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JLFinch:  OMG, I’m doing that exact same thing righ.now. LOL!!!! It’s truly an addiction for me, though.

– cook brocolli and other smelly stuff

– talk inscessantly about what lunch she left for her 15 yr old child that day, which foods her kid likes and doesn’t like, if she should cut up the fruit or just leave as is for her family to do it blah blah blah

– pounding her fist on the desk over and over when on the phone because she’s always mad, talks down to people on the phone

On and on and on. Haha!


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Busy bee

I work with a bunch of salesmen (think Wolf of Wall Street types) and they all crop dust my office. They think it’s hiiiiiiiiilarious. So gross.

Also, this woman – we’ll call her Betty – continually pesters me about signatures on things that I don’t have time for, then will check in every 5 minutes with, “Have ya signed it yet?” NO! Fuck off, Betty and let me vent on wedding bee!

And talkative Terry – I don’t want to hear about your marrital issues. Thanks. It’s annoying.

LOL I’m such a positive person…this is why I drink wine 🙂

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JLFinch:  Oh man, the guy I use to sit with was the absolute worst. He burped out loud literally every 5-10 minutes. I would hear him fart about 2-3 times a day. When he stretched, he would vocalize it. And he laughed out loud (made me jump a few times) when he read something funny. He slurped his drinks, ate really loudly. Liked to crack his fingers, back, neck, feet, etc. Ugh I couldnt’ stand him. 

Luckily, I moved desks away from him.

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Well since you asked….

I actually work alone in my office but the overall building is shared. I have a full-time, 9-5 job and I am the ONLY one in this building who is here every day. The parking lot is tiny– only room for four cars– but since no one’s ever here it hasn’t been an issue.

WELL, this morning I pulled up at 9:00 and all four spots were taken. I was annoyed, but there’s a sort-of spot a few feet away (it doesn’t have a no parking sign, unlike the two other spots nearby that do). So I parked there and went into my office and started working. There were a bunch of guys downstairs having a meeting who were being pretty loud (and they must be the ones who took the regular spots), but I shut my door and it was fine.

About a half hour later, I get a knock on the door, which NEVER happens. I open the door and it’s one of the guys from downstairs. He goes, “You need to move your car.” I was like okay… where? All the spots are taken. He was like I don’t care where, you need to move, that spot is for emergency vehicles only.

I was annoyed but I was like whatever, fine and moved my car… up the street, where there is only 2-hour parking. So now my workday has already been interrupted by this rude asshole and I’m going to have to interrupt it AGAIN to move my car in 2 hours. I walked back to the office… and there are literally cars in EVERY SINGLE SPOT except the one I just left, including the two that clearly state No Parking! 

I just moved my car an hour ago, to a public lot this time that’s a good 15 minute walk from the office, and all those other cars are still there. So now I think this guy was just picking on me because my car’s not very nice and he didn’t want his fancyass clients to see it. Ugh! I am so angry! I haven’t been able to find this guy again, but if I do, I’m not going to be nearly as nice this time!

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JLFinch:  Yeah, I’ve wondered if people can hear me. Oops. I have tried and I’m in the midst of trying again. Haha! By the way, I finally realized what your UN means. My favorite book/movie!!

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Going to get lunch one day with a friend and this lady who was out of her circle, we’d never spoken to her, shouts out her order. I was laughing that hard but as I couldn’t let it show, I ended up not being able to speak. Now she’s known as what she ordered to eat that day, unknown to her. 

I used to sit near one girl, early 20s goes out a lot and all she used to speak about was her favourite spirit – all the damn time. Me and a friend still do impressions now, some years on.

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I work with a lady that I swear beats the keyboard while she types! She also talks to herself (which I don’t care), but sometimes I can’t distinguish if she’s talking to me or herself and it’s awkward haha.

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I hate not having proper cublices anymore. This whole open space plan is an epic failure IMO. I don’t care to look into my cowoerks faces all day long. Sadly, I sit next to a woman who has non sense of boudnries. If I get off a call she has the nerve to ask me about it as if she’s part of the convo. Bitch… your older than be by a decade you should know better. I’ve let her know that is not acceptable but she does it anwyay. Her eyeballs are always on my computer screen. But what I hate more than anything. if I have on headphones and Im clearly watching a video on my lunch break, NOW NOW IS when you have 20 million questiosn for me. And she knows I hate this because I give her a dirty look everytime. She’s just one of those I need attention cases.

She just has issues…  

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goodriddance88:  I have the Talkative Terry, too. And she’s also in a terrible marriage. I sometimes want to say, “Get counseling or get the hell out, you are miserable!” But I don’t. Sigh.

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