(Closed) Anti-Vaccination Video by Penn and Teller….thoughts?

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    @senglish0410:  This is one of the few issues, on which, I will cause drama.  There is just so much ignorance, and misinformation.

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    I am not anti-vaccination – I just hate the fact you HAVE to get all the vaccinations at once – especially when you are from a family that has had multiple reactions to various vaccines (my sister never had the complete pertussis vaccine, I have a lump in my arm from one of the vaccines (from when I was an infant – 33 years ago!), my nephew has had multiple ongoing issues from the rotavirus vaccine etc.)

    If I do have children I would prefer to get the each of the first round of vaccinations individually just to monitor their response to the various vaccines. If you have an infant that has a severe reaction to one vaccine how are you going to know which one? Or if it was in fact one, or the combination of 2 or 3 of them???

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    I am immunosuppresed due to the prescribed monoclonal antibody I inject myself with to slow the progression of my chronic, neurodegenerative disease. I can not ever take live, attenuated vaccines, just the inactivated ones. 

    I thank every adult who chooses to immunise their children and stay up-to-date on their own. I am not an abstract concept. I am someone who can theoretically live or die by the choices of others. People are entitled to their own opinions. They are not entitled to their own facts.

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    @Bette_Noire:  BOOM. You’re my favourite person, at least until I get into bed next to my wife in a few minutes.  Then she takes over again… but for a few minutes that post gets you to the top of the list.

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    @Bette_Noire:  Fellow immunosuppressed person here. I agree with you and thank everyone that is thoughtful enough to take one for the team and protect people like Bette and myself who do not have immunity to diseases like this.

    It bugs me when people think it is no big deal but when the average person gets the flu they have a day or two off work tops. For me it could be 1-2 weeks and a possible hospital stay. I have had chicken pox 6 times because I cannot work up a natural immunity to it.

    And if you have an allergy to an immunisation that should not make you anti-immunisation. it should make you and your loved ones pro immunisation because those that get immunised are protecting you and those like you.

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    Well, that about sums it up.

    I don’t get vaccinated for me though… I get vaccinated so that I don’t kill someone by giving them a disease they have no immunity towards.

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    @senglish0410:  The chicken pox vaccine was not designed for the purpose of preventing kids from having chicken pox it was designed to prevent the elderly from getting shingles. Once you have the chicken pox virus (herpes zoster) it lays dormant in your spinal cord and can present as painful shingles during middle age (which sometimes is associated with life lasting complications).

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    I once had a bad reaction to a nasal-spray variety of a flu vaccine.  Turns out, I fall into the group of people that shouldn’t get that (history of asthma + insulin problems, which the clinician did not ask me about – they only asked if I was under 55).  So the next year, I insisted on the injection, despite the protests of the clinician that “I wasn’t old enough to need it,” and I had no problems.  I am still pro-vaccination.  In that instance, I wasn’t worried about getting the flu myself, but I worked in a healthcare setting, and I was participating in herd immunity.

    My partner’s sister cannot be vaccinated, because she has seizures when she receives a vaccine, and they don’t know what triggers them, so there’s no way to predict which vaccines might be safe and which ones aren’t.  So all vaccine are no-go for her.  So we absolutely rely on herd immunity to keep her safe and healthy – and hopefully, alive.

    I have always been pro-vaccination, but ever since meeting her, I am even more so, and I get angry about it.


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    this week I got three vaccinations done. I finished off my Hep A immunity, got the booster for tetanus (which they now have a version that includes a different vaccine for pertussis – those of you who couldn’t do that one take note and talk to your local healthcare providers!) and got vaccinations for typhoid, cholera and ETAC because I’m doing some travelling soon and I don’t want to a) get any nasty tropical diseases or b) bring them back and infect other people!



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    Thank you babeba! Enjoy your travels.

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    YEAH… for Penn & Teller (I have always liked those guys)

    Great video

    I am very much PRO-VACINATION

    But then, seeing as I am older, and have actually SEEN with my own eyes what happens when people don’t get vacinated (Polio, Meningitis etc)

    I get it

    It wasn’t so long ago that people got really & truly sick, mutilated, or died from things which we now have vaccines for.

    We should be learning from History…

    Because, sadly those who are Anti-Vacination, might not get the severity of all this… until the next big thing comes… and causes much devastation / heartache (and death)

    The world (especially North America) has been a rather “cloistered” place since the 1960s… and we’ve all lived in a “bubble” that says bad stuff doesn’t happen here

    (But maybe that was BECAUSE most of us were vacinated)

    Now with people opting out, it puts us all at risk.  Sadly.

    And the next big thing…

    Well it could be just the regular old flu

    Afterall Influenza has oftentimes been a Pandemic…

    In 1918 it was the Spanish Flu, that infected 500 Million people worldwide… killing somewhere between 50 and 100 Million people (numbers aren’t exactly known, cause Goverments didn’t want to publicize info, and cause any more panic than there already was)

    Avian Flu (A/H5N1) and Swine Flu (A/H1N1) have raised their ugly heads since 2000…

    As P&T so effectively say… we are not immune… it is just a matter of time until there is another Pandemic.

    Vacination tho goes a long way to keeping things at bay / under control.

    So I don’t understand people who opt out… well except for the RARE instances where there is a PROVEN Medical Reason…

    Makes NO Sense to me… eff around with your own health / life … but playing Roulette with a kid’s who has NO SAY in the matter … and that really makes me angry !!

    Just my 2 cents.


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    @TGold:  Weird coincidence! I’ve also never known someone else to have it 🙂 Having that reaction to it and then later actually getting this uncommon disease made me pre-vaccine.

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    Ok, I don’t normally comment on these threads but my friend had me look at this site and I died laughing: howdovaccinescauseautism.com

    Have a look, it’ll only take two seconds!

    Seriously though. I have way too many hippie friends who don’t believe in vaccinations.

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    I just came across this column and thought I’d send you all the link… http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/one-map-sums-damage-caused-anti-vaccination-movement




    Also I’ll throw in this photo the column has… The map shows the damage done by this anti-vaccination movement.





    “According to a 2003 report by researchers at the Pediatric Academic Society, childhood vaccinations in the US prevent about 10.5 million cases of infectious illness and 33,000 deaths per year.”


    Compare that to the dwindling numbers that cause autism, brain damage, and the more minor reactions… As a whole, vaccination is good and benefits the majority.


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