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Busy bee

Let it go.  If anything, I bet your friend is jeolous! 

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Honey bee
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Eh, I’d just let it go – she probably didn’t mean it to be directed at you!

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Sugar bee

I don’t wear make-up.  It doesn’t suit me.  My face gets ever so slightly oily and I HATE covering that, I’ve tried all those bare minerals and other make up products, oil free moisturizers, nothing makes my face feel comfortable.  I touch my cheeks and head alot, so I’d smudge it.  Plus, the family members I’ve seen with make up look like they’re trying too hard, and when i see them without their make up, WHOA!  It looks like they have no eye brows or eye lashes since I’m used to their dark eye liner and brow pencils!  I haven’t seen many people apply make up well, I can see the residue of their foundation or their silvery eye shadow outside of their eye area.  I do, however, keep my eyebrows groomed.

EDIT: I’d just let it go.  Ignore it, don’t feel ashamed!

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Busy bee
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How rude!  You seem to be happy with yourself the way you are, so I wouldn’t worry about her.  She’s probably extremely insecure and piles on the make-up to feel more confident. 

And I’m not saying that all people who wear make-up are insecure!  It’s just insecure people who make comments like that!

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Busy bee
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I would be hurt too, but maybe she just spoke without thinking and didn’t mean to say it offensively… Its hard to say without knowing the girl. Her comment was unnecessary and rude and I totally disagree. Where I am from people are really environmentally conscious and therefore many don’t wear make up because of animal testing and ecological damage concerns… I wear makeup because I like to, but have never thought of someone not wearing it badly. Not caring about yourself is more like not brushing your teeth/hair, not paying attention to your health, etc. just my opinion…

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Honey bee
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It sounds like she’s got some insecurities.  And no filter!  She probably said that without realizing how rude it sounded.  I wouldn’t be angry with her, just accept the fact that she’s probably not as comfortable with how she looks as you are.  And that sucks!  I’m sure you’re beautiful, don’t let her make you think you should put make-up on, there’s no rule that says every bride should be wearing it!

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Busy bee
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Is it possible that she doesn’t know that you don’t wear makeup? Like are you one of those beautiful women with flawless skin, and maybe she thinks you wear makeup? (And if you are, I hate you – hahaha just kidding!)

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Bumble bee
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I think she is jealous that you are confident in your features and natural beauty that you don’t need make-up on a daily bases. I don’t wear make-up as well (on a daily-bases) because I don’t feel I really need it (I could probably do with some foundation on occasion because I get redness and marks but it is hard to match my skin tone). I am always impressed with women who wear GOOD make-up daily because as an artist I know how hard it can be getting tones and shades right to make make-up look natural.

However, I do a lot of personal grooming every day and I would be put off as well if someone said this too me. Make-up is really personal, and women (and men) are going to have different opnions on the subject.

Be like a duck, and just let it roll off your back. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sugar bee
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You said you haven’t spent much time with her in 10 years. Chance are, she has no idea what your make-up habits are. I wouldn’t be that upset over the remark.

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Helper bee
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Yeah I was thinking what ktbrady said – maybe she isn’t aware that you don’t?  If your skin is really clear etc, she may just assume that you are wearing foundation.  Still, that is a really rude comment, considering there are 1001 reasons why someone might choose not to wear makeup, 1000 of which are NOT because they don’t want to take care of themselves.

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Buzzing bee
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ehh i was gonna say that maybe she didnt KNOW you wear makeup? (i.e. alot of my friends think i dont wear makeup but i do actually – its kind of a complement because they think i naturally look that way….) abut after your last comment eh. not cool. but then again she might be jealous.


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