(Closed) Another Spin off: Would you give up your pet if your child was allergic?

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  • poll: Would you give up your pet if your child was allergic
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    I don’t have pets and I’m not in any way an animal person, so I cannot understand why someone wouldn’t give up their animal if their child was allergic.  A 6-year-old relative of Mr CL’s has asthma and her parents won’t take her to the zoo because she has allergies but they keep a dog in the house despite the fact it makes her incredibly ill.  They’re always in denial about it.  It makes me really angry because her health is being jeopardised by her parents’ arrogance.  I understand that they’re attached to their dog, but it could go and live with a friend or family member so that they could still see it, but their child wouldn’t be constantly around it.

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    Honestly? I’m not sure.

    Our two dogs have been in our lives for almost 5 years now (we’re not parents or pregnant) and I can’t imagine it. However, my future child’s health is important to me…

    I would NEVER in a thousand years take my dog to the pound or animal control. I *may* try and rehome them to relatives or friends. Another option I would consider would be to keep them, but make them “outside dogs” other than a certain area of the house, like the kitchen or a sunroom that has very little fabric. Currently they have free run of the house when we are home and their beds are kept in our bedroom.

    Any of those options would be absolutely heartbreaking to me. It would also depend on how they were allergic – is it the dander? Is it asthma? Etc.

    And judge me if you will, I might even resent it a little bit if I had to find a new home for my dogs.

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    I just saw an episode of Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis where the child was allergic to cats, so they made a special room only for the cats, so the child’s health would not be affected.

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    Oh yeah. I’m not going to make my child suffer.

    ETA: I watch DH’s brother come over sometimes who is highly allergic to cats. He looks miserable even with taking medicine. His poor dad can’t even visit our house because his allergies are that bad.

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    Well you can’t give up the kid, so obviously I’d give up the dog. Not going to make my child suffer or pump them full of meds.

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    I’d only buy a dog from a breeder that would take them back no questions asked so in that case, yes I would consider giving up my pet if my (theoretical) child was allergic.

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    Of course!!

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    @Kandiss16:  in a heart beat. I am not going to risk my child’s health or comfort for a pet. It’s just not going to happen. I would do everything in my power though to ensure my pet went to another good home preferably with family or friends so we could still see her and be sure she was doing well. But there isn’t much I wouldn’t give up to keep my child healthy and happy. All of my answers on all of these recent pet threads confirm the same thing about me, I love my dog, but she is not on the same level for me as my family is. She is a part of our family in the sense that she is our family pet. But in no way is she on the same level as my son.

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    @AmeliaBedelia:  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having feelings of resentment. You don’t have to be happy about it. You wouldn’t be human if it didn’t bother you.

    That being said, I’d give up the pet withouth question if that was the only option for keeping my kid healthy. Sure I’d look for other alternatives first, but if it comes down to pet versus child, child wins hands down. Sorry kitty. There are plenty of suitable caregivers for a pet, but I wouldn’t compromise my kid’s health.

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    I would rehome.

    A S/O who is allergic can walk away…break up or insist on living in seperate residences for the remainder of the pet’s life. A child has no such options.

    I know what it’s like to have animal allergies (cats) and I would not let my child be miserable in their own home.

    ETA: I’d try isolating or keeping them outside if rehoming wasn’t an option (elderly, undesirable breed) but ultimately I don’t think that’s fair to domesticated animals who WANT to be around people. And by isolating, I mean keeping them in their own room all the time, not just keeping them out of the kid’s room and letting them roam the rest of the house.


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    I chose other.. We would first try to see if any kind of allergy medication could help with the allergies to the cats.. If none of that worked, we’d try something else before getting rid of the cats (isolating them out of the child’s room).. We’d figure it out!

    (We also already have a standing agreement with both sets of our parents that if something like this occurs, and all the options are exhausted, that one of them would take our cats in)

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    I think it depends on the severity of the allergy and the age of the pet.  Like if the dog was really old and on its last legs- I might hold out for a while longer to let the dog die with us rather than surrendering it or rehoming it.   Luckily neither of my girls have pet allergies.

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    Unless my kid had severe asthma, I’d keep our cats and make it work.  Our pets are part of their family and I’d feel so terrible and guilty if I had to give them up.  I’d vacuum/sweep/mop every day, get air filters, designate pet free rooms (which we already do), switch from 100% indoors to indoor/outdoor pets, wash sheets and towels more often (I think they make hypoallergenic washers now), etc.  My mom and my youngest brother are very allergic to cats, but as long as we keep the house clean and they have a pet-free room to sleep in, they do just fine.

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    @MrsTVLover:  that isn’t fair to the cats. They get to be couped up in a room all the time. Plus if the allergies were anything like mine are, even that wouldn’t work. I can’t even be in a home that has out door animals because the dog hair is still on clothing and stuff and im just that sensitive to it. It’s way worse with cats. I have a dog and im ok with her but even with her I have to limit my interaction. But any other homes are just miserable for me if they have pets. And dangerous since I have to resort to an emergency inhaler and strong meds to get better after an attack.

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