(Closed) Annoyed with my OBGYN, am i being too sensitive?

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@nickels:  I’d be annoyed too especially because she wasn’t listening to you.

I would definetly change OBGYN. At this sensitive and exciting time in your life you need to have someone who is going to listen to you no matter what it is and even if they are running late because its really not good enough on her part! 

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My OBGYN (not pregnant, just a checkup) lectures me on my weight, too.  Every time I see her.  Yes, I weigh more than I should for my height (not a ton more, but enough that she feels she needs to comment).  But my WHR is in the ideal range (right at .7) and I have a disease that causes obesity (my weight is about half of “the norm” for people with my condition).  So for someone with my disease, I’m doing GREAT!  I wish she’d back the fuck off about it.  It’s gotten to the point now that I just cut her off and tell her I’m not interested in hearing it, and that she should get on with the reason I’m there to see her – my reproductive health and a pelvic exam, not my weight.

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I’m not pregant yet, but if she ignored everythign else and focused on that for all of the 10-15 minutes she spent with you, that is crap. She didn’t listen to what YOU needed from her. Anyway, I would look into a new OBGYN. You need someone who will be excited with you and for you.

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Her not listening is the issue, since if you had gained that much in such a short time during pregnancy, it really is cause for concern.  I don’t blame her for being concerned, but I definitely think that she should have listened more to you.

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I HATE doctors that don’t listen to you. I would switch if you can, there’s so many all over the place! I’m not pregnant or ever been but I switch doctors when the rattle on and on without listening to me.

Also, I hate doctors that run late.  I mean, I know they probably can’t help it, but I went to this doctor three times and she ran 1.5 hours late every.single.time.  She went on about how she’s been a doctors for 1000 years and all i could think is that if she has been a doctor for 1000 years, why does she continue to book so many people on one day!? If you can’t see X amount of patients, DONT book X amount of patients! Easy peasy – and look, I’m not even a doctor 🙂

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I would switch practitioners.  If you’re rushed and not listened to now, how do you think it will be in the delivery room?

My midwife stressed not worrying about weight gain, as long as you’re eating healthy foods and listening to your own hunger cues, and your bloodwork all looks good.  I can’t imagine that a net gain of 2 lbs in the first trimester is really cause for concern.

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What a bitch.

When my mom was pregnant, she gained 60 pounds (with both me and my sister). She was a health nut, and no matter what she did, she still gained that much weight. Your doctor needs to check herself before being so judgmental, especially since you have really only gained two pounds. Ugh.

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It’s your doctors job to be honest with you and point things out you need to be aware of. She isn’t there to sugar coat things. I wouldn’t take offense to it. Listen to your body and eat when hungry stop when full. Eat healthy foods to nourish your little one. The weight will be what it will be but as long as you’re doing your best at being healthy that’s all alone can ask for.

I would be upfront with her next time about your feelings and see how he reacts. I’d try that before I switched but that’s just me.

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I will not continue to see a doctor that won’t listen to me. I spent an entire appointment with a GI doctor, trying to convince him that I wasn’t pregnant. I knew I wasn’t, but instead of trying to figure out what the issue actually was, he spent the whole time asking me how I knew, was I sure, did I want a blood test? I don’t know why he wouldn’t listen to me and move on istead of wasting my time, but I will never go back to him again. 

Long story short, I would find a new doctor if I were you.

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I agree you need to switch OBGYNs.  There are so many good ones out there that you really don’t need to waste your time on someone who you were uncomfortable with on your first visit. Remember – YOU are the customer and you should be happy.


That said, I changed OBs and my advice to you would be to go to her office and request a copy of your medical records be given to you, in your hands, in person, right away.  Tell them you need then copied right now and wait for them to be handed to you, do not trust they will send them.  When I switched, it was a nightmare to have my records sent over because in reality they are losing a customer and they put your needs on the backburner.  Just a heads up!

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I would honestly be annoyed… From what you just described, it didn’t seem like she even asked you about your diet instead she just assumed by your weight that you had a nutrition problem. Super rude in my opinion. I would explain to your obgyn about your actual diet and see what she says. If you still don’t like her treatment of you I would start looking for another one because if you already feel uncomfortable with her now it’ll just get worse.

I am very under weight and if any doctor started lecturing me about how important it is to eat I’d have said something to them About how rude it was for them to assume I wasn’t eating like everyone else in the world. Anyone who askes or knows me knows i have a super high metabolism and i even drink protein shakes in addition to regular meals to try and put on more mass. Everyone’s body is different and a doctor/obgyn of all people should know that! My doctor didn’t even tell me I need to put on weight he just told me that I need to make sure I eat every 2-3 hours, try and chose more complex carbs and protein and recommended eating raw and fresh vegies and fruit for highest nutrients. I looked up my BMI and calculated how much weight was recommended to gain and when I brought it up to my doctor he said for me to not even worry until my second trimester, right now it’s important to just be able to eat every 2-3 hours and keep it down. I also fluctuate during the week and sometimes day between 5-7 pounds. My doc says it’s water weight and a slower metabolism that creates the weight fluctuation.

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