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I’ve had three and I will never drive anything else. I had two A4s and neither ever gave me a problem. They are built so well. As long as it has been well-maintained, one that age will go forever.

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@Mrs.Mittens:  NEVER again will I buy an Audi! I Had two and if you haven’t purchased an extended warranty you’re in for a real treat! I’m convinced they’re built to systematically fall apart after the warranty expires. I’m talking thousands of dollars in repairs…for ridiculous things like a headlamp motor, power steering pump etc. I purchased these cars new and was  very disappointed. 

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@Mrs.Mittens: I love Audis, but we’ve had a couple in my family and they definitely were expensive to maintain. My first one was maybe a ’98. I hear the newer ones are a lot better, but the years you’re looking at would probably be a pain maintenance-wise. 

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I had a BMW and when I went to look at new cars it was between and Audi and a Lexus. I ended up going with a Lexus because even though it was a luxury car it was cheaper to maintain than an Audi and my BMW. I’m assuming Audi is along the lines of BMW and after a certain time they are just pos. Maybe look into a Lexus? They are basically a glorified Toyota and last forever.

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I have and love my Audi.  I also have a trusted mechanic who is not associated with a dealership. You will spend money on it.  If you have a mechanic who looks ahead and says does preventative maintenance it helps. 

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I used to  have a 2004 A6- loved it. Probably one of my favorite cars that I’ve owned. it had all the luxuries too- ahhh. So sad that I totaled it 🙁

but yes- expensive to maintain. Even an oil change was over $100

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I had a 2001 A4 and I LOVED that car. I still miss it. It was so fun to drive and I loved the look of it.


That said, they are expensive to maintain. I spent almost $1200 just to get the timing belt changed, which they recommend you do every 80-100k miles. They also recommend full synthetic oil, so it’s over $100 every time you get your oil changed. Then the catalytic converters went bad, which was over $2500 to repair. At the time I lost my car, it was needing a new AC compressor which was going to be almost another 1000 to fix. Not to mention unless you have a mechanic you trust, places are going to try and over charge you just because you drive an Audi they think you have the money to spend.


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@Mrs.Mittens:  I personally would skip that generation as an introduction to Audi.  Check out some of the more active boards like Audi World Forum for some real life experiences and opinions.

I’m more than happy to share mine but as I work for the brand (in quality no less) I’d rather not come off as a sales pitch.

If you have any specific vehicle questions feel free to message me.


ETA: the higher cost of maintenance isn’t so much the luxury branding but the German engineering.  Parts aren’t cheap, properly trained technicians aren’t cheap, but you’ll find most repairs to be labor intensive.  Nothing simple about the simplest things on these cars.

That $1,200 timing belt repair was mostly labor.  And it is a maintenance item.  One that can’t be ignored.  Push it too late and you could be looking at something as simple as a misfire or something as devastating as a catastrophic engine failure ($10,000).


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My husband has only owned two cars in his life, and both have been Audis. The first was an ’80s model and the one he has now is a 2000 A6. I foresee him keeping his car until it literally falls apart like the first one (it was ancient), because he loves it and he’s an Audi man for life. From my experience, yes, Audis and BMWs and their ilk tend to be a bit more expensive to maintain than what my American-car-driving self is used to. Oil changes are expensive and so are routine repairs like the aforementioned timing belt. If something breaks, you also have to replace about five other things that they have to take out to get to whatever’s broken, so that makes repairs more labor-intensive and therefore more expensive. But! If you can find a good mechanic, it’s definitely doable, and that will usually mean a mechanic not affiliated with a dealership. Whoo boy, you better get ready to pay if you go to one of those places, but my husband’s mechanic specializes in German cars and he’s been going to this guy for so long that the dude usually just gives him any parts he needs at cost. That really cuts down on how much it costs to keep the car running in good shape.

So yeah, if you choose an Audi you’re not choosing it because it’s dirt cheap to run. You pick an Audi because of the way it drives. And I have to say, the quality of the interiors is far superior to that of any car I’ve ever owned. Instead of a sea of plastic, it’s wood and leather. I enjoy the fact that I can keep the vents on the passenger side blowing hot air since I’m always cold, but my husband can have cooler air on the driver’s side. The all-wheel-drive is also super handy when the roads are covered with ice and snow–the good old Audi just powers right on, while my car can barely get out of the driveway. And if safety is a top concern, Audis seem to be made of actual steel as opposed to fiberglass which makes me feel a lot better. My husband has been hit twice in his car, the first time by a Mustang that dented his fender and tore up the front bumper. The Mustang was completely totaled. The second time, a lady rammed into the side of his car with an SUV and scraped up both fenders on that side as well as the quarter panel and rearview mirror, but in doing all this she actually hit my husband hard enough to force him off the road and over the median. The Audi is fine; it was just cosmetic damage. I am actually toying with the idea of going over to the dark side and trading my car for an Audi TT…

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@Mrs.Mittens:  I dont own an Audi but my husband does a 2007 Audi A4 He is a car mechanic and those are the cars he specializes in. He said if he wasn’t able to fix his own car he wouldn’t own this car cause it is expensive to maintain (parts and labour) The older the car gets the more things need to be replaced on it like any car but the parts and labour cost mote then other cars to fix

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I have a 2003 Audi TT that I absolutely love. It only has about 35000 miles on it, and my husband is aware that I will never be getting rid of it. They can be expensive to repair, but we found a rwpair shop that works on imports and is really decently priced. So we dont pay anything close to what we would pay at an Audi dealer for repairs. But luckily, I havent actually needed to have anything repaired on it, knock on wood. But seriously, I adore my car. Its fantastic. I have no issues with it. Its tiny and two seated which is a pain sometimes, but thats not the cars fault. Lol. 

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