(Closed) Anti-Vaccine Movement Gives Diseases A 2nd Life

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I read about this story today. It’s horrible. This is why everyone needs to be vaccinated that is healthy enough. Our infants, the elderly, and immuno-compromised people or those on immunosuppressents are at a huge risk. As my mother suffers from an auto-immune disease and takes medicine to suppress her immune response to help her cope, I really worry about her catching something 🙁 


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I agree! Scary. I work for a family practice and this has been a concern of the doctor’s for some time.

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My thoughts on the anti-vaxxers are summed up by what Stan Marsh says to John Edward on that one South Park episode: “You aren’t just lying, you’re slowing down the progress of all mankind, you douche!”

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Absolutely. It makes me sick to think people actually believe they are making a good choice by not vaccinating. Horrible decision.

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How terribly heartbreaking.

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We need to improve science education in America!  I am so sick of people not “believing” in science.  WTF.  

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Two points:

I don’t know why it’s usually parents who are mentioned.  Yes, they are part of it, but children make some of the decision at some points, and there are vaccines recommended for adults.

I’m fed of up blame being put on everyone who doesn’t vaccinate their kids.  Everyone shouldn’t be recieving every vaccine.  If the reasons for not vaccinating are reasonable, stop with the blame.


I do wish everyone would get the vaccines that are recommended for them!

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Busy bee

If you choose not to vaccinate your child that’s your prerogative, but do me a favor and stay the fuck away from me and my family. These diseases are horrible and PREVENTABLE. All drugs have the possibility of side effects but I’d much rather take that gamble than have my kid die or end up permanently impaired because I don’t believe in modern medicine. 

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AB Bride:  I’m kind of confused by your points – when are children making the decisions about their own vaccines?  I know I didn’t make any of those medical decisions for myself until I was an adult – and it seems irresponsible for parents to put those decisions into the hands of their children (I’m not sure if this is what you’re saying, but it’s what it sounds like).  Also, I don’t think anyone (or, at least anyone reasonable) blames those who have legitimate reasons against vaccination.  That’s what herd immunity is all about – those who are unable to be vaccinated are also protected because everyone else has been vaccinated.  But it doesn’t work if otherwise healthy people start opting out of vaccinations.

These stories are heartbreaking.  Like FutureDrAtkins, my Mother-In-Law suffers from an auto-immune disease and can’t receive most vaccinations – the thought of her (or my future babies before they’re old enough to be vaccinated) contracting a dangerous but preventable disease because of some selfish, uninformed person makes me livid.  

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Makes me think of the Jenny McCarthy Body Count. I think it’s incredibly selfish to not vaccinate a kid who has no reason that they can’t vaccinate and hope that everyone else getting vaccinated will protect you. Becaue there are kids out there who have real medical reasons why they can’t vaccinate and they need the herd immunity.

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Unless if there is a SOLID medical reason (not based on a study done by a complete quack), you are a Grade A selfish asshole if you choose not to vaccinate your children. You’re putting your child and your entire community at risk of a deadly disease just because you chose to believe a study that has been PUBLICLY debunked many times.

I know it’s a stretch, but I’m honestly surprised that Andrew Wakefield (author of the fraudulant study) and anti-vaxxer parents have not been held criminally (or have had the crap sued out of them) for fueling disease epidemics (i.e. measles).

I like me some science, and nothing infuriates me more when ignoring science puts peoples’ lives at risk.

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SadieBee:  When they were done in my jr. high and high school parents were not there.  In jr. high I’m not sure if a consent form had to be signed, I did not get vaccinated and no one was officially checking why I wasn’t (it was based on a recommendation made by my doctor after blood work).  In high school, I made the decision on my own, as I wasn’t in the group at risk for the disease (didn’t go to raves, didn’t smoke to share cigarettes) so my parents left that decision up to me.  Even if they hadn’t, no consent form was needed so the students made the final decision whether they went or not.

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SadieBee:  Agreed. I’m wondering the same thing. 

AB Bride:  There are always exceptions and I don’t think anyone is angry over those exceptions but if your kid doesn’t have a reason not to be vaccinated, I feel that it’s wildly irresponsible not to protect them and those around them from these preventative diseases. Also, like SadieBee, I’m curious as to what you mean by children making these decisions. It’s not like the pediatrician is asking little Johnny if he wants the MMR vaccine. All Johnny cares about is the spongebob bandaid and lollipop that he’s been promised.  – Nevermind, saw your update. 

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Why didn’t that woman’s doctor recommend the tDAP when she was pregnant? How did she not know to get it when she has older kids?

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