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How did your anxiety/panic effect you during pregnancy? I am almost 16 weeks pregnant, and I can say it has only affected it slightly. I have only had two full blown panic attacks since discovering I was pregnant: one was my heart was racing 92 beats a minute, I believe, and I felt like I couldn’t breath. It was just anxiety attack since my body was producing my blood and oxygen (I called the ER to make sure–I was told if my HR reaches over 100 beats per min to go in to be safe). It’s normal to feel light headed and dizzy as well. My other panic attack was the other day when I started having pain in my pelvic region. It went away within a day and was just round ligament pain.

Did it change/disappear at all? I say it was subsided for now, but I am sure it will flare back up as I get closer to delivering and once I am in labor. I refuse to research what labor feels like or what I will go through because at this point I don’t need to know. It is something I will have to go through no matter what, so what is the point of scaring the hell out of myself at 16 weeks when I have over 20 weeks left to go?

What helped you stay calm and collected? Making sure to ask my doctor questions, even minor ones, knowing what was normal and not, and breathing exercises.

If you are already a momma, how was labor? Did you have a panic attack knowing you’d be giving birth within the next day or so? I can’t answer this properly, but I am sure I will be a wreck. I went to therapy for my anxiety and I will have taken birthing classes by this point so hopefully that will help. I think a lot of this will fall on my husband’s demeanor in the delivery room and how much he can assist keeping me calm and positive.

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How did your anxiety/panic effect you during pregnancy?

I do get panic attacks once in a while, I did not have any attacks while pregnant.

Did it change/disappear at all? What helped you stay calm and collected?

See above.  It helped reading books on pregnancy to asking a ton of questions to my doctor and already mothers.

If you are already a momma, how was labor?

It was scary, but that was also because I went into labor 7 weeks early.  Though the nurses and doctors were awesome and kept me calm. 

 Did you have a panic attack knowing you’d be giving birth within the next day or so?

No with going into labor early, I wasn’t really prepared yet so it was more like had to deal with it now as it was happening

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@BellaDee:  I have a general anxiety disorder as well as chronic depression disorder. I got off my medications when I found out I was pregnant and I was so scared.

Luckily I have experienced less panic attacks and other symptoms of my disorders since being off medication with this pregnancy. I wonder if it is due to the hormones? I have only had a few panic attacks and I just try to manage them with breathing techniques and warm baths. Sometimes there isnt much more I can do than that.

I just try to take things one day at a time. Pregnancy is a commitment and it’s a lengthy one. It will be worth it in the end though!!

IN speaking about medications- I am going to try my best to cope without for as long as I can so I can breastfeed. I did tell my husband that I will let him know at any point I start to feel like I need to get back on them and that will be that. He has told me that breastfeeding is ultimately my decision and I can start/stop whenever I want.


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I have no advice since I have panic attacks but I’m not pregnan.  So I’m commenting to follow the thread. 

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Hi, I am a first time mum to a 6 month old little girl and i have suffered with Social Anxiety and general anxiety for as long as i can remember. 

I tried not to let it effect my pregnany but i couldnt help be a worrier from day one. I also have OCD so obsessed about every little thing in pregnancy and over alanysed everything. 

Due to my anxieties my blood pressure was high throughout and i received extra monitoring because of it.

I tried not to think about labour and delivery and i was surprised at how calm and collected i was when the time came. I laboured without any pain medication, no gas and air until i had to have an emergency forceps delivery.

The turn of events during my final stage of labour sent my blood pressure soaring, i had the shakes and felt sick. I was panicking that baby would not be ok and required regular reassurance from the midwives. 

My daughter was delivered with a few complications but was healthy in the end.

After delivery i got post natal depression. I was a mess. my daughter had colic and i could not cope. I felt like the world was caving in around me. I wasnt sleeping, i wasnt eating and i felt unconnected to my daughter which broke my heart.

I spoke to my health visitor and received councilling.

