(Closed) Any bees have more than one bachelors?

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I have 2 bachelors. When I went to university the first time I did it because it was what you did when you finished highschool… but I had no idea what I wanted to study. I have always wanted to study law but never thought I was smart enough to do it and besides when I finished highschool I didnt have the grades to get directly into law. 


So I did a BA in History with an option (which is like a minor) in Legal Studies and Criminology. Well when I finished I had no idea what to do next. My father was insisting I go on to do my masters but I didnt know what I wanted to do it in. I worked for 2 years and then I decided to try to get into law. I actually did get in and I am so very glad I did. I loved it!. So now I have a BA and an LLB. Plus i just finished law school and will be graduating at the top of my class. 


I think that having done my first bachelors it really helped me to focus on what i really wanted to do. Law is so demanding, I’m actually glad I never went into it after high school because I cannot imagine having to have dealt with all that stress right after highschool. I aslo feel like my history degree helped me to write well and to research well. I think all of it contributed to my doing so well in the end. 


I also have a friend who went to university with me the first time. She actually did a BA in Anthropology. She didnt do another bachelors but she did end up going back to school to get a diploma in Human Resourses. I think that the bachelors in Anthropology helped her with that. Also she ended up moving to Fiji and living there for years working at a university and then moved to England where she works at a university. I think she is quite happy.


So my advice is that you should definately figure out what it is you want to do before you go back and pursue another degree. I think working for a bit is a good idea to see what you like to do. 


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My husband has two bachelor’s degrees, one in Ecology (the hard science version in the biology dept, not Environmental Studies), and a second in nursing. He went back for the second after realizing that he didn’t really want to be a biologist/ecologist, and that since I’m also a wildlife biologist, it’d be REALLY hard for us both to find work in the same place – it’s an incredibly competitive field.

So he got a second BS in nursing and is really happy to be in a field that pays well and you can find a job most places.  (Plus he finds it really fulfilling, etc.)

Anthropology / archeology is a lot like wildlife biology – it’s pretty much impossible to find a job unless you have an MS (which I do), and even then it can be pretty effing hard. I think giving your situation a cold hard look from a purely practical viewpoint is a good idea. If you go back to school, are your job prospects significantly improved? Are you basically guaranteed to be able to work after getting your degree? (I know a lot of GIS jobs do require MSes as well…)

You can’t get federal financial aid for a second bachelor’s, so you’ll have to pay for it yourselves. I would only do that if a) you know you’ll be able to find a job quickly and b) you know you’ll be happy enough to work in that field for at least several years.

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I have 2 Bachelors degrees. The first one is in Psychology because I thought that I wanted to continue on and become a psychologist or maybe a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. After I finished my degree and started working in a psychiatrist’s office, I realized that this was not my calling. I had always thought about becoming a nurse, but the standards to get into the nursing school at my university were extremely demanding and I just never thought I would be good enough. About 6 months after graduating and working, I decided to go back to a community college to get an associate’s degree in nursing. It was challenging but very rewarding as I was able to start working very quickly. I then went back to my original university and just graduated with my BSN. I could have just gone back to my university for an accelerated second bachelors in nursing, but I’m glad I went the way I did because I had a local hospital pay for my schooling and I made some valuable friendships. While working as a nurse, I was eligible to have my employer pay for my BSN. Can’t beat that! So now I have SO MANY STUDENT LOANS from my first bachelors (that I like to think I use in my daily work, but nothing technically on paper), and not a drop of debt from my second.

I will be applying for a graduate degree in nursing to (hopefully) start this coming year. I’m glad I trusted my gut and bit the bullet to finally become a nurse. As much as I may not love it every minute of my shifts, it is definitely rewarding and stimulating.

As far as your potential major, I can’t say enough how great Computer Science is as a major. My brother is a computer programmer, currently working on his PhD. Let’s just say he doesn’t worry about money lol. And he really likes his work. And that’s just the thing: there is PLENTY of work.


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I do, but I worked on them simultaneously, so I don’t have much input when it comes to going back for a second :).

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i don’t, but my mom does. she got her first one (small business administration) right out of college. and never used it, because she had kids. then, when my brother and i were older, she went back and got her associates in nursing. and just this past may, she got her bachelors in nursing. she always wanted to go to nursing school, but she knew it’d be hard with little kids. so she waited until we were older. i’ve never seen her happier with a job ever.

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I have a BA in History and a BA in Classical Civilizations.  At the outset, I was only a history major, but I took a classical history class and was inspired to get a Classics degree as well.  I think doing both made me more well-rounded- history is just history, but Classics is history, art history, literature, and Latin.  Also, history is easy, I never got anything less than an A and out in minimal effort.  Classics was a challenge- I never worked so hard for a B in my life as when I took latin!  I realized I wanted to add a Classics degree my 2nd year, so I only needed an extra quarter.  I needed an extra class to fill up my last quarter, so I took introduction to Legal Education and I loved it!!  I went on to law school and now have my JD.  I thought latin would be more helpful in lawschool, but it wasn’t as helpful as I thought.  I definitely don’t regret it though- I was able to take a class on gladiators- so awesome!

I have another friend who went to college with me who majored in sociology.  She didn’t love the jobs she got after college, but started getting into computer programing!  It came pretty easy to her so she started taking classes at a junior college on top of work.  It took longer, but that way she still had income (she’s single and financially independent).  She ended up getting enough classes to transfer to a university- it will take her 1 year to earn her bachelors in computer science and then 1 or 2 more to earn her masters.  She is so happy!!  And I think it will be better job prospects than her socio degree for sure!!  Good luck!! 

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