(Closed) Any bees here been able to give up their messy/unorganized ways/habits?

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Busy bee

My biggest tip is to get a system and stick to it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I’m a bit of a weird one… I am SUPER organised but I swear to god, as soon as one thing gets messed up I’ve had it. I’m a mess.

I have places for everything, and my head works in such an organised way, but as soon as something piles up – I leave it. I go through phases of being on top of every single thing, and it’s so easy and I love it. But if I get sick and Fiance doesn’t do the washing up and leaves the kitchen in a mess – I don’t want to go in there. And I WILL leave it.

Last night, I cooked a chicken for lunch today. It was 10pm and I was still up taking all the meat off and doing the washing up. This morning I walked into my kitchen and felt refreshed. If I’d have gone to sleep half an hour earlier and woken up to a shit tip in the kitchen, I wouldn’t feel refreshed.

Just got to keep reminding myself it’s less effort to keep on top of things than it is to leave it all and do it in one go! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy Beekeeper

Raises hand. I know how you feel, but I’ve defintely come a long way from how I used be. Cut yourself some slack, the majority of people arent B.O. (for Born Organized). 

Three things have helped me. http://www.flylady.net/d/getting-started. I love her website (fair warning, it is a little cheesy and has a slight religious slant) but if you stick it out, little by little you’ll incorporate new tactics that help a ton. 

I also love Peter Walsh he has great videos on youtube. Another resourse is the book Organizing from the Inside Out, Second Edition: The Foolproof System For Organizing Your Home, Your Office and Your Life by Julie Morgenstern

It’s a matter of making the time (and it doesn’t take lot of it) and putting systems into place. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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@mollz0621:   I wouldn’t say I’m the most organized person in the world, but I do have a system that works for me and isn’t too much of a pain to deal with.

My rules are:

I pick up the living room, straighten pillows, clear any clutter before bed every night. 

I clean the kitchen and run the dishwasher every night right after dinner.

My husband makes the bed every morning.

We take out the trash on a daily basis.

If I buy new clothing or shoes my rule is I have to give to charity (like Goodwill) the same number of items purchased.

If we’re going out of town I do the laundry and clean house right before we leave so as not to come home to a mess.

I do chores like cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping, laundry and dusting on a regular enough basis that nothing ever gets to a very dirty point.  It’s easier to keep clean if you don’t let it go too long. 

I squeeze small chores in any time I have a few extra minutes. 

I have a place for everything in my home and I return things to their place right after using.  My rule is if something isn’t beautiful or useful I get rid of it.  I don’t have extra clutter; clutter is my pet peeve.

I don’t allow mail or bills to pile up.  Just deal with it immediately – schedule payments and get rid of junk – the shredder is your friend, lol.

I cancelled all my magazine subscriptions because they were piling up too fast.

I pared my houseplants down from about 50 to 5 or 6.

I don’t own a label maker but my best friend is obsessed with hers.  Compared to her I have no organizational skills whatsoever, lol.  She makes her OCD work to her advantage.

Mainly I just do small things every day and stick to a routine.  Don’t let things pile up, it is easier to deal with in small increments. 

It means a lot to me to wake up every morning, as well as come home to a clean, orderly, beautiful home and my husband loves it, too.  So we do all this as a gift to ourselves.


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Honey bee
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@mollz0621:  I’m really working on this too, as Boyfriend or Best Friend is painfully organized and I don’t want him to hate me :-p I was kind of “whatever” about it until he offered to take me to The Container Store ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Busy bee
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@mollz0621:  I’m just like you! I sometimes have to make a concious effort to not have my house look like a tornado came through it. My advice is give yourself an hour a day to just keep up after things. Dishes, putting clothes in hamper, throwing a load of laundry into the washer, putting away clean clothes, vacuum, etc. Just menial little tasks that you hate. I try to do this, although sometimes I fail. Soon it will become habit ๐Ÿ™‚

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Helper bee

I was a TOTAL mess before I met my SO. My room always had clothes all over the floor, no matter how many times I tried to clean it, I was just awful.

But then I met SO, and he is a NEAT FREAK. At first I was kind of scared that he would “discover” my messy ways, so I kind of just started copying things he was doing. 

The first major change was that he makes his bed EVERY DAY. I never have made my bed, not even as a kid, NEVER. So I started making my bed… and let me tell you, it was kind of addictive. A made bed just makes the whole room look nicer… and I finally “got” it.

Honestly, at first I kind of felt like I was lying to my SO, or pretending to be something I wasn’t because I would try so hard to be “neat” around him… but you know, the longer we pretend to be something, we end up kind of ACTUALLY becoming that thing?

So now my neat habits have started to stick. It’s crazy, but I appreciate it. It also makes me feel like a “wife” to make sure the house is neat and the laundry is done, etc… and I really like that feeling.

Could you do that? Try to kind of “impress” your FI? I think trying to do things “for” someone else often can be easier than doing it for yourself… Like if you have the mindset of “let me neat so my guy will be happy” can evolve into enjoying it. 

