(Closed) Annoyed “Where’s the Veggetrain option?”

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2011 - Tre Bella, Mesa, AZ

LOL. I have a lot of veg and vegan friends, so I try to include at least one dish that they could eat as a main course at parties. We’ll be doing veg lasagna as an option at our wedding. Your friend’s bday party food sounds a little excessive. I don’t even like meat that much!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2011

@MarryMeTiffany: haha! I feel your pain. I have the same problem basically everywhere I go, but as a vegetarian you have to realize you’re in the minority. Why would anyone else think to make a vegetarian option at a barbecue if they are unaware. I seriously think all the meat in the sides has to come from recipes that have been passed down or something. It would be SO EASY to leave it out, but that’s just part of the recipe to anyone who isn’t a vegetarian. My only suggestion is if you know you’re going to a party or bbq, bring a side you can eat and always bring a veggie burger.

It’s not fair to expect everyone else to change recipes just to accomodate you. I have definietly learned that. I think fending for yourself comes with the territory of vegetarianism.

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  • Wedding: April 2012

@MarryMeTiffany: I know it probably doesn’t help you much, but one of our big conditions on choosing a caterer was that they had innovative vegetarian options. I was vegetarian for years and was driven nuts by always being offered pasta as a vegetarian option (I’m also gluten-intolerant).

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Have you spoken to the couple about being a vegetarian? We technically don’t have a veg. option either but should there be any vegetarians on our guest list (off the top of our heads we couldn’t think of any), our venue will make them a pasta dish or something of the sort. We didn’t include a veg. option on our reply card but I did touch on the subject on our wedding website. Is it possible the couple is doing something similar to us? 

I do agree about the party though. Getting a package of veggie burgers isn’t much to ask. 

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: October 2009

I had a friend who was vegetarian and she would just bring a veggie burger with her to put on the grill. I always make sure there is at least something, even though none of our friends are. I just don’t like meat in every single thing I eat!

We ended up doing a stir fry bar at our buffet, and my one great aunt is vegetarian, so she went up first and got her meal so she didn’t have anything with meat on her food.  Since I’m allergic to mushrooms, they also made mine before anyone elses (after my aunts) so I didn’t have to deal with mushrooms.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2011

I went to a wedding last year where they didn’t have a Veg option listed. We called the couple and asked if there was anything and their venue made me a plate of pasta. It was very nice of them. If there would have been nothing, I wouldve either eaten sides or before the event.

On the other hand, a different wedding I went to last year served only hot dogs, chips and soda. I had no idea that this was the food choice as they didnt list it on their reply card. Needless to say, we left early and stopped somewhere for dinner =)

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Busy bee
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Vegetarian, not veggetarian 🙂

For our wedding we made sure to include a vegetarian option, but for a regular party? Can you imagine if people tried to cover every base? I agree with Ariel, you need to learn to fend for yourself and offer to bring a dish. I mean, if you were coming to dinner and you were a close friend, I’d make sure to have something. But if it was a random birthday party or gathering? Unless someone is allergic, I don’t consider it. I make crowd-favorites.


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Buzzing bee
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They even joke that you have nothing to eat at family gatherings? That is just rude of your relatives. 

If I know I have vegetarians as guests, I try to accomodate them.  It’s not that hard or expensive.  Pasta dishes, rice and veggies, vegetable stews or casseroles, vegetarian chili, eggplant parm, vegetable skewers on the grill, what’s the big deal?

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2011

That’s unfortunate. We try to have a veggie options at bday parties, etc. I’m not a full veggie, but just prefer salads, etc. I’d just start bringing a veggie dish to share or bring my own food options. Seeing that you have a medical condition, it’s more than just a decision, its your well-being and health.

For weddings, there is typically an un-written veggie option. I’d just ask the bride/groom. The venue should be able to provide a pasta or veggie dish. On our rsvp card, we had salmon, chicken, and steak options. We didn’t have the room to also add a veggie option or a vegan option. We were expecting 2 vegans and 1 veggie. They knew to contact us. We had previously discussed the options with the venue. I wanted to provide them with a few options so they could have a nice meal – instead of just – you get pasta. The venue had a couple dishes and we went from there. I’m sure it’s a common request. Venues and caterers are typically very accommodating. We had a few additional special requests and it was no issue. Just ask – they are paying for your meal.  They want you to enjoy your meal and I’m sure they wouldn’t want it to go to waste. As a bride, I didn’t mind the special requests. I just wanted everyone to let me know so I didn’t have to track people down at the last minute. I’d have been irritated if someone had a request, didn’t let me know, and then complained about the food. Communication is the best policy.

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Buzzing bee

Forget being thoughtful that’s just unhealthly.  Basically everything they served had bacon in it.  I love bacon as much as the next person but whoa… that’s overload!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

I know how you feel! Seriously, why does everyone have to put meat in EVERYTHING? I don’t serve meat at parties because I’m morally opposed to even purchasing it, but it’s not like meat-eaters cannot eat vegetarian foods… but vegetarians are completely unable to eat all the meat dishes if they’re served exclusively.

It bothers me too, especially when people are well aware that you’re vegetarian and invite you to a wedding or party, but don’t consider your dietary needs in the slightest. The worst is when they try to get you to eat meat products anyway! “Oh come on, just try it.”  So rude!  It also seems that a lot of restaurants have really terrible ( if any) vegetarian options. Very frustrating. But hang in there! Someday, this will catch on more.

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Busy bee

Perhaps you should have a talk with your friends and relatives about taking your diet seriously. It’s something you are incapable of digesting properly, and will make you ill. If it were an occasion where you were not particularly close or well acquainted with the hosts, you should prepare something for yourself ahead of time. In your case, it wasn’t a random party, it was hosted by your cousin. It seems that you take their dietary eating habits seriously, but they don’t take yours. If you did end up supplying all your food for these family get togethers, I can only imagine that they would continue not to take you seriously. You could ask that there be at least 1 vegetarian option for you to eat at the family get togethers. If they continue not to take you seriously, then simply show them what it feels like for you. Make an all vegetarian meal and see if they’ll understand how hurt you are.

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