6 months on i could not be in a better place. my anxieties are still there but improving by going to mother and baby groups and i now feel so much love for my daughter.

would i do it again…yes definately. 

probably not the answer you were looking for, but its and honest one. 

I wish you the best ad hope you do not go through what i did. if you do, ride it out, it will all come out in the wash.

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How did your anxiety/panic effect you during pregnancy? I am a pretty laid back, go-with-the-flow type of girl. & at 30w3d I haven’t had much anxiety or panic. Sometimes I find myself getting worried that I may accidently drop my daughter, or she won’t be warm enough, or whatever. – They’re all nonsense fears, and I usually just think of ways to make sure they don’t happen. Like, leaving the light on in the halls at night so when I wake up with the baby, I can see where I’m walking and things like that…

Your sex life definitely changes while pregnant (atleast our’s has). We used to have sex frequently, and since our BFP we have maybe had sex 6 times. It hurts me a lot… so of course, I started getting freaked out about our marriage after the baby. “If our sex life is like this now, then what happens when she comes??”

I’ve talked to some of my mom friends, and they told me that things get better… and not to worry. I’ve also obviously talked to DH about it, and he is less worried than me so that helps a lot 😉

What helped you stay calm and collected? My husband is a great help. He is very level headed, so whenever I do have a fear- he tells me not to worry, and that I am a great mom. Also, I know that I was created to do this. I know that I was made to be a mother- so I tell myself that whenever I do start to get worried about things.

If you are already a momma, how was labor? Did you have a panic attack knowing you’d be giving birth within the next day or so?

Haven’t had baby yet, but I’m not the least bit scared. I have an amazing doula, an amazing midwife, and I’m more excited about the process than anything else.

Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/anxiety-pregnancy#ixzz2iZqvQsZ2

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I’m 28w3d, I suffer from Anxiety and Panic Disorder.  I was on medication (Effexor) until June 2012. I weened off before the wedding, knowing we would soon be TTC. I figured if I could handle the wedding without medication, I could handle everything.  I have not had a panic attack in 2 years (thank god!)

How did your anxiety/panic effect you during pregnancy?

I have learned to cope with it a lot better than I have in the past.  Only the last couple of weeks I have noticed my anxiety become more frequent again. Things like Ultrasounds and Diabetes tests were stressing me out. They shouldn’t have, but b/c of my disorder they did. I’m trying my best to stay calm but it’s becoming more difficult the closer I get to having her.

Did it change/disappear at all? What helped you stay calm and collected?

Yes it’s changed but I also think it’s common for women to get anxious as they get closer to giving birth.  My husband has helped me a lot, he gives me a lot of backrubs and when I have a “moment” he just gives me a big hug and does his best to calm me down.


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@BellaDee:  I’ve always been a bit of an anxious person and when I’m not in control & don’t know when to expect i crumble and fall apart. This is what happened to me while we were planning our wedding. I ended up getting on Paxil 4 months before our wedding & getting a RX for Xanax  to help me cope with super stressful situations (like my wedding day). Sometimes I just NEED to be in the moment and not worry about what’s next. The paxil/xanax combo really helped. I went off of the paxil when we got home from our honeymoon (1 year ago) – and have taken maybe a dozen xanax over a year or so. Honestly once I got through the wedding my anxiety went WAY down! 

How did your anxiety/panic effect you during pregnancy? When I first found out I was pregnant I worried about m/c ALL of the time. I had to remind myself that if I had a m/c there was NOTHING i could do about it. Shy of abusing my body (drugs/alcohol or tramua to my abdomen) a m/c would be out of my control. I often ask myself, “is this a life or death situation?” and because the answer is almost ALWAYS no I’m learning to calm myself. (I’ll tell DH that when he is driving poorly that it IS a matter of life or death and to knock it off). 

