very high drama personality. She’s sweet, she just doesn’t think.

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this thread is hilarious, and awful!!  i’m not sure what it is about weddings that seems to give people diarrhea of the mouth…it’s like they lose their inner censor or something. anyway, not sure they are PA but here’s mine:

1. the day after i got engaged i called my mom to tell her.  

Me: “I’m getting married mom!”

Her: …silence…then “Why?”

Me:  “Uhhh, cuz i want to?”

Her: “Are you pregnant or something?”

you get the idea.  she warmed up to it eventually, i guess her own 2 divorces kind of put her off the idea of marriage.  also, i found out at the wedding she was heard to be complaining to someone that she felt like “a guest” at her own daughter’s wedding.  well damn, i’m so sorry i managed to rally the troops and get shit done and i didn’t put your ass to hard enough labor.  i had to keep her out of things for the sake of my own sanity, she has this innate talent to drive me nuts.

2. i did not recieve any rings until the actual wedding, so when i wore my gorgeous antique style sapphire and diamond set to work my first day back this one lady came running over to grab my hand, looked at it in silence for a good 20 seconds and then popped out the dreaded “oh…that’s interesting.”  gee thanks.

we were lucky enough to only have true friends and good family there to celebrate with us on the “big day” (lol).  i did not hear any snarky comments about anything, and everyone helped out way more than we expected, and all that good made up for so much bad elsewhere in life.  i really should do a recap one of these days.

keep em comin!  this is some free therapy!

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keep them coming 🙂

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This is Not Wedding Related, but after Fiance and I had been dating for about a year, he got me diamond earrings for Christmas. The backstory is that i had been complaining for months about having 2 holes in each ear but no earrings small enough for the second hole. Everything I had looked stupid in the top one.

So, he bought me these cute little diamonds. They were visibly diamonds and weren’t THAT small, but not something you’d wear alone either. 

When I showed them to my mother, while they are still in the box, she says, “Oh……i think you got your box mixed up with BF’s niece…..are you sure these are the ones he meant for you??” 

(his niece was 3 months old and they had just pierced her ears…)

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I’ve got two really good ones..

Me “dad… I have a surprise”

Dad: You’re prengant….

Me: No! I’m engaged..

Dad: Oh that is much better news then. Congratulations.

@j.grossman13  it sounds like our parents had similar reactions! lol

My paternal grandmother is the biggest shrew b*tch in the world. I was talking to her about how I wanted a big poofy ball gown for the wedding and she said:

p Grandma: “surely the dress won’t be white.. I mean you do have a child. I think a light pink dress would be much more appropriate for you, um, situation.”

The situation she was talking aboug is the fact that I have a 3 year old daughter. I actually got up and left without saying goodbye and didn’t talk to her for six months… that’s how long it took her to apologize.

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When I was getting dressed for my wedding, my mom came down to help put my veil on and get a few pics with me. Originally, I had planned on having an up do, but changed my mind last minute and forgot to tell her…

So she walked and said, “What’s WRONG with your HAIR???” 

I must have given her a devestated look because she quickly back pedaled,saying, “I mean, I thought you were wearing it up? It looks great though! Really beautiful.”

Looking back, it’s pretty funny. At the time though, I was a little hurt. She apologized a hundred times, explained that she was just surprised and thought my up do had fallen out. Thanks mom!

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I have a great one.  My friend who just got married told me her Maid/Matron of Honor had the audacity to say “Are you really wearing a white wedding dress on your wedding day?  Shouldn’t you pick another shade?”

To which the bride said, “Um, weren’t you pregnant with my fiance on your wedding day?”  That shut her up quick… lol

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This is a great thread. 

I saw a cousin of mine just a couple of weeks ago and she asked to see my ring and said, “Oh!  Its so dainty!” 

But the best was my now Brother-In-Law – he was the best man at our wedding and when he made his toast to the bride and groom at the reception?  Didn’t mention me throughout the entire toast.  Not once. 

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I actually have a couple of others.

When My Fiance announced to his aunt that we were engaged (she’s divorced and unhappy) her comment to us was, “Well, I hope it has a fairytale ending.”


My friend on her wedding day, while getting ready her mother in front of everyone started saying how she was a disgrace and disgusting looking because she was overweight and she should be ashamed to look like that on her wedding day. 

I was horrified.  How can you say that to your own daughter on her wedding day?

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