(Closed) Anonymous Account to ask a question…am I wrong for feeling this way???

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    First of all I would just take a big breath.

    It is very common for bridal party to sit at a head table and be split up from their SO’s. So while that can be uncomfortable if you don’t know other people and particularly if you can’t speak their language it will be okay. It will only be for dinner and then the bridal party is usually free to do whatever they want. 

    Your Fiance was asked to be in a family wedding party and he accepted so he has a responsibility to be there now. If it is a huge deal maybe you could see if you don’t have to go. You or your Fiance could always call them and tell them sorry its last minute but you won’t be attending. It’s not that big of deal. Or alternatively, considering this is your FI’s family, you suck it up and attend and learn something about his family and culture. It will be uncomfortable for supper but then you can be with your Fiance afterwards.

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    A few things:

    1) “These people” are your fiance’s family. When you marry him, they will become your family.

    2) It’s definitely a real language with real letters, not “just squiggles.” Learn to be less ethnocentric.

    3) Take this as an opportunity to meet your FI’s family and learn about their culture.

    That’s all.

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    Head tables with the bridal party ARE very common. I get where you are coming from I do, however it’s a little dramatic to then ask your Fiance to not attend. The most you’ll be alone us during dinner. I went through this with a wedding Darling Husband was in for a friend of his but you know what? I made friends that way. This is going to be your family, so I say suck it up. So yes they’ve known you’re coming, so they’re suppose to rearrange their seating for your feelings?

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    I’m sorry this is such an upsetting situation for you, I was a bit freaked out going to my fiance’s brother’s wedding because I wouldn’t know many people there (it was cross country with over 250 people in attendance). I was fortunate enough that they let me sit with him, but other groomsmen that had fiancees were sat apart. They still had fun though!

    Honestly it’s one night. I don’t think its fair to ask your fiance not go to this wedding because you will be sitting apart for a few hours. I’m sure it’s nerve wracking to be surrounded by others that don’t speak the same language. But if you are marrying into his family you should probably get used to it. Think of it as an oppertunity to show everyone how awesome you are and that you can roll with the punches. Part of marriage is being their for each other even when it’s difficult, so just think of this as practice! =)

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    @lifesaver8:  Sorry to say this but I think you’re overreacting.  There are some cultures that the wedding entourage are seated at the head table.  And I think you’re over thinking things too much.  You don’t know for sure that you won’t see him and I’m sure he’ll have time to see you and introduce you to people.  So I say, just go and have fun.

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    i have never seen a head table where anyone but the bridal party is sitted.  i also  can never understand why adults find it such a hard task to sit at a table for a few measly hours and make polite while eating a dinner and smile

    this is your future family.  be polite, smile and be happy for the couple – its not like you will never see your Fi, after the dinner and the speaches comes the dancing and the celebrating and you can do this with your Fiance

    edit: my husbands family is greek and i dont understand a word  and i have only ever been welcomed and helped at family events – some of hubbys aunts and uncles are my favorite people with their generosity of spirit, i hope you find the same with your inlaws

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    “its not even real letters…just squiggles”

    Umm.. wow… I was going to write out a nice thoughtful constructive response and then I got to that part. Uhhg  – OK, I’m going to try anyway.

    That language is called Arabic, and its one of the oldest, most complex, and beautiful langauges on Earth.  In fact, you could probably start a wonderful conversation with a member of his family by saying

    “Salam wa aleikum”,

    which means “peace be with you” and is the most common greeting in Middle Eastern cultures.  Depending on what country they are from, they more than likely learned English and/or French in school, and can atleast have a basic conversation with you. 

    Putting a groomsman at the wedding party table is pretty typical.  Hopefully the bride is mindful of your situation and will sit you next to some friendly and/or English speaking guests, probably most of whom are in the same position as you (their significant other is up at the bridal party table).  Be yourself, be confident, and show your guy how you can rock a crowd. You’ll be fine. 

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    A couple of hours of feeling a bit uncomfortable for your FI?…I think you need to take a breath and calm down. This is not that serious, for real. It’s ridiculous for your Fiance not to go or to back out of being a groomsmen just because you’re uncomfortable sitting alone with his family members. Meet his family, take the time to get to know his culture–I mean, it seems obvious you’re not doing that since you referred to his language as being written in squiggles. (for real?) It’s a real language with real letters. Suck it up and go!

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    Yes, you’re behaving like a complete drama queen. You’ve never been in a situation with people you don’t know, or who speak an unfamiliar language?

    These aren’t random people you’re being locked into a dungeon with. This is your loved one’s family. Suck it up, get over yourself, stop crying and go to this event you were graciously invited to.

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    @Mrs Grape:EXACTLY this!

    You might want to rethink your attitude towards “these people”, they’re going to be family! Maybe try and go out a few days prior to meet people? How do you think your wedding will go if you don’t know them at all? 

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    1. You are not wrong for having the feelings you do. It is NEVER wrong to have feelings. It’s what we do.

    2. As adults we have to put our feelings aside, and act like grownups. You will not apart for the “whole ” wedding. You will be apart for the ceremony and the dinner. After that time he can move to join you.

    3. Have you made any effort to learn a few words of his family’s language? If you are marrying in to the family, it would be a kind gesture. Otherwise, I can’t believe that you can’t get through one meal even if no one else speaks English at the table. Many people travel the world and manage to communicate with sign language and gestures.

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    I understand hating head tables when you are the guest of a bridal party member and don’t know anyone- I think it is an antiquated thing and will not be having one myself.  I can therefore understand being aprehensive.

    BUT these are your fiance’s family members!  These people will be your family too!  I cannot comprehend not going to a relative’s wedding becuase my fiance was so completely uncomfortable.  I definitely think you are overreacting and you should re-think your priorties.  One night of being uncomfortable is not going to kill you, so I would try to get over it. 

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    @lifesaver8:Happened to me. It’s worth the 4 hours of “boredom” (but really–weddings are fun when you don’t have to plan it all!) to be there him. It’s worth it.

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