It’s also how I quit smoking ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Yes. I used to be crazy messy/unorganized. I tried planners and lists and whatnot, but nothing worked. I was also a big time procrastinator, which is absolutely terrible when combined with ADHD.

What helped me was moving so many times in a short span. Moving sucks, so I ended up paring down everything I owned. I clean out my closet all the time (also, it’s organized by short sleeve/long sleeve/sweaters/dresses/business wear/etc.), as well as basically everything else in the apartment. I go through and toss things into piles (garbage, recycle, ???). 

I do a lot of stuff that @Sunfire mentioned, too (although there’s less cleaning in our house, haha). Unfortunately, we’re outgrowing our apartment and there’s not much in the way of storage space here, anyway. We also have a constant Goodwill pile that we’ll box up and take down there whenever it gets too big.

I have folders for things–important paperwork, wedding stuff, all labelled. When we get that paperwork, it goes into its folder so that it’s not sitting around. Mail gets opened as soon as I get home–I try to unsubscribe to junk mail ASAP (through either the Paper Karma app or if there’s a website listed in the contents), and anything without personal info immediately goes into the recycle bin. Anything with personal info goes into a shredding pile.

And, this is silly, but I took a phrase from my sales class in college about setting yourself up for success and incorporated it into my life. The original idea was about doing research on the people you’re selling to to make a better connection, but for me it means being organized, getting things done quickly and efficiently, and preparing yourself for the next day. Every week, I have to file away a bunch of different paperwork. What I ended up doing at the beginning of this year was to print out the year’s worth of folder labels and stick them in a folder in my desk. Every Monday (or Friday, depending on how bored I am), I put away the paperwork and label the new folders for the entire week. I had to redo our filing system here because the last girl did it backwards (???), but everything is labeled. The drawers, the folders in the drawers, everything. I have reminders that pop up for me on Outlook for everything. Mondays, do x. Wednesdays, do y. I set up as much of my lunch/snacks for work the night before that I can, that way I can just toss things into my bag and go if I need to.

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Blushing bee

I have this problem too. Living with bf for so many years has helped me to clean up my act because he is much tidier than me. I think creating a system is the best advice. Make mental notes of where your messes accumulate the quickest, and try to come up with a solution. Like if you’re always throwing clothes on the bedroom floor make sure to get a hamper to put them in. And make sure you do laundry often enough to keep the hamper from getting full.


I also have a game I play when I’m feeling overwhelmed by cleaning up a mess/clutter. It’s called “pick 5 things.” All you have to do is choose 5 things to clean up or put away. Like if our kitchen is a mess I can look around and say okay, put the pepper back in the spice jar, put the toaster back in the cabinet, and choose 3 dishes to put in the dishwasher. It keeps the task manageable so I don’t panic, and often I get on a roll and will end up finishing up all the cleaning anyways.

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Helper bee
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I have this same problem and still working on it! My fiancé is crazy organized so I am definitely trying harder than I used to but I still do 2 things that drive him insane: 

1. Letting the mail pile up

2. The biggest problem I have – the pile of clothes on my side of the bed! Haha drives him nuts but I am too tired at night to put clothes away properly and too tired in the morning to put my pajamas away!

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Busy bee
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@Sunfire:  If I buy new clothing or shoes my rule is I have to give to charity (like Goodwill) the same number of items purchased.

+1! We’ll be doing this soon too, it’s a great idea!

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Sugar bee
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I am not terrible, but I am working at getting better organized.  My best advice:

1. Do NOT try to turn over a new tree tomorrow.  Start small, make one aspect a habit before you move onto something else.

For example, I’ve been really diligent keeping the coffee table clean lately.  So seeing items that don’t belong there, it’s easy to keep up.  Now that I’ve got that under control, I’m going to clear off the high table in the kitchen/foyer and then work at keep that manageable.  Then I’ll move to my desk.  It takes 3 weeks to build a habit – but I suggest giving yourself more time if needed.

2. Declutter!

I have worked to declutter areas.  The less random “stuff” sitting around, the easier it is to keep things organized.  To do it properly, it really takes a lot of time, so I’ve been trying to dedicate a free weekend here or there to certain areas, like one weekend I did the closets and another day I did the visible guts of the coffee table mentioned above.

3. Work at it every day

If you let it slide, it’s so much harder to clean it back up and organize it again.


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Bumble bee
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Very interested in this thread! I have a serious clutter problem and I’m about to move to NYC…so yeah. I should work on that.

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Busy bee

I am a hot mess when it comes to organization, i joke that i’m missing the “clean” gene. I have been trying a lot harder lately, and i’ve noticed that things have improoved. i’m not dirty at all, the kitchen and bathroom are always clean, mostly it’s that I have waaaay too much stuff for our tiny apartment ( i have an obscene amount of clothing, and beauty products mainly). my sister who is an orginizational wizard has been helping me. I don’t think I’ll ever be a super organized person because it’s not that important to me but I do want to get to the point where my house is about 50% less messy all of the time. 

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