(Closed) Announcing a birth on FB when you’re not the new parents is really not cool…

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Yeah, I found out my Future Sister-In-Law had her baby before her and her husband revealed it on facebook (which is normal).  I congratulated them in a private message instead of all over their wall.  They deserve to tell the world, and not me!

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@UpstateCait: Ugh that pisses me off so much! I wouldnt write on someones FB wall saying ANYTHING about a baby until they have posted it themselves (like posted a picture or their own announcment) I just think it’s so rude! Same thing goes for pregnant ladies. If I know a friend is pregnant, I would NEVER write something on her wall until she herself posted something about it. I think of it as highly inconsiderate!

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I would be PISSED! I hate that people feel that it’s appropriate to announce other people’s business on facebook. I thought my water may have broken a couple of weeks ago (it didn’t, just extra watery discharge that the preggo books don’t warn you about) and had called my husband to let him know I was going to the hospital to check. Anywho, later I posted a status about some project I was doing, and this random girlfriend of a friend commented “Wait, I thought you were in the hospital!” um, no, bitch, I’m obviously at home, if I was in the hospital and wanted people to know, pretty sure THAT would have been my status! Why the hell do you think it’s ok to comment like that? I deleted it, and reamed into my husband becuase he decided to tell a friend that my water may have broken, and that friend told, like, 20 other people. Argh! Anyway, now he’s on information lockdown.

I’m being induced this Monday, and in preparation I’ve already disabled the feature for people to be able to post on my wall or comment on my statuses. We’re trying to keep it from our families until we’re actually in the hospital (because they’re incredibly stressful, needy people and we don’t want them in the room with us, or texting every 5 seconds from the waiting room) and I don’t want any of our ignorant friends blowing our cover! I’ll keep it turned off until we make the official baby announcement. P.S. you can find those settings under Account->Privacy.

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I don’t think I’d mind that too much. If you don’t tell people not to say it on facebook, they will, so I’ve learned to make sure to say not to if I want to keep it a secret. If I don’t, than it’s really my fault.

My sister learned about my grandpa’s death on facebook when a cousin posted it, many people learned about my sister’s engagement on facebook when she didn’t want it on there until she was able to tell close friends in person, etc. Facebook is annoying sometimes.

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@PitBulLover: Ditto. We were the first ones to see our friend’s baby. We didn’t write anything on FB until after they announced. I would be royally pissed if someone wrote on our FB walls before we had a chance to announce it.

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@UpstateCait: Totally thoughtless. I agree entirely.

On a happier note: YAY!!!!!  Congrats on being a new auntie. 😀

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While it sucks, some people just don’t think, I’m sure it wasn’t meant to take anything away from them. Would I personally do it? Of course not, but I can’t get mad for someone for being happy. Learn from it and close your wall/account next time if you don’t want it to happen to you.

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I would definitely not want to steal someone else thunder, so I wouldn’t do it.

Although, this might be different when I’m pregnant, but I wouldn’t be bothered by it. I know that news gets around on facebook and I know how my family is with texting. I tell my sister and everyone including her coworkers will know within an hour. Ehhh…

I think I would be happy to see all the posts on my wall. I’m pretty sure that I won’t have time to update my status on facebook within a reasonable time so if people find out by other methods… good for them.

Just my opinion.

Although, when I get pregnant I won’t be team green, so this is probably different.


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I would think that new parents would be so over the moon (and exhausted and busy) that they aren’t going to care about facebook. And seriously, if somebody just had a baby, and they’re getting worked up over someone congratulating them via facebook and “stealing their spotlight” or whatever, they’ve got their priorities screwed up.

I don’t know if it’s rude or not; I don’t think anybody does. This kind of social media is too new, and the etiquette is still evolving rapidly. The way we convey and relay information is also much more fluid and instantaneous, and artificial restrictions, like waiting for an official anouncement, are breaking down. You see it in news coverage; anything that’s happening, it’s on Twitter a minimum of 10 minutes before a media outlet has it. (Sometimes hours.) Same with gossip and facebook.

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That always irks me too.

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When my niece was born she was a team green surprise too (except to me, I knew she was a pretty little princess) and I made sure specifically not to tell anyone (facebook or otherwise) until the go ahead was given by her parents that I could reveal it. All of our friends were WAY too excited to find out, but it’s their news to share and it’s not right to take the wind out of someone’s sails like that.

I also don’t agree with people posting pictures of other people’s babies unless they ask permission, not everyone wants their child’s photo on FB.


I guess FB is just like that though, when I got engaged I asked everyone to keep it off FB until I got the chance to personally call all those who I didn’t want to find out over the internet and like 12 hours after we got engaged one of my aunts had already plastered it all over my wall before I got a chance to disable it. Going forward at least I know to close my wall when there’s something exciting going on haha.

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