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Oh I had this problem too and also posted it on the bee, but the best suggestion I got was in real life. We bought Raid’s Bug Barrier – we vacummed up all the ants, and sprayed the barrier stuff around all base boards and doorways (indoors). We also placed ant traps outside as well, all around the house. Between those two things, they FINALLY did go away, but there were a few spots where we knew they were coming in (primarily the bathroom and one wall in the living room) where we had to repeat the process a few times.

If you have an infestation though, as in they’re in the walls, under the house, etc. you might have to have an exterminator come out and do a spray. I hate ants, so I think it is well worth the money!

Good luck!

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No homemade solutions or immediate tips, but when I had an ant problem a while ago the gel worked. imo the best thing you can do is find out where they’re coming from! the bait isn’t going to do anything unless you can stop them coming in

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We’ve had ants in various homes that we’ve lived in in Florida. For us the only thing that really works is having an exterminator come twice a month (I think that’s how often he gets to my mom’s.)

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Couple of things to try-

1)traps inside wherever you see heavy concentrations of ants(these usually take a day or two to work- they are designed so the ants carry poison back to their home and share it with the other ants)

2)create a barrier between your home and outside- either use a spray designed for this, or diatomaceous earth.  You will need to do every doorway, window sill etc.  

3) get a spray for outdoor use- again treat a line going all the way around the home.  Also look for any places in the yard where you can see the wholes and treat there. 

This should do it unless you have them nesting in your wall/under your house.  In that case a professional exterminator is your best bet. 

It could be worse- here in NC we get to fight with fire ant. I’m going to have to treat the yard this week, they are all over and are biting our dogs way to often.  They suck! It itches like crazy when they bite you.

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We have this problem, too! Our place is clean, but it’s in the basement of an old house that appears to have a masonry ant problem thoughout. We started by using cornmeal–they take it back as food, but when they eat it it kills them (it expands), but that wasn’t working fast enough, so we got liquid traps with borax, and that has cleared them out so far. Ugh, so frustrating to see them marching around.

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Ew, we had this as well. I bought the ant traps to set out (took a few days before they all took it home to eat and die), and then we sprayed Tempo around and on the house to repel them. Those two together seemed to have done the trick. People around here swear by Tempo spray. 

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Sugar + Borax. Mix into water. 

Here’s a link – http://www.food.com/recipe/get-rid-of-ants-ants-ants-203233


I was skeptical. Every year we’ve sprayed with chemicals and still had ants. We used this mixture the first time we saw ants in our kitchen this year, haven’t seen them since!

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Take a walk around your yard and look for ant hills.  You can pour the borax or other insecticide right into them.

Follow them around to see if you can find where they’re getting in.  In my case it was gaps between the flooring and the wall where they were able to get in from the crawlspace.  I sealed them using regular caulking and that made a big difference.

The store bought gel didnt work well for me, they didnt seem that interested in it.  The stuff got super sticky over night too, so I had little puddles of sticky bait lying around, and it’s a hazard to pets as well.

The exterminator had a much stronger paste style bait they used,  and they just put tiny amounts under the edge of baseboards, closet doors etc where the ants could get at them, but it was harder for pets to reach.

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add a line of salt where the doorways are…. they don’t cross it.

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Here’s what you do. It’s THE BEST. We’ve used it for ants in the house, and when they live in our cars.

Combat Gel for Ants. It comes in a syringe, and you squirt it in the middle of trails or large groups. They all converge, eat it, take it back home, everyone eats it and dies. In a day or two, they should all be gone. Then yeah, vaccuum them up and such. We got it at Ace Hardware. Home Depot or even the grocery store may have it too.

ETA: Didn’t realise you were looking for homemade solutions. If it were me, I’d just leave. I don’t do bugs. Haha.

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Boric acid and raid.  We just had an infestation that we are still battling mostly with raid.

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