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@bebero:  I totally agree.  This shit makes my blood boil. 

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Ya I don’t get it !!

As a child of the 1950s & 60s, I soooo know the benefits of vacination… having been old enought to both experience infections diseases that have been virtually iradicated in the past… Whooping Cough – Rubella – Measles – Mumps – Chicken Pox… I had 4 of these… and they suck !!

As a patient I remember they were all unpleasant, and I am sure they scared my Parents to death, thinking that things could have been much worse.

A worry that thankfully as a Parent in the 1980s I didn’t have to contend with, even tho I did worry about the health of my children when they did come down with 2 of the above (Measles & Chicken Pox)

2 is tons better than 4 !!

In all cases… mine in the 1960s, and my own kids in the 1980s, the situation was low dose because of vacination (without vacine the effects of the full blown disease would have been much stronger) so it could have been much worse, with many life long problems due to them (never mind that some them and worse cases could result in death)

I also am old enough to have seen the fall out from things like Polio.

I think it crazy that there is movement now that thinks vacination is a bad thing… sure there might be risks (but there are always risks in life) the risks are really quite minute vs what happens when one of these diseases is left to run rampant in the community.

People need to do the right thing, and get their kids vacinated.  Period.


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Pulled this directly from the comment section, but this is exactly how I feel:

Pedantic point, but vaccination is not a philosophy!

Kids without up to date vaccinations, absent a sound medical excuse, should simply not be allowed to endanger other kids. No schools, playgrounds, parks, swimming pools where other kids might be present.

My husband and I had our pertussis vaccines boostered last year because of the rapidly increasing rates of infection among non-vaccinated children, and the finding that immunity from childhood DTap wanes over time.

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@bebero:  I totally agree.

The fact is that vaccination is PROVEN to help the spread of illness, while NOT VACCINATING *may* (very small chance) be related to other illness as a result of the vaccine’s themselves.

What do the odds lean in favor of doing? lol

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People who do not vaccinate absolutely make me ragey. My children will be vaccinated & my husband and I keep ourselves up-to-date. He has to for his job in the Navy, and I follow in suit because it’s best to keep us healthy in the long run.

I would never want my children, nor any other child at risk because someone didn’t like vaccinations. You don’t allow your child to ride without a seatbelt because they’re uncomfortable, or not wear a helmet while out riding because it looks silly. Vaccinations save lives and I think unless you have a medically necessary reason to not vaccinate, it’s irresponsible to not do so.

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NotFroofy and I ended up having to get pertussis vaccinations (which are a much bigger deal for adults than for children) before my granddaughter was born.  Apparently, so many parents refuse to vaccinate their children that pertussis is making a comeback–which puts at risk babies too young or too sick to get the vaccines.  So the only way to protect my granddaughter (born prematurely) was for all the adults in her life to get vaccinated.

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As a nurse and a person with immune compromised family (post transplant) I whole heartedly agree with vaccines. The single disproven and bs study that shows any correlation to vaccines and autism verus years and countless studies that prove vaccines do more good than harm should show people that. Vaccines prevent horrible diseases like whooping cough,  polio, measles and all that. Ask a generation or two ago about those diseases and if they could have prevented them what they would have done. 


Unless one has a legitimate allergy or medical condition that prevents vaccines,  it is irresponsible and to me, not that ethical to not get them. When a little baby dies from whooping cough because an adult in their life wouldn’t get a vaccine, or a kid with cancer catches measles from a class mate whose parents think vaccines cause autism,  there is a serious problem. 


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@bebero:  We have a current outbreak of measles in the Fraser Valley- just outside fo Vancouver.

I hope their “philosophy” protects their children as they have chosen to forgo the protection of vaccination.

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Amen to this.  I came down with shingles earlier this year (at the ripe old age of 28) and I was scared to death of giving chickenpox to my sblings’ kids (who are vaccinated, but not at the age where they’ve received both doses of the chickenpox vaccine) or to one of the kids I work with (thankfully, most are fully vaccinated, but a small handful aren’t – interestingly enough, none of their parents work in a medical or science related field.)  How much more damage is this apathy/psuedoscience going to cause before these nutters get serious about vaccination?

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@chasesgirl:  Thank you! 

1) The 1998 study in question was not even originally looking at autism; it was looking at colon problems.  Seriously.

2) The doctor who wrote the paper (Andrew Wakefield) originally had some colleagues co-sign it.  Then these doctors looked over the actual statistics, smelled a rat, and pulled their names from the study.  Fishy, right?

3) The doctor admitted FALSIFYING the results and he has had his license taken away.  Not on probation or anything; actually REVOKED.

ANNNND, for those interested:






Hahah, sorry for the novel, but there is NO EXCUSE for lazy parenting.  Take care of your kids.  Get them vaccinated.

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If I see one more old friend from high school (that barely graduatied high school) put up another bullshit article on Facebook about why vaccines are bad I’m going to lose it.


It’s not the “cool” thing to reject ALL modern-day medicine.  These people don’t know shit about shit, sit at home all day with their kids and post on FB 1000 times a day and expect me to think they’re the authority on medicine?  Jergoffs


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