(Closed) Anti-Gay article put's gays and pedophiles in the same category

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Blushing bee
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Ugggh this makes me sick to my stomach. My brother is gay, and I know that he did not choose to live a life where people would be oppressive and hateful towards him. Even if he did choose, who cares what someone’s sexuality is? How on earth does it affect someone else’s every day life if he has a boyfriend or a longtime partner/husband? It is not like he is going to turn a straight person gay…and if he did, why is being gay so horrible? 

I just don’t understand how people can be so oppressive. It really scares me reading that article, because it sounds just like the opinions of racists in the 60s. Yes, people have a right to say and believe what they want in America, and that is a beautiful thing, but…our country is not a theocracy, so why do some believe that everyone living here has to stand up to certain religious values? And why should those values be implemented in government, when government is not supposed to be implemented in religion?

I hope that someday, when I have grandchildren, I can look back on times past and say “weren’t people crazy?”

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Busy bee
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I couldn’t even read this. It makes me way too angry. I can’t understand why anyone needs to be concerned with what happens between two loving people. Seriously, get out of our bedrooms! Ugh. 

I’m sorry this man has decided it is his place to speak on behalf of your town’s Christians. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I hate it when people say being gay is a fad. People have been gay since the beginning of time. There’s evidence of homosexual relationships in ancient Egypt, the Roman empire, Mesopotamia, etc. Why do these people think it was even talked about in the bible? Because these relationships were common! It’s fine if people want to have their own opinions about gay marriage, but you can’t make up your own facts. 

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Bumble bee
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Yuck. I’m not even going to click on it because I know it will just make me upset. 

I just keep telling myself that the bigot numbers keep dwindling as old bigots die off and young ones learn better. 

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Blushing bee
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I think his views are pretty disgusting for this day and age. The Bible is supposed to be a living, breathing Word of God (kind of like the Declaration of Independence.  Don’t you find it funny that “conservatives” don’t want to change either, but they cherry pick what they do and don’t like about them?) The Old Testament declares what Jewish people should and should not do, and many Christians use the Judaic Holiness Code to treat others viciously. Jesus came and changed the rules in the New Testament. He declared the Jewish “Holiness Code” to be exempt for his followers (please research this topic, it’s very enlightening) when he ate with Gentiles, did not ritually wash his hands before partaking in food, amongst other non-kosher things at the time.

First of all, the Holiness Code of Leviticus was written primarily as a ritual manual for Israel’s priests. Christians today are not bound by the rules and rituals described in Leviticus. (Galatians 3:22-25) If Christians today insist on using this passage to condemn homosexuality, then they are also bound by the other rules and rituals described in Leviticus.

Among other things, the Holiness Code of Leviticus prohibits:

Sexual intercourse during a women’s menstrual cycle


Wearing certain types of jewelry

Eating certain kinds of meat

Wearing clothing made from blended textiles (cotton-polyester blends)

Cross-breeding livestock

Sowing a field with mixed seed

Eating or touching the dead flesh of pigs, rabbits, & some forms of seafood

Men cutting their hair or shaving their beards…

Need I go on? Your linked article also brings up Bible quotes that women ought not to be priests, either.  Very disheartening, especially in 2012.  However, anyone who has read the Apocrypha knows that Mary Magdalene was also an Apostle, and a book of the Bible was written about her specifically. This book was left out of the Bible at the Treaty of Nicene, over 600 years ago, because they felt about women how your BIL’s pastor feels today.

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Bumble bee
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Yuck.  I stopped reading during the scripture-quoting mess in the middle, and I am sincerely hoping that this turns small-minded bigots away.  I find it hard to beleive this kind of hatespeech can still be published.

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Buzzing bee
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i didnt click on it because i know how angry i will get reading it!!!


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Busy bee
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I’ve seen this comparison a lot recently and it’s mortifying. It’s just so incredibly offensive on every single level…

In Australia last week the leader of the Austrailan Christian Lobby said that a homosexual lifestyle is MORE of a health risk than smoking… It’s like they WANT rational people to hate them.

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Busy bee
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I didn’t click because I don’t want to be angry all day, but that excerpt gave me the general idea. It’s sad that people are judged just because they are attracted to someone of the same gender- who the heck cares?! I believe in separation of church and state… Catholics don’t believe in gay marriage so okay, fine, stay archaic if you must… but that’s no reason why LEGALLY gay couples shouldn’t be allowed to get married and enjoy all of the benefits of marriage that heterosexual couples enjoy. Makes me sad that so many religious figures (not just Catholic- it spans all groups) are so quick to judge people based on who they are attracted to, yet conveniently ignore the other messages in their holy book of choice. Honestly, even if homosexuality is a “sin” in their eyes, don’t judge others because they sin differently than you do. Nobody is perfect, and people are WAY judgemental in my opinion.

Maybe they should be paying more attention to their own priests that are abusing little boys… and stop throwing stones in glass houses.

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Sugar bee
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Well, when he’s blaming all these evils on “the idea of evolution,” you know his grasp on reality is pretty tenuous!

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