Aniexty Sufferer/ Enlarged Lymph Node

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Lymph nodes tend to swell when you have a viral infection (like a cold) for some people they are more prominent than others.

if the doctor wasn’t worried I was assume yours is up because you have some kind of virus which it is fighting. My son’s go huge when he’s sick. You might not even be feeling that unwell yet, but your immune system is working.

your sister is right and if he had even the slightest worry, you’d be having more tests 

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futremrswhite17 :  

Awwwww bee ☹️ I also have massive medical anxiety so I know what you are feeling.

When I was in labor with my daughter, a nurse gave me the best advice that I still stand by. “If I’m not worried, you’re not worried”

It’s tough because you’re supposed to know your body and all that, and push for things when you know something is wrong, but anxiety convinces you that you have an incurable deadly disease ALL. THE. TIME.

Ignore your panicky instinct and STAY OFF OF WEB MD!!! WebMD is incredibly unhelpful for me. I’ve been honest with my doctors about my anxiety and I have doctors who are very good at keeping me calm.

Stay distracted, before you know it, your follow up will be here, and I bet your lymph node won’t be swollen by then. How long has it been swollen for? Sometimes I feel the that lymph nodes in my neck are swollen before I get a virus.

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I have actually had a really similar issue! I also struggle with anxiety (which tends towards hypochondria yay), and about a year ago discovered a lump to the right of my throat which turned out to be an enlarged lymph node. Needless to say, it freaked me out, especially when it would throb and actually cause some pain. I was like, “I have cancer and I am going to die”. Anyway I went multiple times to my doctor and got second opinions and they were all not too sure and kept asking me to wait and see. Eventually they referred me to a ENT specialist who did an ultrasound of my neck and took a biopsy.

Turns out, it was no big deal. The specalist told me that enlarged lymph nodes are more common than you may think and are harmless most of the time. He said they are usually caused by some sort of viral infection, and while they normally return to normal size after the infection has cleared, sometimes they simply remain enlarged indefinitely. I only noticed my lymph node a couple months after having one of the worst colds I’ve ever had so that’s probably what did it. It still swells up every now and then and causes some discomfort, but that actually makes me feel better (cancer doesn’t grow and shrink lol). And then I found out that my sister-in-law has the same thing, it’s been enlarged for like a decade but is harmless.

It of course pays to have it checked out thoroughly, for both safety and just peace of mind for us anxiety sufferers, but honestly try not to worry about it too much until you get it checked. Try redirecting your thoughts and stopping the fear in it’s tracks by distracting yourself when you start to worry. As your doctor said it is 95% probably nothing to worry about. Focus on those really good odds instead while you are waiting for your next check up 🙂

P.S And STOP googling!! I know, because I do the exact same thing, that google pretty much always tells you you are going to die. Or at least, our anxious minds pick out the worst case scenario and are convinced that is what we have, when most of the time it’s not. What I do sometimes when I feel an intense urge to google my symptoms, is I ask my husband to do it for me. He is an incredibly non-anxious person, so it helps to have him filter out things for me and talk me through the most reasonable answers and poo-poo the worst case scenario ones. I know if I do it myself I will just start on a freak-out anxiety spiral and that helps no one.

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I got some kind of infection a few years ago, no symptoms but a mild sore throat (that eventually went away), fatigue, and massive lymph node swelling. It freaked me out because I didn’t even really feel sick. It lasted 3-4 weeks before I got antibiotics, took them for 3 days and I was back to normal. The anxiety was insane, but since then I’m not worried when I swell up a bit. Even with a regular cold this can happen.

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