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Very similiar situation! I have been on Zoloft (though a low dosage) for my whole adult life. Darling Husband and I are TTC next month. So,last summer, I weaned myself from 50 mg to 25 over the course of two months. I was also going to therapy 2-3 a month (and I still do.) I am currently going from 25-12.5 mg and then 12.5-7.25, I have gotten really good at cuttung pills. Most doctors will tell you to do it over the course of a couple of weeks but I want to do this in a smart way and minimize the shock to my system as much as possible. So, I am taking 12.5 and will do so for the next week and then alternate between 12.5 and 7.25 for a week, or until I feel used to it and then take just 7.25 for a week, alternate between 7.25 and none for a week and then be done.) Zoloft is a class B drug so it is neither proven nor not proven harmful, but I dont want to risk. The thing is to remember is that your anxiety/depression will still be there once you are done, so you need to suppliment with therapy/meditation etc. Best of luck!

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Moi! I was on Citalopram (Celexa) for three years, weaned off for a few months after my libido and energy tanked, ended up trying Wellbutrin with a rider of Lexapro for another 2 years, weaned off for 8 months, went back on Lexapro only after I got sick (was diagnosed first with Major Depressive Disorder but it turned out to be Mononucleosis — I knew something was wrong but my GP wouldn’t run the blood test). I kept taking the Lexapro after a blood text gave me the correct diagnosis even though I knew from being off for 8 months prior that I felt fine. About 8 months after I started taking it, I weaned off again, slowly, and had a few blips adjusting to the “BIG” emotions again, but otherwise felt great.

I have been off meds for over a year now and I feel fine. I have had only one or two panic attacks of note, and only one recent incident of depression, which was probably seasonal and due to the fact that I’m experiencing third-trimester hormones. Now that daylight savings is in effect, I feel WAY better. (Basically, fuck February forever.)

I had no problems TTC, even with going off birth control fairly shortly after antidepressants. That was scary because I thought stopping the pill would make my moods CRAZIER, but it made them BETTER. Fancy that! I was off antidepressants completely for about 5 months before TTC and off birth control for 4 months. We conceived on the first cycle, but I was also charting so I knew when to do the deed.

I would recommend making sure you have other coping skills firmly in place, like meditation or cognitive behavioral techniques, before starting to wean. Take it slow, and see your therapist regularly.

I know many people who have continued or started to take Lexapro or Zoloft during pregnancy and breastfeeding with no (apparent) ill effects. So just know that if things come completely crashing down, it IS an option, and a good one, if your ultimate wellbeing is at stake.

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I was taking 200 mg Lamictal, but because of the risk of cleft palate, my psych took me down to 100 mg po q hs and then 300 mg Wellbutrin po q am. I have bipolar disorder, so it’s a bit different, but my doctor felt that it was safer for me to continue being medicated even during trying to conceive.

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I was on celexa for a few years and weaned off and then couldn’t cope and got back on. The next time I weaned off VERY SLOOOOOOWWWWLy and it has been ok. Also, getting off the birth control pills seemed to improve my moods quite a bit as well. What a surprise! I think it is critical not to rush it. 

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My husband and I just started seriously talking about TTC (about a year before we thought we’d be ready!).  Before we TTC, I have to do a few things healthwise.  First, I have to get my thyroid problem under control (I found out I was hyperthyroid back in December, then it swtiched to hypothyroidism strangely in February, so now I’m on meds for it that are safe for pregnancy). Once my endocrinologist gives me the go ahead, we’re going to try.  But before that I also need to get off Celexa/citalopram.  I’m considering trying start weaning off starting tomorrow.  My husband is a doctor, and he recommended I start by going from 20mg (my current dose) to 10mg for 2 weeks.  Then nothing.  We’ll see how I feel.  I’m nervous about going off because I don’t want to feel like crap from going off it, and I am a bit nervous that my depression/anxiety will return.  I’m almost 27, and I’ve been on it for about 4 years now.  We’ll see!  Good luck!

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I’ve been on and off Wellbutrin for… longer than I care to admit, probably about 10 years.  I just do better on it, but have very few true depressive episodes now.  End of winter is always the most difficult for me.  I came off of the Wellbutrin shortly before we started TTC and as of now I’m doing fine at 18 weeks pregnant!  I feel like my emotions are appropriate and proportional to what’s going on.  I also talked to my husband and doctor about watching for signs of depression with me, because I will be the last to admit that I’m having a hard time.  I think that being open and honest with myself, my family, and my doc about what I need and what to look for has helped a lot.


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I will be going through this very thing this fall before ttc in december. I’ve been on zoloft for a year now, before that it was lexapro, but zoloft has really been working wonders for me! I’m hoping that with yoga and meditation and maybe monthly counceling once pregnant, all will be well. Then after baby comes I can get back on it eventually, depending on breast feeding. : ) I have hope. I have also weaned off lexapro before and it wasn’t so bad…just don’t ever go cold turkey, withdrawl sucks!

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sjhanddab2014:  I have been on anitdepressants for 10+ years.  Last year I became pregnant while still on them and was weaning myself off of them before MC, where I immediately went back on them.  We are TTC again now and I plan on doing the same thing – continuing to take them until I get my BFP then weaning myself off of them.  If I were to stop taking them now I’d probably wind up divorced before I wound up pregnant.  I was really concerned with weaning off of them during pregnancy, but my doctor advised most women don’t need them during.

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