(Closed) Annoying coworkers. How do you deal?!

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I seriously would invest in some ear plugs and some lysol! everytime he sneezes start spraying like crazy! maybe bring your ipod… have you thought about moving your desk?

I had a coworker that like to fart during meetings… it was gross.. I literally starting to say “what is that awful smell!” everytime he did it. totally embarrassed him.

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Buzzing bee
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Ear plus, iPod, Lysol, burning candle and white noise machine.

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Busy bee
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Ewwww! Headphones for sure! Songza is a great music app if you want to use your phone! Podcasts are good to work with, too!

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Bee Keeper

Ew…totally gross with the guy who sneezes! Maybe say something to that guy and the other lady about their gum chewing at the same time? 

I have one co-worker who is just plain evil, but tries to “fit in” all the time. She tries entirely too hard, and it’s just not genuine. She’s also just mean to people. She says things that she thinks is under her breath, but is totally loud enough for everyone to hear. She insists that she’s SOOOOO busy, but her job pretty much was transferred to another department b/c she wasn’t doing it. Now that I’m going on maternity leave, she’s eyeing up my job. Fat chance sweetheart…take a hike!

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Earplugs for sure! My desk mate has the most obnoxious loud voice (and sneeze) so whenenver she starts talking in go the earplugs.  I can’t wear them all the time but I put them in when I’m highly annoyed and it helps.

Plus, I have most passive agressive co-workers ever.  When I don’t have my headphones in I usally have Pandora or Spotify on and I do try to keep the volume down but one day I got up from my desk and when I came back my speakers were unplugged.  I figured out that it was an IT person that hates music, or life period. 

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I really hate how companies try to cut back on costs and realize they can’t cut any more employees without going out of business so they make everyone share a seat. Makes for a super-productive environment..

My company recently did this too. WE all still have our own cubes thank GOD, but we’re basically right on top of each other and I can hear 10 peoples phone conversations all day and they can hear mine, crystal clear. The woman I share a wall with get sick all the time and is hearing impaired too. She has really loud wet snotty sneezes and blows her nose constantly. It’s all I can do to not throw up in my trash can. And she yells into the phone and is not an ’email’ person so she’s on the phone all day.

At least we have the high walls though, I was so thankful when I found out we were at least keeping those!!

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Bumble bee
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4 people in 1 cubicle?! Nooo thank you!

The woman that sits in the cubicle next to me is a hummer/singer too. It drives me bonkers. I don’t like putting on headphones (my job involves a lot of reading and the music distracts me) but I always do when I start hearing the tune of “Call Me Maybe” coming from the next cube.

In your case, I would definitely talk to your boss about doing an “office etiquette” training. Covering your mouth when you sneeze should be standard practice!

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oh I feel you! I had had a couple people sitting in the cube on the other side of me (we sit back to back with a normal height wall so you don’t see each other) that I never noticed, but this spring they moved in someone who I had previously heard rumors of them being quite loud talking and being on the phone.

They were right. Think annoyingly loud and personal conversations with friends, husband, doctors – and sometimes this person will complain to other coworkers. A friendly “hey how is it going” gets a litany on how her husband called her fat so she didn’t give him sex and he’s going to sleep on the couch tonight. 

A few weeks ago there were three days in a row of yelling matches over the phone with their husband. Loud. And very personal. People were shutting doors and whispering about it………and I finally went to HR because it was just SO disruptive. Take 10 steps and walk outside the door you sit next to for crying out loud!

They quieted down for about two days and now they’re back to having personal conversations again. No I don’t need to know how you can barely get out of bed or how you’re figting with your husband again. And for the love of God, stop repeating your credit card and loan information over the phone so loudly we can all hear it!

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Sugar bee
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This post makes me eternally grateful I have my own office, however my co workers are so loud they might as well be in mine. They talk loudly in a language I don’t speak all day, every day. It makes me extremely uncomfortable, but what can I say since my immediate boss does the same thing? I am very soft spoken and am hard of hearing in one hear so phone conversations can be a challenge sometimes and when I tell them to please lower their voices I feel like an asshole, but seriously.

My boss and my co worker are life long best friends so that in and of itself makes my office either a super fun atmosphere or complete hell. It’s hard to be of another culture, not friends outside of work with them and can not speak their native language which also happens to be the language of many of our bilingual clients. It can be very isolating.

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I just have a problem with people who keep me from doing my job by not doing theirs, and then get mad at me for “bugging” them about it. Excuse me, between the two of us, who do you think is more likely to get fired?

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You made me feel better about where I work. There is one room for 5 of us. It’s a bigger room, but lots of junk around (I work in an internet dept.). My desk is kind of back and I have two people in front of me (about 5 feels away).

The 25 year old throws tantrums like a 3 year old…

I have diagnosed anxiety to begin with, so to watch him with every customer he gets on the phone is horrific and stressful. He puts them on mute, tells us all how dumb they are and how smart he is (between the f words), and then proceeds to throw pens, bang his fist on the desk, and throw punches into the air. I am waiting for him to break his monitor (supposidly in the last 3 years he’s broken 4 head sets).

I cannot say anything to him right now (we are Union) and I have to wait until my probation is over (9 months) and then I can say something and not have a risk of losing my job. I don’t fear for my safety…it’s just flat out frickin’ annoying, and he could learn to control his childish temper. When you take 30 phones calls a day, and 27 of those are tantrums because the customer doesn’t get immeidately where the start button is, you should maybe look for a different job where you deal with only people of your “superior intelligence.”

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Ugh, two new people started within weeks of each other and are very, very chatty,  Alone, one is fine.  The other comments on everything on my computer screen, comes into my cube and looks at things, touches things, pokes me if I don’t hear her or answer right away… all in all, really fun.  She has locked herself out of the computer systems 3 times in 3 days, forgot all her passwords… and asked me how to turn on a computer not once, but twice. 

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