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Sugar bee
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Referring to your husband as “my husband” to friends is about the stupidest thing I’ve heard today. I have never done this, and there are literally four men with the same name as DH in our group.

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Busy bee

Unsolicited advice is just annoying to me in all aspects of life. 

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Bee Keeper
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aoski :  my best friend works at a salon in Nashville and does Thomas Rhett’s wife’s hair. She said that Lauren (his wife) is constantly saying “oh, Thomas Rhett is from Ga.” “Thomas Rhett likes that too”…shit like that. First of all, we know who your husband is. Second, it’s weird that you call him by his name every single time…

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Busy Beekeeper
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emitchell456 :  I’m married but when I was planning my wedding my BFF/MOH (who had gotten married the year before) was annoyed I wasn’t concerned about things she herself had stressed over. We are just VERY different people, so while she was still pissed one small piece of decor was out of place at her wedding 6 months after the fact, I just had a general idea of what things would be in the room and didn’t really care where exactly everything was placed. Anyway… the best/worst quote from her was: 

“You are trying to act like Miss Zen Bride but all signs point to you freaking out on your wedding day.” 

Peachy, right? Anyway, I had a great wedding day and didn’t give two shits where the guestbook ended up or even that the tables ended up in a totally different layout. No freak out from me. 

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Busy bee
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ljm308 :  I agree! I reckon some of the bees on this thread will end up doing similar things. Even if it’s on a smaller scale.

Saying ‘husband’ was even more exciting than I could have expected. I even remember when I said it for the first time! And yeah I over used it because it was weird and I needed to practice saying it. I felt like I wasnt grown up enough to use such a big word (I was 29 but still it felt strange). It’s been two years and it still feels new. 

Obviously saying husband to friends is silly though



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Honey bee
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I got married over a year ago, and sometimes I wonder if I am THAT annoying newlywed friend! :-p

I didn’t get a lot of that sort of pushy or annoying advice when I was engaged….but now that I am pregnant…..even my friends who have never been pregnant are trying to give me advice. I have perfected my ‘nod and smile’ for sure!

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Helper bee

Not from a recent bride but yesterday my dentist told me that getting a wedding album is “a waste” because hers is just collecting dust and she’s been married for “a hundred years.”

Yes, it’s collecting dust NOW but what about when you can’t remember your wedding day (due to age or disease, heaven forbid)? Are you gonna be at least a little glad you’ve got the album???? I’m not gonna get an expensive leather thing, and I don’t even like pictures of myself, but if I’m gonna spend thousands of dollars on one big day I’m gonna get some damn pictures of it. 

Yeesh. I’ve only been engaged for a month and I can only imagine it’s gonna get worse. 

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Busy bee
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Hahaha.  I definitely remember that. I personally felt it was worse when I was single and most of my friends were getting married and full of “it’ll happen when you stop looking or at least expect to find love” and “I can’t wait until you’re married, too”.  I know it’s all from a good (and happy) place that they do it… but yeah – people always find a reason to give advice.  I think it never hurts to hear what someone says.  Out of 10 people, if even one person says something that you find useful, it hasn’t done any harm to hear the other 9, too.  

The saying “my husband” thing doesn’t bother me at all… I use his name if people have met him a couple times though.  But, I also remember how strange it was to use that term (or fiance) at first.  But again, it’s a fun time.  I wouldn’t begrudge anyone having fun saying it.  I’m betting most of the time it’s not meant to be rubbing it in anyone’s face or anything.  

Also, I have no idea who Thomas Rhett is 🙁 

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Blushing bee
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aoski :  My Brother-In-Law does that! We know who she is – use her name. I really don’t understand why people do that. 

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Helper bee
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I got annoyed during the wedding planning process when new brides would tell me that the details didn’t matter and to just remember that it’s a success if I am married at the end of it. I know I probably needed some perspective when I was going crazy with the details, but this was not helpful! If all I had wanted was to just be married at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have planned a big wedding at all! 

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t know if it fits the topic that well, but it was funny. Years ago, a girl at work was just married, and she was acting like the secrets of marriage had been revealed to her alone. 

She told our department that her marriage and sex life was not going to be affected when she and her husband had kids. 

Another woman who had 2 kids said “Good luck with that”

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Bumble bee
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My pet peeve about wedding planning is when people say “just remember to take it all in” or “it’ll go by so fast”.  That is the least helpful or unique advice. 

Or an acquaintance (unmarried) telling me that I must keep a certain relative (who the acquaintance knows as well) involved in the planning and give her certain jobs to do. This particular person is massively struggling with depression, drugs and alcohol. I’m pretty sure she needs to focus on her own life and giving her projects won’t be “really good for her self esteem.” 

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Busy bee
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aoski :  
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totallyabee :  Me three!  I know the guy and yet he’s still known as “my husband” to my friend who talks about him.  Annoying as ever!  But maybe my friend is just proud to say “my husband”.  As someone who’s just gotten married, I still refer to my husband by his name… lol

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Blushing bee

I didn’t find advice annoying in fact Ijust got married and the one piece of advice I wish I had gotten is this.  No matter how much you plan and how much you spend to guarantee a perfect day… you never know how it’s going to go so don’t get obsessed with the details. Definitely prioritize things.  In the end having the wedding you want for you and your future husband is most important. 

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