Any advice for a new nuvaring user? Did it work for you?

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I liked it fine, but found it annoying they is migrated down sometimes and wouldn’t stay in place.   I’m sure not a problem for everyone.  I very much preferred the IUD. 

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Busy bee

I’ve been on the nuvaring for 10 years. I wouldn’t say “I love it” but it does definitely work for me and my lifestyle. 


1.) I’ve never been pregnant. My H and I don’t use any backup and my period comes like clockwork 3 days after I remove my ring. I’m not 100% accurate (sometimes I do 6 days off or 8 days off and I don’t pay attention to time of day) and no issues

2.) Light minimal cramping and manageable mood swings. Usually I have like 1 day where maybe I need Advil but besides that it’s not bad

3.) it’s comfortable and my H doesn’t feel it – my understanding is this is mostly driven by shape and not size, it’s different for everyone but works for me


1.) you have to remember it every month and keep on a schedule. I use an app and it’s pretty easy but it’s still something to keep track of

2.) I get my period every month. This is to be expected but still, who wants that? Lol

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Love my nuvaring. Although I’m on it continuously to skip periods, sometimes I still get one. 😭 I’ve been on the ring, pill, shot, and had the IUD for a few months. I would get random cramps/shots of pain with the IUD that would kill me, so I decided to get it removed. Everyone is different though. 

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TeacupSeahorse :  years ago when I was with my ex I was on the ring. I experienced nausea at first. A big thing i hated was excess vaginal discharge lol. I’m on the pill now.

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It was my method of birth control for 13 years before my husband got a vasectomy when we were done having kids. Pros: easy, no forgetting to take a pill, very effective for me. Cons: I would get a bad headache for the day or 2 before my period came- likely due to the hormonal changes. But that was with any birth control. Overall it was good and I would recommend it.

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Sugar bee

It was the first form of hormonal birth control I used and I really liked it overall. No daily pill to remember, it was effective, and it was comfortable and low maintenance. I took a break and when I went back on hormonal bc I went to a pill, but I think just because that’s what a new dr recommended and I was curious to try something different. I had no complaints with nuvaring and would recommend it especially for people who are worried about remembering to take a pill consistently. 

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I used to do the shots, but that became a pain with scheduling. I’ve been on the ring for 2 -3 years now. In general, it is easy and I haven’t had issues using it. It takes a couple tries to figure out how to get it placed inside. The biggest fall back for me is that you have to track when you insert/remove it and I haven’t found an app that is free of bugs/glitches.  I use an app to teach dates put put my actual reminders in my calendar. 

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TeacupSeahorse :  omg I’ve had all the things. Pills, arm implant, nuvaring, copper iud, hormonal iud. I didn’t mind the nuvaring. I found it surprisingly comfortable. No weird side effects at all. I will say… the hormonal iud was my favorite. I didn’t have a period for 2 years. Had it removed in November and my cycle returned to normal immedietly. 

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I was on the Nuvaring, patch, and various pills! I loved the ring was only once a month! No side effects. 

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I was on Nuvaring for a year and a half. It did NOTHING for my cramps, which are horrendous so that was super disappointing. Other than that no complaints. A weird thing that a lot of Nuvaring users experience is more wetness down there, which I admit was true for me. No negative side effects for me but I hated the fact it didnt help my cramping at all.

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My bestie was on it and suffered a pulmonary embolism. She has limited use of her lungs due to dead tissue. She now can’t use any form of hormonal birth control. While it is likely that her family history was a factor, the birth control exacerbated the issue. Just be careful and listen to your body! 

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Love the nuvaring! I was on it for 10+ years before my first baby; zero side effects, light periods that came and went within 4 days, could skip periods if you wanted, no weight gain or acne nothing. Took it out to TTC and got pregnant the first month. Went back on when I was 2 months post partum, and removed it again to TTC number two and for pregnant the first month trying again .. everyone is different but the nuvaring has been incredible for me 

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I used it twice in a seven year span, with a copper IUD in the middle. It was MUCH better than the pill in terms of side effects. That said, the IUD was much better. When I went off of NuvaRing for the second time, I realized just how much it had negatively impacted my anxiety. That being said, I’m sensitive to hormonal BC in general, and again, it was much better than the pill. I toyed with the thought of trying it again, but frankly, the risk of embolisms scared me away from it. 

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I was on the ring for about 4 years total. I loved it. The only complaint is that my partner could feel it, so I removed it to have sex every time. I never got pregnant, did not gain weight, and my periods were light and not much cramping. My skin was also so clear!! Best side effect! 

it did make my period irregular, when I finally came off the ring to try for a baby,I was having 40+ day cycles (i had to get on the pill to reset my periods).

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