Annoyed I lost out on $1,000 or possibly paying more…Advice??

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Honey bee
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I would cut my losses if the flight would be costing me another 1k. I would definitely try to sell the vip portion to the concert though.

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Sugar bee
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Tbh I’d tell them you’re going. It’s a pre booked leave. Ok it’s not the best time for them, but that’s tough. So they either let you go or reimburse you for the trip 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Huh? OP did not have approved leave. Why the hell should her work compensate her for the trip? She lost her job and accepted a new job knowing that the leave will not be approved due to conflicting leave bookings.  Twizbe :  

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Sorry OP but  you are just going to have to forgo the trip or quit your job. Why are you unable to onsell the tickets?  fireusagi :  

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Bumble bee

I would ask co-worker to change shifts since it seems to be an option. Explain this and possible offer something extra like doing one of the less th  job for them etc.

The situation sucks. Also depending on the job I might want to go anywyas with an excuse and risk it. But that would depend on if the cover is really needed or the boss is on a power trip. And how easily you can get another job.

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Sugar Beekeeper

fireusagi :  If they flat out said no, why do you assume it’s OK to switch with a co-worker? If they didn’t specifically recommend that you do this, as a new person unfamiliar with the workplace culture I wouldn’t even consider it. It may be about wanting you there to train as much as someone else booking the time off. 

Even if they did suggest you trade time off as your only option I would not be inclined to ask favors from brand new colleagues. You need to establish yourself there first, get to know people and learn the lay of the land. I’d just try to sell or get credit for whatever you can. 

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Bumble bee

That’s odd, I’ve never known a company not approve prebooked leave for new starters, although I live in the UK so maybe our situation is different here. 

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Busy bee

I’ve never worked shift work as an adult so I am unclear on the specifics of your situation (with respect to switching shifts), but a good way to think of it is that sunk costs are sunk. You budgeted and spent it already and you can’t get it back – thinking about it as “losing” money if youd ont’ go is the sunk cost fallacy –

Make the best decision based on all the info now, not the money you already spent. Is losing your job worth it? Is annoying your coworkers worth it? Only you know

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Bumble Beekeeper

fireusagi :  if you need this job I think you should cut your losses. Personally I’ve changed jobs with pre-arranged travel planned and flat out made it a condition of accepting their offer but that boat has sailed for you. If it’s really important to you and you could easily get a new job (and float yourself until that happens) then quit and go. 

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Buzzing bee

DId you ask, they said no and then you looked into cancelling your trip and realized that you will not be able to get any money back? If that is new information to your employers why not go back to them and say, look i understand this is inconvenient but after our conversation I went to cancel my plans and they are non refundable in the amount of 1,000. Is there any way to work with me on being able to go since I will be out that money? 

Just be humble and ask, also ask if you could switch with coworkers etc. Be asking how they can work with you to solve this. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Twizbe :  They told her the leave wasn’t approved when she got hired. That’s just tough shit.

So she can go, and get fired. Or cut her losses and move on. 

It’s laughable that you think an employer is going to reimburse someone’s travel money when they told her it wasn’t approved upfront. That’s not their problem. She could have chosen not to accept the position if it was a deal breaker for her.

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Buzzing bee
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If having coverage is the only problem, you might see if you could entice your new coworkers to change their plans…I’d be prepared to offer up a financial incentive. If their plans are flexible, that might be a fair trade. But it might be a case where they have already put up money as well, or can’t change their plans.


At this point, I’d say a steady job is more valuable than the trip, so I’d cut my losses rather than go on a truncated trip that missed the most important event and would cost additional money. I get how much that sucks, but on the bright side, you were able to get a job right away after being laid off, and not everyone is so lucky. 

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Bee Keeper

If you cannot get the time off, do not adjust anything and lose the money. Unless you can find another job and get time off, I would try to sell your tickets now to see if you can make up that difference.

Unfortunately being an adult means you’re going to have to deal with things in your life you don’t want to, but I wouldn’t just go because you want to. You asked, they said no. Tough.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Twizbe :  “Tbh I’d tell them you’re going.”

Sure, she can do this. And then they can fire her. 

OP, I totally sympathize with you but this just boils down to “life isn’t fair.” You’re an adult with a job and sometimes this happens. I wouldn’t go at all but I would try to sell the tickets/VIP thing if you can and recoup some money. 

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