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Busy bee

Yayyyyyy! We are parents of a "homeless" little bald person….aka Jack our Sphynx cat. And I am proud to say that my parents are "parents" of a shelter rat terrier for 6 years….he was a dog that was labeled "unadoptable"….he just needed lots of love and some training. And don’t EVEN get me started on my Future Mother-In-Law…..an amazing woman on any day…but on top of having 7 adopted children (and 3 biological kids) she rescues birds and dogs….we love http://www.petfinder.com, when I was a kid my friends & I would have yard sales and give all the money we got to guide-dog training in our town and my mum & I help out on weekends at a shelter near my high school that we adopted 2 furry kids from years ago.

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We are parents to a rescue.  She didn’t come from a shelter, just from someone who rescued her and the few of her siblings that survived off the street.  We started to get more involved with the local SPCA because we just couldn’t imagine more dogs being left on the street and our local SPCA doesn’t not get any money from the ASPCA from what I understand.  We have done charity walks and attended a few events they have, that you can bring your dogs to and your ticket money goes to the SPCA (i.e., a minor league baseball game).  We try to go to a few events a year.

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@Joeswifey:  We adopted "Rockstar" the pomeranian last June.  He was in the Queens one though when that was open.  His name is Rocky now…

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My Future Sister-In-Law founded Much Love Animal Rescue in California.  Check them out!  She currently has lots of dogs and kitties and they always have fun fundraisers!

We got our kitten (he’s 2 now but he’ll always be my baby) from Sean Casey Animal Rescue.    http://scarnyc.org/
They were located in a trailer at JFK (I know, so weird! They’ve now moved into a nicer space) and he is the best cat ever!!!!

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Bumble bee
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For donations to have the most effect like I’m guessing you want them to I would suggest going as local as possible.  The critters in your area will get much more out of a direct donation to the shelter around the corner than a donation to the ASPCA will.  And I would definitely recommend checking out the shelter or rescue before deciding to donate there.  There are SO many rescues gone wrong out there!  (Doesn’t sound like yours is one though, bluespurrs.  Congrats on no kittens!  That’s awesome!  Though I do worry for the birds in your area….  😉 )

Bee, I admit that I’m glad to hear you’re not a PETA person.  I thought they had their hearts in the right place until I read their mission statement.  Definitely doesn’t align with the values of 99% of animal lovers!

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Busy bee
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All of our animals are rescues as well! We support the local animal charities. I give to the humane society and rescue that we got our cats from, as well as the brand spanking new no-kill ASPCA shelter that just opened in our city!

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Wow!  The response to this post is amazing!  I volunteer for a no kill shelter that takes in animals that are considered unadoptable.  Many of them have medical conditions, and they provide proper care and a loving home for all of them.  They also specialize in caring for blind horses, since a common misconception is that once a horse goes blind, they need to be put down. 


The most recent addition to our family is a retired greyhound.  They make such amazing pets!  I wish that I could contribute more to the Greyhound Pets of America, but I do my best to advocate their adoption by walking my dog around around town frequently.  People always stop me to ask about him, and most people have never even been around a greyhound.  I hope that I’m increasing awareness.


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wow, i too dream of one day just buying a big house with land, and taking in stray dogs, actually i’m planning on doing that for my retirement!! 37+ more years to go though BOOOO!! and yup the "sarah" song makes me brawl like a baby! it even gets me teary just thinking about it, and i can’t go on to any of the animal love websites without getting misty eyed…though i agree i’m not a big peta fan

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I don’t support any charities right now except my local church (I’m a little poor — someday!!), but I would recommend those who want to support the Humane Society to do so through a local chapter, not the Humane Society of the United States… their CEO has made some pretty questionable decisions over the years, most recently including some involvement with Michael Vick.

http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=1174 — this is a blog, so no guarantees on fair reporting, but it’s an interesting starting place. Be warned that there are a few pretty awful references to animal cruelty, so don’t click if you’re tender-hearted.

I can’t watch any dog movies anymore, even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs — they all end sadly. My Dog Skip was unbearable, and even Homeward Bound was a little much for me when Shadow falls into the pit at the end. I can’t even watch or hear the dog-killing scene in Equilibrium.

All of my pets have been adopted either directly from families who just happened to have litters (farm cats) or rescued. My husband has raised labs for the Seeing Eye for years and loves animals too. Sometimes I worry I love them more than people, but I think it’s just that people, no matter how oppressed, still have voices to protest or ways to console themselves in their suffering, while animals don’t understand why they suffer.

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Worker bee

Ooh those Sarah McLaughlin commercials make me tear up every time (but I still watch the whole thing even though I’ve seen it a million times!). Both your local ASPCA and the WWF are great organizations to support. There are so many strays in the city, yet so many endangered or near-endangered species in the wild that need protecting. Thank you for being an animal lover – we need more people like you!

And you should definitely open a no-kill shelter one day. That would be awesome. One of the things I want to do for next year is to volunteer at a local shelter. I figure, I can’t adopt any but I can at least help out in some other way.

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Bumble bee

@LM hubby thinks he actually named Rockstar, but he’s not positive lol. He worked in the Flushing shelter for about 3 years before they closed (as the weekend manager for awhile towards the end), then transferred him over to the SoHo location.

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What a great topic, Mrs. Bee!  My fiancee and I are trying to decide on a charity to donate to for our wedding- he is a vet and I am a vet tech, so we want to do something animal related.  At this point our finalists are debating between Operation Iraqi Pup and The Great Ape Trust, we will probably end up doing both before we are done.  Besides that, our wedding is going to be at the zoo, so we are happy that our venue fee will go to support the zoo.

 And for our furry family since everyone is sharing- all rescues, 1 dog and 3 cats.  2 of the cats are my "failed" foster kittens.  It really makes me happy to read these posts from people who are so devoted to them!

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awwww I love my babies! I have the most heart-wrenching pictures of my kitty from when I adopted/took him from his home (I intended to purchase him, but the breeder was bad! bad bad bad!) and nursed him back from ringworm and a bunch of infections and stuff.

I really notice the difference between him and my other cat that didn’t have such an unfortunate upbringing. I’m such a sucker for those pet commercials! I think I donate to more ASPCA charities than people charities

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I totally can’t watch those Sarah McLaughlin commercials, I tear up every single time!  My family is actually doing a walk to support animal rights in August called the Mutt Strutt…I’m sure excited for it! 

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I can’t handle the Sarah McLaughlin commercials either! I just start bawling every time they come on tv. I rescued my black lab/hound from the pound — he’s crying at me right now because I’m on my laptop instead of playing with him. I’ve volunteered at no-kill shelters over the past several years and, of course, want to take all of the animals home with me!!

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