(Closed) any advice about breast enlargement surgery? (aka boob job)

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No idea about cost, but I do have a question. Do you plan on having children? And have you researched how this type of surgery could affect breast feeding? Also – most mothers I know “got” their boobs during pregnancy and they never went all the way back down. So they do have a chance to naturally grow again. I dk about the surgery aspects and don’t know anyone that’s had one, sorry no help there!

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Every woman I know, including my mom, has regretted getting their boobs done after awhile. In my mom’s case, they were so much larger than the rest of her frame and that made them look obviously fake even though they were well done. And it’s hard for her to find shirts that fit well because if they’re big enough in the bust, they’re baggy elsewhere, and if they fit across the belly they’re skankily tight across the chest. Many women later wish they’d never gotten them done, and either go under surgery again to have them removed or have smaller implants put in, or just have to deal with it because they don’t want to have surgery again.

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i bet that not a lot of people are going to give you any positive feedback. i have never had surgery but my advice for you is this: if you can afford it and you feel it will make you happy/more confident, then go for it. don’t listen to anyone else. make sure you think about your options and understand possible consequences, but do what makes you happy.

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My aunt is about your size, and had hers done last year.  She said it was the absolute best decision that she ever made.  She said it was no more painful than a dentist appointment.  She had hers done on a Friday, and she was bra shopping the next day. 

She went from a B to a 36C, and they look (and feel!) really good.  She let me touch them, LOL.  Sounds creepy, I know.  I have been interested in getting mine done, so I asked her a lot of questions.

We live in Missouri, and she paid $6,000 for a very reputable surgeon.  She did a LOT of consultations and reference checks before finding a good fit.

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If you’re planning to have kids and breastfeed, I’d wait. I had mine done after I was done having kids and breastfeeding. I nursed three kids for two-three years each and was left with lopsided barely A cups when I was done. It was the one thing I couldn’t change about my body through eating healthy and working out. I’ve never regretted having breast augmentation…not one single day in the last 4.5 years.

I had them done when I was 30. I live in HB and I had five consultations with local surgeons in NB and every one of them said I needed a lift. I went to Dr. Nguyen http://www.cosmeticinstitute.org/ on the recommendation of several friends and he assured me I didn’t need a lift if I went big enough. I had 510cc and 520cc implants and it was enough to both fill me out and even me out. I’m a 34 D now and honestly, I’ll probably go a little bigger when I get them redone. Everyone I know who has used my doctor has been thrilled with the results and his cost including the anesthesiologist back then was under $5000. Not sure what he is charging now.

Good luck with your decision! I will say that there are definitely some things that are harder to wear now, and finding the right bra took a couple of months, but I wouldn’t trade them in! πŸ˜‰


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I am done having babies, and now I’m soooo getting my boobies done! They are not what they used to be, thats for sure. If I were you, I would wait until after you have kids. I had the perkiest set before breastfeed, now they have lost their oomph. Not exactly saggy, but not as firm as they used to be.

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My SIL and my hairstylist had theirs done. Both are thrilled. My SIL breastfed, too! If you want ’em, go for them!

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Not for noting, but have you considered waiting a few more years?  I used to have pretty tiny boobs (A-cup) when I was in college (in my late teens/early 20’s).  After college they got slightly bigger (not from weight gain).  I think it was a gravity thing.  Granted, I did not go from an A to a C (I am a B right now) but my point is that my body definitely changed throughout my 20’s (I am 33 now). Oh, and I first matured when I was 13 (so I was a quick and early bloomer).  It might be worth it to hold off for a few more years just to see how your body changes.

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@ttwo2: I found the email she sent me about hers.  Hopefully this helps!

Best and easiest thing I have ever done…seriously.
I had them done in Springfield at the St. John’s Clinic of Plastic Surgery, by a female doctor that I loved!, Rosellen Meystrik. She is a board certified plastic surgery. Recovery for me was a breeze…little to no pain…the day after the surgery I was shopping for new bras….it was that easy. I didn’t do what they told me to do in regards to no lifting and stuff so I did have some swelling the 3rd day…but after I quit sweeping and carrying in wood I was fine. I took a week off work but could have gone back before that.
The total cost, this includes everything…from the consultation to the follow-up visit was just a little over $5,000.00. Worth every penny!!! You can but it all on a charge card and make payments that way. I had the money saved up, put the bill on my card then just paid off my card.
I went with the Silicone not Gel….and I had them placed over the muscle vs under the muscle. Not sure if that is a personel perference or if the doctor recommends the placement. I do know recovery is easier over the muscle. I went with 275cc which made me a average C cup. I was a 34B now I am an exact 34C. Not too big but not too little. I didn’t want it to be so noticeable that when I walked into a room people were like “OMG”! she had a boob job!
Ya know?
I did alot of checking around and searching on the procedure, looked at 1,000s of pictures of before and after, talked to several people I knew that had it done and everyone I talked to feels pretty much the same way I do….I think my recovery was a bit easier then the average person and I’m not sure why but thankful!
Anyway….you’ll love them! I feel so much better about myself and my self-confidence, you know what I mean? My boobs were just something I was so self-conscience about.
Anything I can tell ya?????
Love ya!

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My advice is to make sure you have some gingerale for after incase you get dizzy from the medication. Anyone I’ve talked to is very happy with their decision and their advice always has to do with gingerale haha (:

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I used to work at hooters and I know close to 50 people who have gotten them done. Research, research, research! Most of them all went to the same great doctor…they were all around the 5k range..good luck!

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My boobs did grow after age 20…quite a bit too, without gaining additional weight.  I would wait and see.  Two of my sisters have implants, though, and they are pretty happy with them.  They got them when they were late 20’s/early 30s.


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