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When I worked at my last job, several women were engaged and were dieting to lose weight for their wedding day. I shouldn’t really dieting. They were essentially starving themselves. Only allowing themselves to have some small food or weird shake in the morning and not eating anything or drink anything (minus some water) for the whole day. 

These women appeared to be in good health and looked lovely. I realize that’s my opinion, but it’s not as if they were really exercising or eating healthier. They were starving themselves to be as low of a weight as possible. They would sit around in the kitchen at our office and talk about how they would not allow themselves to eat or would talk about the tiny little food or weird shake they would eat.

I don’t understand why people think that is healthy, or okay to do to themselves. Losing weight isn’t easy. They were encouraging this behavior in the office.

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My best friend got married this past summer. We work together so I see her almost every day, and she’s constantly referring to her SO as “her husband” like, my husband this or my husband that. Some days I just want to say to her, I KNOW he’s your husband. He also has a NAME that you can use. I refer to my SO with just his name, so I dont know why she feels the need to address him as such all the time.

I can understand her referring to him as her husband around people she doesnt now or wont know who he is, but seriously. I know hes your husband. You dont have to remind me.

It’s such a tiny thing but oh does it annoy me to no end undecided

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Honestly they’re just excited.  The first couple months after the wedding is so exciting and super super happy.  It’s nothing against you or anything, it is simply fresh on their minds.  I know in the first couple months after I got married, I was suuuuuuper excited to share my experiences with other brides on here who were posting for advice simply because I had recently been through it.

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aoski :  OMG my friend does that too and it drives me crazy!!! We’d be on the phone and I’d ask her what her plans are for the weekend and she’d reply “going to my husband’s parents” and in my head I’m like argggghhhhh just say going to X’s parents. 

I think it’s because in day to day life she refers to him as her husband, but I know him so it’s so weird… 

We’re also a group of three friends and now both I and another friend are engaged while she’s married +2 and she makes comments like “I’m past the stage of talking about wedding dresses…” it’s a bit disheartening because we were excited when she got engaged. At least we got each other so we talk about wedding planning a lot. 

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It seems that a lot of recently married people like to tell engaged/planning couples how it’s “sooo stressful” and “it’s going to be crazy, you don’t even know.” I think it’s just a smug bragging rights thing. I’ve had a couple of acquaintances say this to me in the past few months; meanwhile, I’ve been married before and the planning was no big deal, in my opinion, so I have to just roll my eyes at it (in my mind anyway).

Or there are those people who are like, “Don’t rush! Take your time! Enjoy it! There’s no need to plan right away!” I had to endure about ten minutes of this kind of thing from a friend of FI’s family at a party recently. Why don’t you do things at your pace and I’ll do things at mine? A wedding a year off is hardly rushing. And I can actually view venues while enjoying my engagement. I can also walk and chew gum at the same time. 😄

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aoski :  
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totallyabee :  Lol I had a friend do this as well, but it was before the wedding.  “My hubby to be” “the love of my life”.  Then I got her invitation (I lived quite far away, never met him) and was startled to see that I had his name totally wrong!  No wonder… she never used it.  On her next go-around, which was this year, I noticed she was using her fiance/husband’s actual name.  I think looking back that it was a case of trying too hard (for her, not for everyone who does that).  Now she’s secure and she doesn’t need to do that.

Don’t recall anyone saying much about my wedding beforehand.  My bestie had a lot to say about how crappy she thought my photographer was after the fact though.  I thought hers was pretty sucky as well but kept it to myself.  Our photography styles are quite different, as were our financial decisions.  I just inwardly rolled my eyes as I remembered some of her ridiculous photos and changed the subject.

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emitchell456 : Too many to list but it’s usually followed by, “But you have to!! Everyone loved it at my wedding!!”

I can’t help but think, “Um, no, I was at your wedding and trust me, we didn’t love it, we were all just being polite.”

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I’d say wait until you have babies but that’s just as bad. It only gets worse lol. 

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The “husband” thing really grates on me too. I’ve only have 1 friend who started using it after getting married and she still does it 4 years later. His name seems to be banished from existence to be replaced by “hubby” or “my husband” like a possession or a reminder that she has something some of us don’t have.

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Most of my married friends are fine…it’s my other engaged friends. There’s 4 of us all engaged at the same time, and they’re acting like its some competition. Who booked their venue first, who got their dress first, etc etc. I was the last one to get engaged and they all immediately started posting on my FB wall to ‘get ready, because planning is so stressful!’…. Eye roll so hard

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I hear “I had alcohol at my wedding.  No one likes a dry wedding” a lot.  Both sides of our families have issues with alcoholism, so we chose the safer route.  It gets annoying always hearing our wedding is going to suck because there is no alcohol.

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I got a bit sick of hearing “just enjoy the day, it’s going to go by so fast!” which is true but is not really useful information. As if at any point in our wedding planning the end intention was to not be able to relax and enjoy our day?🙄

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ksks1234 :  I agree with the people giving you advice :/  Your wedding may indeed suck for that reason.

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Updating face book every day with a wedding countdown. Posting your wedding photos daily for the next 3 years, complete with gushing about your best friend, your rock, you are the luckiest girl alive. Barf.

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