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Sugar bee

I don’t know, I don’t think having higher levels of empathy is necessarily a bad thing. I’m the same way in a lot of aspects. Like sports, I always feel bad for the losing team. It gets me out of watching games with DH, because I’m always rooting for whomever is losing versus “our team.”

I just put myself in other people’s shoes a lot, though I have to say that doesn’t usually translate if someone “deserves” whatever negative is coming to them. Like your car accident example. I don’t think I’d let it affect me as much as I would say your grandmother working at the casino example. 

I’ve been this way since I was little too. I was always a very sensitive kid, still am in many ways, even though I’ve trained myself to “get over” a lot of it. 

I would say the worst for me is animals. I believe there is a special place in hell for people who abuse animals, and I can’t stomach watching abuse of any kind. My animals have boundaries, but they’re loved, and they know they’re loved. When I hear or see stories of people hurting animals, of any kind, I see red almost instantly. Then I want to cry because animals just don’t understand evil – it’s just .. ugh. I’m going to cry just typing this (and promptly blame it on pregnancy hormones). 

With all of that said, it’s fine to feel empathic towards people and situations but there’s always things you don’t see. Maybe grandma works at the casino because she doesn’t WANT to be endlessly available to grandkids – I hear it more and more.

Your empathy just shouldn’t hinder your every day life in a profound way – though I’m quite glad I don’t have to be subjected to sports games 🙂

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Helper bee
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I too have very high levels of empathy. Though they aren’t as high as yours in terms of not beating someone in a game, I can relate to other examples you gave. I too suffer from anxiety as well. My mind is always racing and I am always thinking about the unjustices in the world. It’s funny you mention not being able to watch shows because of something terrible happening to someone on it. I am THE EXACT SAME WAY. My husband is always giving me a hard time about it, telling me it’s fake and doesn’t understand why it affects me so much. I tell him that yes, in that moment it is fake, but this kind of terrible stuff DOES happen to people every day, and seeing it played out in front of you does not help! Alot of the times I wish I was not so empathetic because it really does interfere with my life alot. However, many people tell me that I am one of the kindest, most compassionate people they know, and I have to thank my empathy for that. So no, bee, you are not alone. <3

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