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Ugh I hate anxiety…it pretty much ruined my mid 20s. After a year of therapy and trying various relaxation techniques and seeing a naturopath, I finally went on an anti-anxiety med called Buspar. I understand that’s not the answer for everyone though.

I’m going through a lot of the same stressors-moving across the country, planning a wedding, trying to find a job, finishing my thesis…not to mention my dad and my best friend from high school died last year and I seriously lost it. I couldn’t even do the simplest tasks like sending emails; I would just cry to my Fiance about how it was too hard. Making any phone calls to wedding vendors was a nightmare. I’m so sorry you’re going through this! PM me if you want to talk!

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Ayyyy, anxiety is so hard, I’m sorry you are having issues right now!  I get major anxiety off and on.  I had about a 4 month spell right after being engaged and figuring out what to do with the wedding.  It sucked.  I couldn’t get excited about the wedding and was so worried about everything, in a bad mood, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t think, was overly and irrationally emotional, etc..  It’s something that no one can understand the feeling of unless you’ve been through it.  It always helps me to keep a journal when I have spells of it.  I get into a routine of putting 1 hour aside before going to bed just for “me” time.  I listen to nice music (Norah Jones and Enya are my favorite for this!), write in my journal, read a novel, etc.  The journal really helps weed out the legitimate emotions and ones that are irrational, for me anyway.  Seeing things on paper somehow helps.  And the downtime before bed is just a way for forced relaxation and getting away from the work issues, studying, wedding planning, etc.  It’s kind of like a ritual to me.  This past bout of anxiety was probably the worst I’ve had, and went on a medication to help me sleep better.  I thought that really helped too, as it was a spiral of not getting good sleep, then being tired and irritable/emotional during the day, not being able to sleep, repeat.  Having good sleep and feeling rested really helps the brain process info better and calm down.  Anyway, good luck with everything!  You are not alone!

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Ah anxiety my old friend well I shoudn’t say old friend since I still work on it everyday. About three months after I got engaged I decided to see a counselor about my anxiety. I’ve suffered from depression since high school and have bin takeing meds for it, and have it under control. I’ve learned talking it out really helps. My big thing is money, I dont make enough will I ever make enough. Basicly it came down to making gaint lists of moeny coming in and out, and with help of Fiance a buget for when we move in together in May. Seeing it out on paper its not as scary. I also knit, do yoga, cook and work out to releive stress. Maybe talking it these things out with your Fiance or a trusted friend would help you too. 

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I am so stressed. I seriously wish my fiance and I would have planned to elope in secret. We got about 60 more people who wanted to go than we expected. The vendors are mostly annoying, and can’t seem to figure anything out without getting my opinion on every last particle of their projects. We just bought a new house, still moving, had relatively recent lateral job moves, and an interview for a promotion about a week before the wedding. I am sick an tried of people asking me about my theme (since when does a wedding need to have a theme?), and now that I finally decided on a theme (film noir), they want to know what kind of film noir. How pretentious and defined does my theme need to be? Maybe I should just have a stage production of Bonnie and Clyde for my wedding? I am sick of the vendors who act like the napkins, accents on the flowers/cake need to match the wedding party’s outfits. I think that’s a goofy tradition that needs to go away. When was the last time you went to a classy party other than a prom or a wedding where your dress needs to match the napkins. I think much of the etiquette and superstition is invented just to make things more complicated, cause brides to panic and spend too much money. 

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