(Closed) And my Tooth Broke… : …3 weeks before wedding

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@This Time Round:  Yes, as I should add to @inky_1: The crown lengthening + having a crown placed was $$ but I am lucky enough to have a job that gives me great health insurance so it was only a couple hundred out of pocket.  It depends on your situation absolutely.  I agree though wait until you see a dentist and let them decide.  My Maid/Matron of Honor had a similar situation and was freaking out cause she watched me have mine repaired over the course of almost a month and a half but it turns out hers just needed a quick repair – not even a crown so who knows!

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@inky_1:  I work knee to knee with a Dentist as a Dental Assistant. You have two options. If the tooth is broken at the gum line the nerve had been exposed. You WILL need a root canal. The tooth can be restored and built up after using a composite material with pins and post. Your next step would be to have a crown done. You can make it through the wedding before having this done. Or you might need to have it pulled. DONT WAIT until it hurts. By the time you feel pain its usually too late and/or infection could/can set in. Please don’t rinse your mouth with peroxide. it’s not safe or good for you gums. Your better off using mouthwash. ALL DENTIST should be on call and I would get a hold of someone asap.

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I had a back molar partially break off several years ago.  My dentist “rebuilt” it and that lasted for quite some time, but I did end up with a crown.  I did not need a root canal for this particular tooth (though I have had several).  When I was getting married the first time, I had a major tooth problem the same week as the wedding which required a root canal and a crown.  The unexpected costs put a major dent in our honeymoon fund, which was already quite modest to begin with.  I feel for you!


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@inky_1:  Sorry, I don’t mean to freak you out! Just wanted to reiterate that it is serious. In the past, I was guilty of just letting things go πŸ™ I’ve been cursed with bad teeth so the dentist office is like my second home lol

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@inky_1:  The most important thing is that your not in pain. I’m always in awe over how different our Medical care systems are. Here we have to take an oath “To do no harm” at all times. I’ve never seen Dentist charge for after hours, thats just insain. Why should someone in pain on a Tuesday be treated any different than someone in pain on a sat. It is what it is I guess. The Parafin should be just fine as long as no bacteria have entered the nerve prior to the placement. I just worry about an abscess developing. It could cause the whole side of your face to blow up. 


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So I’m actually a dentist and can hopefully add some insight into your options πŸ™‚

Broken teeth can happen for a few reasons and your options depend on what caused the break. Did it have a filling before? Were you eating something hard? If it broke because of a cavity the dentist will have to remove all of the decay and evaluate it after to determine options. There are so many different outcomes and it really depends on how much tooth structure is left.

It might not necessarily need a root canal and crown but that is a definite possibility. Thankfully you aren’t in any pain but I would encourage you to visit your dentist as soon as possible because the sensitive parts of your tooth are exposed to the oral environment and pain could start at any moment. At the very least, watch for cold and hot sensitivity and it might hurt to bite on that side.

If a root canal and crown are recommended, you have a few options depending on the capabilities of the dentist. You could have the root canal done and the crown started. The dentist would then have a temporary crown cemented before the wedding. Unfortunately, temp cement is not made to last and it’s always possible it could come off before the wedding/honeymoon! Your other option is to have a same-day crown made. The other girls were correct, not every dentist can do same day crowns. This ability depends on whether or not the dentist has a (very expensive) CEREC machine. If this was a front tooth, I’d probably opt for the lab crown and not a machine-milled one. However, these crowns are fine for posterior teeth and much more convenient in this situation.

In the end, just keep an open mind and see what the dentist has to say. You might be surprised! And don’t worry about dental anxiety, just make sure your dentist knows that you are apprehensive! I would never want someone to be uncomfortable in my chair. We have a lot of options for nervous patients, too (maybe some pre-appointment valium would help?). And dentists do tend to lecture, if only because we’ve seen the worst possible outcomes so many times that are quite preentable, but no dentist should ever yell!

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Dental issues are the worst!  I needed an emergency root canal about 2-3 weeks before my wedding.  It wasn’t actually too bad – totally numb for it and by the next day  (even that night, really) I felt really good and was able to eat normally.  My tooth was already crowned, so didn’t need a crown, just a filling in the crown.

Maybe they’ll just be able to use filling material to rebuild the tooth.  I had one break off a while back and that’s what they did.  It depends on how much gets broken off and where on the tooth.

I’ve had about 4 or 5 crowns (and two root canals) and while they are not the most pleasant, I don’t think any of them were all that bad.  The worst one I think I had was a crown that I had some pain for a few days after.  Most of them by the next day I was fine.

Good luck!  The worst thing is the stress of it.  When I got that toothache right before the wedding I was so freaked out (plus my dentist was closed and I had to go to a back up dentist and get an emergency appt with the root canal person)

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@This Time Round:  OMG, I am terrified of my teeth falling out. I will not be able to cope. Once it is out, can they put a fake one in? Just thinking about it gives me a panic attack.

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@inky_1:  Your DDS can temporarily repair it if in fact you need a cap. You’ll still look great. If you doubt your DDS’ skills, see a cosmetic DDS.

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@This Time Round:  I have this same situation and I need to get it fixed. Where was that tooth located? And did you get an implant in its place?

My broken tooth is a bottom molar and if I got it pulled you might be able to see a space when I smile. I’m pretty positive I’ll have to get it pulled, so I’m wondering if I should spend the money on an implant or not. Thoughts?

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