Angel kisses, stork bites, salmon patches, & other birthmarks

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Lots!  I see kids with these all the time 🙂 Typically they do fade really nicely, but often times you can seek treatment if it’s still incredibly obvious and the child is approaching Kindergarten.

Cecilia doesn’t have flamus nevus, but she has some blood vessels on her eyelid that form a perfect heart shape.  Maybe an angel kissed her there?

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@AudzinLuv: My niece and I were both born with what my mom calls ‘raspberry’ birthmarks, which sounds like the one on your daughter’s neck.  These disappeared after about a year, for both of us…

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I don’t have a kid, but I was born with a huge, disgusting, ugly bump. Right on my forhead. No idea why, don’t know if there was a name for it, but it makes me cringe to look at baby pictures. It went away, though. The only remnant is a bit of skin that seems to wrinkle/intent a bit more if a scrunch my forehead.

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My birthmark is on my forehead, right between my eyes and spreads over my right eye.  It’s pretty obvious in my baby photos, but it faded quite a bit by the time I was two or three, and now you can only see it when I get really upset/feverish.  Also, Addie’s birthmark is on the left side of her nose, and (at 5 months) it’s faded a lot from birth but is still kinda noticeable.  I imagine hers will continue to fade, like mine did.  She has the “raspberry marks” on her neck as well, but I think when she grows hair, those will be covered up, lol. 

Don’t worry.  🙂  Most birthmarks fade as the baby grows older; even if it sticks around and only shows up when she’s sick/upset (like mine does) it’s not a big deal.  Only my family and my husband have ever even seen mine!

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Both my little cousins were born with stork bites on their foreheads. Liam’s went away by the time he was 1 1/2, but Julia’s stayed until she was 3 or 4. It’s totally normal.

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My daughter has/had birthmarks almost exactly as you describe.  They were very noticible when she was small and they got better over time.  I would say that she was about 4years old before the one between her eyebrows faded.  Now the only time you can see it is if she cries- then it is noticible.  The one on her neck is still there- but is covered by her hair mostly.  She is 7 now.

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I was born with a large brown birthmark on the back of my knee.  It has never faded or gone away.  I like it.  I went to a dermatoligist for some other spots recently and she told me she is glad I never treated my birthmark.  She says tons of mothers come in and want them removed from their infant.  It is a special, unique mark.  Maybe your baby’s is more obvious than the back of my knee but it makes him/her special.

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Very good friends son has one on his face and they are having it lasered removed. That scares me. I would rather wait on the fading.

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MB has storkbites and angel kisses. Her angel kisses are much lighter now at 6 months. Her stork bites have been covered by her hair now, but they are still bright. I’m not really that worried about them. At least she doesn’t have moles like her mommy!

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I have a nevus spilus (I don’t know if it has a nickname) on my left side. It started off as a light brown patch but now has lots of little spots inside.

Attached is a picture–NOTE: this is not me (I think it’s a picture from a man actually)


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 My sister was born with the birth mark between her eye brows. It stayed quite darkuntil she was around 1 1/2 and to this day (11 years later) when shes very tired it appears. It does fade ALOT over time!

 I have the strawberry patch at the nape of my neck. I still have mine to this day too. It doesn’t bother me at all. My hair covers it and even when its it a pony tail you have to look closely to see it.

 My son ended up with the birth mark on his neck too. His still hasn’t went away. (2 years later)

 Most babies are born with those kind of birth marks. Most all of the facial ones will dissapear. Its really nothing to worry about too much right now.

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Our guy was born with birthmarks on the nape of his neck and the back of his head. I didn’t notice until a few days after he was born when my husband asked me if I’d dropped the baby on his head… Now that he’s 6 months old, they’ve really faded and you can hardly see them at all. It’s totally normal!

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Oh my gosh, looking at my baby pictures I had HUGE red blotches all over my face up until I was like 2 and a half or three. Now I have an angel kiss right beside my ear. 

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