Did it change/disappear at all?  For the most part I’ve been feeling great but last week I started feeling anxious. My first sign of anxiety is that I feel short of breath/just can’t catch my breath. It went on for a few days and I asked myself what I was doing differently & also googled “anxiety & food.” – I came to the realization that I hadn’t taken my magnesium supplment for almost a week (I take it because my naturpath reccomended magnesium to help with my headaches) – I just didn’t realize that a magnesium diffency can also increase anxiety. I started taking my magnesium again and within 5 days my anxious feelings went away. 

What helped you stay calm and collected?  For me, I will continue to ask myself “is this life or death” or “is this a situation i have any control over” & will take my magnesium. If I feel like those things aren’t helping then I’ll happily go see my counselor to keep myself sane!

If you are already a momma, how was labor? Did you have a panic attack knowing you’d be giving birth within the next day or so? I can’t answer this one because I’m not due until March.


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How did your anxiety/panic effect you during pregnancy?


I was anxious over everything when I was pregnant with DD and spent the whole nine months worrying. I was an anxoius person to begin with but it just got worse


Did it change/disappear at all?


After having DD my anxiety really change. I am no longer anxious and have really enjoyed living in the moment. I think not having much time to form a thought, nevermine worry has been a huge factor. 


What helped you stay calm and collected?


I personally tried to have faith in my husband. I also read books about subjects that I may had been uneasy about in order to feel more informed. 


If you are already a momma, how was labor? Did you have a panic attack knowing you’d be giving birth within the next day or so?


I started my contractions on Tues and didn’t have her until Sunday so by that time I was ready. Her heart rate was constantly monitored so I knew she was safe.







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I have GAD, and I’ve seen a therapist for years, often on some combination of pharmeceutical. In preparation for pregnancy and life changes, and to alter my way of thinking therapeutically, I began a mindfulness-awareness meditation practice over a year ago. This practice has made a greater difference for me than talk therapy or medication.


How did your anxiety/panic effect you during pregnancy?

I came off my medication for the third time this February with little notable effect, but some increase in anxiety. I’ve had one or two minor, controllable panic attacks since then.

When I stopped taking hormonal birth control a few months after that, I was very pleased to note that my anxiety level lessened considerably. I was really worried about stopping my SSRI *and* birth control because I always thought birth control helped stabilize my moods. It turns out, I was wrong. I think synthetic hormones have been a big part of my anxiety all along.

So far, I have felt great and have had little or no anxiety since becoming pregnant.

Did it change/disappear at all?

Yes. Since getting pregnant, I have had little to no anxiety or depression. I am of the mindset that pregnancy hormones are protective against it. My energy level hasn’t been great, but my moods are fine. In normally stressful situations I am able to remain calm and relaxed.

Basically, pregnancy has rendered me able to just not give a fuck.

What helped you stay calm and collected?

My meditation practice.

Lots of rest and saying “no” to overcommitment.


Limiting my commitments.

Positive reading, like Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery, Guide to Childbirth, and Midwife’s Manifesto. Avoiding hysterical literature or anything incindiary.

Limiting time on the internet.

If you are already a momma, how was labor? Did you have a panic attack knowing you’d be giving birth within the next day or so?

I have not yet gone into labor, but I enjoy physical challenges and endurance events (pain and strenuous activity are not one of my triggrers). I see labor as a rite of passage that I will have few changes to experience and I am honestly looking forward to experiencing labor and its challenges and rewards the most out of my entire pregnancy.

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How did your anxiety/panic effect you during pregnancy?

I stopped taking any meds the weekend I found out I was pregnant. I have/had generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. I was taking Buspar and Xanax so it was easier to stop than if I were on an SSRI. Most of my anxiety was health related or fear of not being in control. I didn’t feel anxiety at all during my pregnancy and didn’t have any anxiety attacks. And I had to deal with some pretty stressful situations. 

My baby is 9 weeks old and I haven’t had any anxiety since he was born either…knock on wood. 


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