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I have an anterior placenta. I started feeling kicks pretty early – I think around 14-15 weeks, but they didn’t become a daily event until more like 20 weeeks. Dh wasn’t able to feel the kicks on the outside until more like 24/25 weeks. I haven’t given birth yet (37 weeks along now) so can’t speak to that, but I don’t think having an anterior placenta makes you any more or less likely to have complications during labor…I think it’s not a factor at all. Having a low-lying placenta can be a problem, but that’s a separate thing.

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For daily “definitely a baby” kicks, not for a long time, 24 weeks or so? Same timing for dh to be able to feel him from the outside. But after that, LO was constantly kicking with all his might (and still does… he’s a crazy kicky baby outside the womb too!). I ended up being really grateful for my placenta for cushioning his blows. 😝

I delivered naturally at 38+4 and even though labor was 40+ hours, that had nothing to do with my anterior placenta.

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sparklez11909 :   I have a anterior placenta and I actually posted about this when I was about as far along as you are now! I am just about 36 weeks now. I felt the baby around 18 weeks I thought….just small flutters and by the end of 20 weeks I was feeling the baby every now and then. Dh could feel the baby with in a few weeks when she hiccups and he could feel her by 25 weeks when she kicked.  I was so worried having an anterior placenta would make me feel the baby less but really I shouldnt have worried. I feel her everyday now and have been for a while. I can see my belly move too! One of my friends had an anterior placenta and she couldnt feel her baby move until 27 weeks and her dh could feel baby at 33 weeks.  She could actually see the babys hands and feet coming through her belly at 33 weeks. I cant do that just see the baby move my stomach. So it is so different got everyone.  I was told the anterior placenta shouldn’t effect the pregnancy accept you may feel baby later and it should not effect labor. Unless it is covering the cervix and in that case it could effect if you need a c section. Mine wasnt so I didnt get anymore information.  I was so worried when they told me about the placenta but I shouldnt have at all like I said. You will still be able to feel your little one!!

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I think I felt movement daily by 24 weeks but it wasn’t very consistent and my husband didn’t feel it until 26 weeks.  I’m 30 weeks now and feel a lot of movement but not movement that can always be felt from outside.

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I had one, i felt first movements around 19 weeks but can’t remember when they were daily sorry. It was probably around 25 weeks before D H could feel them too. I had a normal vaginal delivery, it was a long labour (32 hours) because I was slow to progress after my waters broke naturally but once I got the syntocin drip it all happened very quickly! i requested an epi once they mentioned the syntocin drip because I heard it usually makes contractions more painful than normal and it was the best, I even had a little nap and they had to wake me to let me know I was fully dilated and ready to push

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I had an anterior placenta. Didn’t start feeling the baby REALLY moving until 24-26 weeks. I had back labor which they say is the most painful type of labor because the baby was all up in my back I’m assuming because I had an anterior placenta. And I was able to sleep all the way through my pregnancy which was a plus for having an anterior placenta. I could still see the baby move and dad could still feel the baby kick. 

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Had an anterior placenta and really wasn’t told at ALL about it until I had to have a check because I wasn’t feeling baby like they wanted me to around 38ish weeks. Until 25ish weeks I didn’t feel anything I could identify as a baby at all. My doctor and my husband kept asking me Can’t you feel that??? Its totally kicking! And I was like nope…

Ended up with forceps delivery because I could not push her out. I was sent to the OR because they were sure I was going to end up being a c section because I couldnt push her out and she was distressed. Forceps were their last ditch effort before c section. Had back labor as well although I dont think it had anything to do with the placenta. But I am not versed enough in that area to know. 🙂 

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I had an anterior placenta with my son….I think I felt kicks around 22ish weeks. They weren’t super strong feeling until later into the 2nd tri. Also it wasn’t until pretty late into my pregnancy that I could feel from the outside either. 

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I had my son almost 15 years ago. I cant remember too many details. I only felt him move if I ate something very high in sugar. I had an anterior placenta and my son was facing the wrong direction, he was face up. I was able to have a healthy home birth, no issues. Don’t worry too much. The worst mistake I could have ever done is look at other peope’s problems and cause discouragement for my own birth. Im not going to mention the fear I had from reading other’s stories. That fear became my reality in my own birth. Focus on what you want.

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