(Closed) Any advice on a future in-laws who think it's their wedding? (slight vent)

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@Carlasgettingmarried:  Oy vey, that’s a sticky situation. Honestly? I think your Fiance should be the person that deals with this. Your Future In-Laws are not children, and he needs to sit down and have a serious conversation about the wedding and boundaries.

Are your future in laws contributing to the wedding? If so, that may be why they feel entitled to provide their input.

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Who is paying for the wedding?

If it is yourself and your Fiance, your Fiance needs to speak to his parents and say that things are getting done they way you want.

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@Carlasgettingmarried:  I had a similar problem when I first started planning. Fiance and I are paying on our own and narrowed down the guest list to fit our budget. However when peope would ask about the wedding while Future Mother-In-Law was there, she would literally invite them and say oh well I will pay for them (FI knows she will never pay for them). Some of these people we are not close with and do not want at our wedding. Future Mother-In-Law also had a freak out on me because I didn’t include her entire extended family in my bridal party (I do not want 15 bridesmaids!!!) It was so stressful that wedding planning was no longer fun.

Honestly since it was FI’s family I felt it was not my problem to fight them. Fiance agreed that he would talk to them and set them straight. He told them it is our wedding and we have a very strict budget, if they wanted us to do something or invite someone then they can put money in for it. They have no said a word since.

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Bumping again so some etiquette savvy bees can give the OP good advice. 

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Eek, I wish I had some advice! I can only suggest that you just get your FH maybe to send them an email (so it’s in writing), saying something like “Oh it was great to see you the other day, you mentioned you were worried about the capacity of our venue but we’ve double-checked our final guest list and there’s plenty of space – always good to be on top of it though!”

That way it looks like you’ve taken their comments on board, but you’re also clearly saying “We know who we’re inviting already and that is that”.


Hopefully some more bees will be able to help!

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@chronicwhimsy:  I think that’s a good idea! If this escalates in the future and they do end up inviting a ton of people on their own (aka without a real invitation), you can have security at the door with a guest list. It would suck for the friends and be highly embarrassing to the in laws, but it’s a way to get your point across and stand up to them.

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Honestly, if they keep pushing and pushing on inviting a ton of their friends, I’d consider having a guest list and somewhere to check in. Not on the list? Not invited. Then your Future Father-In-Law will look like an ass for going behind your backs and inviting his friends on your dime. 

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I think your Fiance needs to sit down and talk with them… that is just not a fair situation, for them to be imposing an unknown-number guest list on you.

You shouldn’t be in charge of talking to them about this unless your Fiance just gives into their demands (which he would need to work on then). If he can’t do it, then you need to step up to the plate unfortunatley.

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Are your ffil and fmil in any unique culture? If they Are, most cultures who tend to have huge weddings including uninvited ppl also often have signals of when that cannot happen.

For instance, I’ve been told (& it’s held true so far) that the key w my Future Father-In-Law and Future Mother-In-Law is to tell them that our wedding will be strictly “invite only” and that anybody who shows up without Fiance and I inviting them will be turned away at the door, with no place to sit and nothing to eat or drink, so his parents would be extremely embarrassed. This way, they won’t invite extra ppl. 

But this might not work if you want their money. For some parents, they won’t give money unless the wedding is “theirs.”  My FI’s parents seem like that so far, so we’re going without their money in order to have the wedding we want. 

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Since his parents won’t listen, stop discussing it with them. If you are paying, book what you want and they can find out the details when they get the invitation.

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I read your replies and I see two options. You can either play a game of russian roulette (a) or politely tell them to F-off (b).

A)Tell them that since you are paying out of pocket, you get to make the decision and if they want THAT many of their guests there or to have any voice in matters, they need to help foot the bill. They should get a FEW guests, this is their son and they are proud of him. A few does not mean 50 though.


B) Tell them no. Flat out no. Have your fiance do it as this is his role, to be the one to tell his parents to get over it. You are a year away and hopefully sometime between now and then it’ll sink in that this is you and your fiance’s special event, not theirs. If not though, perhaps be sure to have assigned seating and placecards. If someone isn’t invited, they’ll have no place to sit and you can have the venue know they don’t belong and not to acknowledge them. Again, they ARE entitled to a handful of friends/family you wouldn’t normally invite. But they don’t write the guest list.


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The fact that you are wise enough to not accept their financial contribution (with strings) means you are in the drivers seat. 

However, its up to your FH to make it clear to his folks the rules.  This isn’t a free for all, its yall’s wedding. Not a family reunion. 

You both need to communicate the # of guests that they can have. You expect names, and names will given to the venue for check in. And let them throw a fit if they want, don’t give into nonsense.


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