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@BellaDee:  As I said on the other post, I was exactly the same. I had a moment of happiness before freaking out. Hindsight is a great thing but this is how I dealt with things when I ultimately MCd. I dealt with each thing one at a time. I now take things one day at a time as I continue to deal with it.

I was not like this when I was pregnant. I was terrified every day.  I stayed in bed when i was cramping. I avoided anything that may harm the pregnancy. I went for multiple scans from week 7 to make sure all was ok. But it didn’t change a thing. I still MCd. 

Im not telling you this to freak you out as mine had a bad result. The chances are that all will be ok. But all this worrying will NOT change it. I’m Hoping that nxt time I can take my own advice. 

Just take each day at a time. Join the September boards for support. Do meditation/acupuncture to help with stress levels. Talk to your therapist.

You Will be fine! 

Congrats again!!

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Aww hun it will be ok! I remember another bee posting about reciting some positive thoughts when she felt herself worrying at an unhealthy level. Things like thanking her body for being strong and growing her baby, telling her baby how much she loved him/her, telling herself what a good mother she would be, etc. I can’t remember who it was, but that idea of verbalizing positive thoughts stuck with me. Worrying truly solves nothing!

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You poor thing!

Nothing like pregnancy anxiety on top of normal anxiety on top of raging hormones to really mess up your day!

I’m glad you’re seeing someone–I hope it gets MUCH better for you in the second tri, when your moods/hormones chill out a little!

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@BellaDee:  Hugs honey! 
I work in pediatrics, and actually have a lot of experience working in neonatal and pediatric intensive care. While some may see that as a curse because I see the worst of the worst, I also get to see the amazing outcomes of medicine. While I cannot control what is happening, I know that there is an amazing medical staff at my hospital in case I would need them.  Just as many other families have put their trust me in while caring for their child, I would be doing the same with them. That comforts me. Just say positive, as I feel a persons mindset helps dramatically. Plus, we are wedding date twins and practically POAS twins. So, Im in this with you 🙂

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Congrats!! I have never been pregnant but I am definitely similar to you in regards to health related anxiety. I can be absolutely terrible with anxiety and hypochondria and have seen a therapist as well to try to put a limit on the worry. 

One of the best things my therapist told me regarding stress was that “Worry is a downpayment on a problem you may never have.” This really helped put it into perspective for me! Hope this helps you too! 

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@BellaDee:  Honestly, reading this was a relief to me. I have health anxiety (I try not to say hypochondria, cuz people think it’s funny), and I am hoping to start TTC soon. As it is, many everyday pains I feel worry me, so I only hope I can handle it when my body feels totally different and unfamiliar. But I want a baby, so I’ll just have to bite the bullet. I need to go to therapy, but my last therapist just tried to talk me into anxiety meds (I don’t like meds, cuz I’m scared of side-effects…), so I didn’t go back. I’m just so glad to know I’m not the only one.




That said, you’re not a failure. It’s an especially hard anxiety to deal with (I think) because it’s hard to tell someone they’ll be fine if they stop thinking about their health. One thing I had to stop doing is looking online for information about almost everything. Now, if I really need to know about something, I find the WebMD page, and have Darling Husband read it, then tell me anything he thinks I really need to know. In some cases, ignorance is bliss.




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@BellaDee:  You might have seen my posts floating around the boards, but I have a crazy brain right now. I am in the process of really working on myself and there are a lot of thoughts and feelings I am not comfortable talking about with the Bee yet, but I just want you to know that there are women who feel the same way (or worse). It’s normal. There is a point where anxiety becomes not normal–when you feel it will impair your ability to bond with your child.

You are still in the very early stages of pregnancy, so I think your fears are natural. I felt the same way. I felt is came so easily for me, and I didn’t have any problems that I anticipated SOMETHING going wrong.

Dr. Google doesn’t help, books might make you more crazy as well. I quit reading pregnancy books and just took each day as it came. The Bee was a better place for information for me (besides my doctor). The BEST thing I have done thus far for my pregnancy was take a birthing class so I knew how things would be done and so someone could tell me true statistics and information, so I will recommend that to you when you get farther along.

I know we are both sufferers of very strong anxiety so if you need anyone to talk to please PM any time. My anxiety has increased to its worst in recent weeks, so I am going through it in full swing right now as well as some pretty sleepless nights.

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Having concerns is completely normal. Take care of yourself And remember to take deep, cleansing breaths when you start to get worked up. 

Just a note… A c-section isn’t a terrible thing. It wasn’t on my list of things to do, I had planned an unmedicated birth, but my nearly nine pound daughter (I’m quite petite) had other plans. As I labored, my mantra was I’ll do anything to ensure my daughter is healthy. I ended up having a c-section, but you know what, we’re both healthy and happy. 

Find a doctor you trust. That was crucial for me.

oh, and maybe look into a prenatal yoga class. Mine taught breathing and childbirtn education. It was enlightening. 

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The beginning weeks were pretty rough for me as well…Anxiety, panicky questions, heart racing, sleepless nights… it was awful. Yet, I just had to take it one (seemingly so very slow) day at a time. 

When I went to the doctor I was prescribed an early ultrasound because my uterus felt larger than my EDD. When I saw our sweet gummy bear with a good heartrate and right on schedule, a lot of the anxiety went away for me. It comes in waves now. Especially now because I don’t have as many symptoms entering the second trimester. Yet, I have to know that I’m doing all I can do and the rest I cannot help. 

What has helped me: 

Deep breathing

Positive affirmations

Success stories! 

I’m crocheting a blanket for the baby which takes away a lot of anxious energy


Talking about it with my DH/ writing it all down 


I hope you begin to feel better. The beginning weeks are terrifying! ((hugs)) Remember you have a whole community supporting you and letting you talk it out! 


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