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Ugh that sounds awful! Can you move your desk? It sounds like as long as you are near her, she’s nice enough. I would make a complaint about the loud talking and see if they could move you.

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I work in a cube farm and there are 300 people that work on my floor alone, and it is set up as a kind of warehouse/urban feel… so the sound just  TRAVELS, and there is constant noise. I have 2 coworkers that talk SO LOUD … I cannot even hear my customers when I am on the phone because these two women are just so dang loud, and they’re also very nasally ( don’t know if that’s a word haha)… so yes, very annoying!

Also- the company I work for is very young ( hires mostly mid twenty somethings), so it is fun because you get to work with 800 people around your same age but also not so fun because it gets a little like high school… except now you’re paid a decent salary and are a little less socially awkward ( sometimes), so it isn’t so bad most days.

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Thankfully, I like all of my colleagues.  There are a few people I work with who are at other organizations who are strange ducks and I’m thankful that we only work together once in a while. 

I would think that sending religious or political forwards would get someone in pretty big trouble at most companies! That would really, really annoy me.

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Oh I can completely empathise.  I work with the most hateful woman (I work in an open plan office so no escape)

She talks non stop ALL day, sings when she’s not talking, tells us every last detail of EVERYTHING than proceeds to phone anyone she can think of and tells the same story at least 10 times a day, she burps loudly, ALWAYS thinks she’s right, takes 2 hours for lunch, 30 minute breaks and then moans if anyone else flounts the rules, she’s a bully so everyone is scared of her.  She was screaming at me in the middle of this year (all because I didn’t invite her to my wedding) and we haven’t spoken now for months but she tries to make my life a misery.  No one likes her and yet everyone is afraid to stand up to her (I did which is why we no longer even look at each other).  She is just an attention seeker at the age of 61!

I work with headphones in all day and turn the volume up on some music (whilst typing) so I can drown her out – doesn’t always work.  She’s off at the moment for 2 weeks and the office is so quiet and peaceful without her.

Needless to say I’m looking for another job.

I feel your pain 🙁

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I like 98% of my coworkers, but there’s this one guy who is just… ack! We’re a relatively young company, so most people are in their mid-twenties to late-thirties. This guy is probably in his early 50’s and he seems to have taken it upon himself to be the office curmudgeon.

I work on the 8th floor and he used to be on 12. Often the elevator would arrive on 7 at the end of the day and we’d try and squeeze as many of us in as possible since our building is SUPER old and the elevators are slow. He’d always sigh and make loud comments about how, “When I was on 8, I always took the stairs!” and “Some of us have places to be.”

Chill, dude. The stairs are curvy and narrow and scary as heck. I will take the elevator from the 7th floor if I want to.

He used to sit completely in the dark in his little office, which was just bizarre considering all the paperwork we do.

And then there’s the microwave/tea habits… he recently moved to the same floor as me and made himself known quite quickly. We have an electric tea kettle that everyone uses. The basic rule is, if you leave your cup by the kettle while it’s heating up, you get first dibs on the hot water. I filled the kettle, set it up, left my cup and went back to my desk. Come back 5 minutes later and start pouring… only an inch of water left. He’s done this a million times to me + other people, to the point that I now just waste the time I could be doing extra work and wait for the kettle to boil in the kitchen.

He’s also stingy with the microwave – he warms up a bagel every morning around the same time some of us make our lunches. I often make those frozen entrees that require you to take them out and stir things before heating up a bit longer. If I take it out for stirring while he’s in there, he’ll shove his stupid bagel into the microwave before I can put my food back and make me wait to finish my cooking for him. One time I saw him waiting and actually told him, “Hey, I need to make sure that this is finished cooking so please give me a moment.”

He put his stupid bagel in anyway and said, “Thirty seconds won’t kill you.”

ARG! If you don’t watch your food like a hawk he’ll take it out. No concept of manners or courtesy, I swear.

But the rest of my coworkers are just lovely, and I really don’t see him anywhere besides the kitchen so I guess it could be worse ^_^

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The woman who sits facing me but separated by a cubicle wall is hearing impared so I feel bad complaining, but she is the noisiest person. She is on the phone ALL DAY on mostly personal calls and yells into the phone, so I can’t call clients until she hangs up and I know everything about her. She eats really noisy food and slurps, chews, burps and farts loudly all the way through it. Hearing it makes me so sick to my stomach. She’s been sick recently, so she is CONSTANTLY blowing her nose and it’s always a tissue-filler wet loud blow, at least 20 times a day. And of course she eats every meal at her desk so it’s not like I get a break at all.

She doesn’t have a computer at home and does all of her shopping online from work but she will listen to infomercials loudly over and over at her desk. Once she played an informercial for a ronco oven 6 times in a row so loud the whole floor could hear it.

Her computer and phone settings are set on full volume, so every time she gets an email, IM or phone call there is a super loud ring/ping that is very distracting.  

I don’t really know what to do because there is no easy solution. She’s been told to be quiet several times in the past and it doesn’t work. And our floor is so cramped already, there is nowhere to move either of us so that we’re still sitting with our team. I’ve just been rolling with it and hoping that one day I get promoted and sit in an office!!

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@kate169: If you can find a business/productivity reason, it’s not petty. 

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