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@chercee:  It just upset me when I worked retail and could get fired for saying Merry Christmas. I always said it back if someone said it to me, whether it was against the rules or not. Me saying Merry Christmas doesn’t mean someone of a different religion couldn’t say “Happy Hanukkah” if that is what they celebrate.

I’m not saying it was a Muslim who made a stink and that’s why we can’t say it in retail positions, but someone did, and ultimately that is why I think a lot of people get upset when you can’t say Merry Christmas anymore.

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@megz06:  ditto. I remember that from retail too. And sending out company cards. Ours say “merry christmas” always have always will. We’re a family run business and we believe in God and Christmas being Christmas so that’s what we send. One time someone asked me if I would consider picking a more politically correct card. I didn’t. 

it sucks that’s Christmas is taboo but it sucks more when peoole blame one race of people for causing something like that. Ugh. Just ugh.

The whole thing just grinds my gears. I wish everyone would just be merry and not so judgey 🙁 I don’t understand why politics should be involved at Christmas at all! Everyone should just say whatever greeting they like and no one should be offended! Someone saying Merry Christmas is supposed  to be a good thing!

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I’m not a Christian but I celebrate Christmas in my own little way with my family. I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with someone saying “Merry Christmas” (or any other religious/cultural well wishes).  I really have a strong dislike for those that are screaming for so-called politically correct expression regarding things like this in the face of not wanting to impede on others’ religious freedom.  Ummmm… hello?!?! Isn’t that EXACTLY what these hypocrites are doing to Christianity by forbidding them to say Merry Christmas.  Ugh.  I could get on my soap box and go on and on, but if you get offended by me sending you well wishes then I really really really don’t want anything to do with you or your over sensitive ass. 

I just dislike the thought of someone feeling it neccessary to impeede on others’ beliefs Live and let live. As long as you aren’t pushing your beliefs on me, I could care less what you believe in.  And saying “Merry Christmas” hardly qualifies as being pushy. Ok. I’m done. 

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I work retail, but our company has no problem with us choosing to stay “Merry Christmas”. I think that’s pretty rare these days. 

I just think it’s sad that we have to worry so much about being PC. It’s a happy greeting, I don’t see what the problem is. I wouldn’t be offended if someone said told me “Happy Hanukkah”.

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It bugs me too that just because some people don’t celebrate, the rest of us aren’t supposed to say Merry Christmas. It’s the biggest holiday for most people in my country (Canada), and now we’re just supposed to ignore it to be politically correct? I would be 0% offended if someone wished me Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or something, I’d just say it back to them and go on my merry way. Just because you don’t celebrate/believe in something doesn’t mean you need to be offended and complain about it. I don’t know who started the complaining and I’m certainly not blaming Muslims, but whoever it was has their panties in a huge knot. 

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Since Hanukkah is so early this year, the first night is thanksgiving, can we say merry Christmas ??? 🙂

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The place I worked at was the opposite. They FORCED us to say Merry Christmas to EVERYONE. I felt kind of put off by that. I’m fine with saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. But I HATED that they were trying to force me to say one. We would seriously get reprimanded for saying happy holidays -__-

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So, here’s my uber liberal two cents:

It’s not that people are trying to be PC or being offended when someone says “Merry Christmas,” it’s just that perpetuating what is ALREADY the dominant way of existing in the United States can be a bit exclusionary.

Let’s say you’re a redhead. You know a few other redheads, your family is all redheads, but 99% of people you meet aren’t. During BrunetteandBlonde month, everyone says to you, all day, every day, “Happy BrunetteandBlonde month! It’s great to celebrate BrunetteandBlonde month! Have a happy BrunetteandBlonde day!”

It’s not that you’re necessarily offended–it just makes you feel left out. You don’t want people to STOP celebrating BrunetteandBlonde month, and you’re not mad that they do. But on the other hand, you can’t help but feel a bit bummed that you’re not a part of this celebration that 99% of everyone you know IS a part of.

Then when people starting saying, “Happy hair in all forms day!” maybe you feel a little bit better. Maybe these people recognize that they were being a bit exclusive with what they were saying before–that everyone has the right to have whatever hair they want.

That’s obviously a silly analogy, but hopefully it helps show how ONLY saying Merry Christmas can be a little bit problematic for the small minority of the population who is NOT Christian in the US.

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I think PPs had great comments. I just wanted to add that in HS one of my Muslim friends gave all her friends Christmas presents every single year, no matter the religion. Her family was very, very conservative Mulim as well.

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I have the same type of aprehension come Christmas time. My SO’s family is incredibly…how shall I say…to the right of politics. Most of them have views that mirror something along the lines of what your friend’s brother posted. 

I remember there was a big stink last year because my boyfriend and I sent out cards that said “Happy Holidays” and not “Merry Christmas” and my SO’s mother made a point to mention it the next time we saw her. Apparently, everyone in his family felt the same way, even though I tried to explain we sent the cards out to a wide variety of people in our lives, who celebrated a wide variety of holidays, but even more so that I meant it in a “Merry Christmas, Kwanza, New Years, Valentine’s Day and whatever else I won’t see you for in the foreseeable future.” That didn’t matter, and I was just the “liberal Yankee” who was too concerned with being politcally correct. 

I have also worked in retail during the holiday season and would always say “Happy Holidays.” It sparked a response in a few people who demanded I say “Merry Christmas” and tried to school me in my “political correctness and how it was ruining this country.” All in all, it took everything I had not to roll my eyes in front of them. 

For the most part, I have learned (the hard way) that it is better to just keep certain thoughts to yourself. You certainly aren’t going to change their minds and will just end up in a shouting match where you look just as crazy as they do. That type of ignorance is deeply ingrained and, believe me, makes them look crazy.

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I think everyone has a different pet peeve when it comes to holiday greetings.


I have never worked anywhere that mandated whether or not we said Merry Christmas, but when I worked in retail I did make it a policy of mine to only say Merry Christmas in the week leading up to Christmas. In the days leading up to that I said happy holidays.


Christmas is one day, but in retail it’s two months long. I can celebrate the season for two months, but sorry, it’s not Christmas every day from Nov 1st until Dec 25th. I think it’s important we make that distinction. There are lots of great things to celebrate leading up to Christmas and I think it’s easy to lose sight of them in a busy store that is inundating you with sales tactics. So the next time someone says happy holidays, take a step back and consider whether or not you are actually enjoying this festive time of year, or if you are simply counting down the days.


Also, just going to throw it out there that when you’ve said Merry Christmas a hundred times in a row it starts to lose all meaning. I used to switch it up at times just to keep myself sane. 


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I think there is a double standard with it. I’ve never had a Jewish person, Muslim, etc. tell me to wish them “Happy Holidays” or “Happy Whatever They Celebrate” instead of saying Merry Christmas, but I have had people tell me to say Merry Christmas when I have wished them a Happy Holiday. I also had a teacher yell at me for abbreviating Christmas to X-Mas because I was taking the Christ out of Christmas, which the legality of that statement is another discussion lol. I’m not really religious at all, and when I say Happy Holidays I mean it as Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. not just happy whatever religious holiday you celebrate. 

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Guaranteed that people who spout this crap about Muslims have never met one.

I live in the largest concentration of Arab individuals outside of the middle east and they are just like you & me. They live and let live, knowing that many around them celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Festivus, or nothing really.

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